10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Superwoman

Let’s face it ladies…there are more demands on us now then at any other time in history. Working. Going to school. Being mom of the year. Having a relationship. Looking good. Staying healthy. Being conscious. And trying not to ruin the planet while we are at it. Quite frankly being a Superwoman can be quite exhausting, don’t you agree?

How do we have it all, be the greatest we can be and simultaneously remain grounded and happy in the midst of all of the striving? We can’t. Something has to give and that’s ok! (Insert exhalation here).

The acceptance of who we are and how we are is key to the happiness we seek through all of the go-getting. It’s time for a revolution and we are the ones who must initiate and support the shift of paradigm moving the focus from self-improvement to self-acceptance. 

We must put self-care and joy back in the driver’s seat and ask our scared, competitive, struggling, victim self to step back and watch how self-mastery is done. That is the way of the Superwoman! 

10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Superwoman:

1. Say NO to people, projects, requests, invites, or demands that are not unbounded YESSES! By aligning your energy with what is true to you, you will conserve energy for the things that really make your heart sing, sans resentment or guilt.

2. Take time to be by yourself everyday. Quietly, silently, peacefully. Continue to develop your relationship to your self as it is the most important relationship of all.

3. Move your body. Do yoga, dance, swim, ride your bike, walk, whatever groove you like to move. Do it.

4. Be in nature. Be very present with your surroundings. Soak up the sounds, sights, smells, and energy of the great outdoors. Allow nature to restore your prana.

5. Eat fresh whole foods cooked with love—organic when possible. Treat your body as your temple. Keep it clean and nourish it from the inside out.

6. Keep your mind clear. Empty out the trash of your mind. Observe and understand your current beliefs and motivations behind them. If they are not serving your highest good, question why you’re holding onto them.

7. Give back. Keep the flow of energy moving. Giving back can be simple like smiling at a stranger, helping someone in need, or doing karma yoga.

8. Celebrate you. Be proud of who you are and all of the small things that you feel good about. Shifting your perception of what is worth celebrating brings more delight and satisfaction. You are worth celebrating.

9. Celebrate another. Give a genuine compliment, a thank you, a card, an e-mail, a hug. Sharing love and kindness is infectious.

10. Have gratitude. Focus on what you are grateful for now. Watch the world shower you with goodness.


Madhuri is an internationally known Yoga teacher (E-RYT), certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS) and Pancha Karma Specialist (PKS). She has done advanced study with world renowned, Dr. Vasant Lad in the USA and India. Madhuri is a head faculty member of the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Programs, a radio host for Drishti Point Yoga Radio and currently organizes the Vancouver Ayurveda Meet-Up Group.  Madhuri has shared her knowledge and wisdom with students across Canada, in England and in India for more than a decade and is currently the director of Madhuri Ayurveda & Yoga in Vancouver.

Website: Madhuri Ayurveda Yoga
Facebook: Madhuri Ayurveda Yoga
YouTube: Madhuri Ayurveda

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templarlover, posted on March 16, 2014

Beautiful article. I'm printing it to hang on my wall as a reminder.

KatiaYoga, posted on March 15, 2014

Madhuri, this is such a great article! Thank you for the reminder!

yogagrammie, posted on March 14, 2014

I'm going to copy this article and put it somewhere I will see it every day so I can UNLEASH MY INNER SUPERWOMAN! We're all super and need to learn to unleash!

mascaralibre, posted on November 13, 2012

tks for remember these ways... which yoga practice do you suggest to combine with these reminders?

yfermin, posted on November 8, 2012

lovely reminders. thanks!

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