10 Tips for After the Conscious Cleanse

The hardest part of starting to clean up your body and mind is taking the first step… and you’ve already done that with the Conscious Cleanse. You’ve gotten over the hump of slacking off one more day, and you took the appropriate action so you’re already one step ahead! Congrats to you for doing it!

Now we need to maintain this healthy new approach the best we can. You know how great it feels, so remember this every morning when you want to give up or slack off. There are days that are worse than others, so just know that it’s only temporary and you’ll feel better again! I suggest you do the following to help you continue this lifestyle for yourself.

10 Tips to Maintaining and Creating Your Own Continuous Conscious Cleanse!

The image below is courtesy of Rina. It's from her very own journal!

  1. Reflect on what worked for you from the cleanse. Make a list in your journal of the foods, practices, etc. that made you feel clearer, happier, lighter and overall better about yourself.
  2. Reflect on what didn’t work for you personally from the cleanse. It doesn’t mean it’s bad but that it just didn’t serve you in the way that is best for you. Make a list of those in your journal as well.
  3. Keep doing what worked for you and discard what didn’t.
  4. Every night before going to bed, reflect on that day and observe what served you and what didn’t. Make the necessary changes for the next day.
  5. After your reflection, make a list of what you will achieve the following day (e.g., meals, yoga practices, relaxing techniques, etc.) If you need to add times for it, go for it! Make it easy and reasonable for you to follow.
  6. When you wake up in the morning say to yourself, "Just for today I will complete these healthy practices!" Don’t think long term. Just think about one day at a time, and eventually you will see that you have continued your cleanse longer than you thought you would.
  7. Focus on the positive things you’ve accomplished, even if you slip up sometimes. Be gentle and kind to yourself. This will help you stay objective during harder times.
  8. Love yourself!!! You ARE beautiful!!! Daily mantra suggestion: "I am beautiful just the way I am!" and believe it!
  9. Smile more often during the day!
  10. Find gratitude for all that you have been able to accomplish. When you encounter challenging moments, be grateful for them, too, because they are revealing areas that need extra work from you. This helps you heal them by bringing them to light.

These are just a few tips that can help you stay on your course. No one can tell you what’s best for you but you. You just have to be willing to check in and find out within yourself. You got this! Just keep doing it… just for today!

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