3 Reasons To Keep Practicing Yoga

As a physician, yoga teacher, author, speaker and mother I am really busy! I love what I do for work. I enjoy helping people in their personal health journeys as they come closer to their own truths and unravel their own space of wellness. I would never have been able to do what I do or create my business if it wasn’t for the help of a regular yoga practice. I encourage many of my clients to start and maintain their own yoga journey.

There are so many reasons we all practice yoga, but for some of us, it seems like there are many more reasons why we find it hard to even show up on our yoga mat. Hopefully, this article will remind you of reasons to unroll your yoga mat today, tomorrow, the next day and hopefully every day of your life!

1. Yoga keeps you young. Yoga helps to stall the aging process. This has been scientifically studied and well documented. Yoga increases our parasympathetic nervous system which decreases our blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and increases our state of calm. Thereby we decrease the risks for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is amazing that a regular yoga practice can shift and heal these disease processes. An added bonus is with the heightened parasympathetic affect, you get less wrinkles and your skin appears younger!

2. Yoga keeps you aware. In our busy lives we can go from one interaction to the next being completely oblivious to how we feel. It has been well studied that our emotions are a key to our wellness. When we are aware of how we feel, we have an awareness of what our deep inner truth is. Many people forget who they are, what they want and even how they feel as they get older. We are taught to numb out with television, alcohol, medications and drugs. Yoga keeps us in the pulse of awareness. This awareness allows us to stay connected to our deep inner truth.

3. Yoga keeps you fit. The practice of yoga moves our body in safe and effective ways. These safe postures are well studied to increase the range of motion of our bodies and heighten our alignment. In our society we have distorted body images which play havoc with young and old, women and men. As a result, we have a whole sub-culture of people who struggle with themselves. Yoga helps to heal that. First, yoga helps us to accept our body. This has huge mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.  Then, with regular practice, yoga helps to increase body alignment, keep muscles strong, elongated and healthy. This benefit is truly miraculous for everyone who maintains a regular practice. Our bodies obtain a healthier look and an inner fitness that is completely different than what you get when you pump iron!

This is just a list of three of the millions of benefits of maintaining a regular yoga practice. Whatever your reason is, I truly hope that this encourages you to roll out your mat and show up for your class today. Remember, the benefits are cumulative. See you on your mat – maybe even later today!

Dr. Divi Chandna is a practicing family physician and certified medical intuitive. She spent years teaching yoga, meditation and mind-body medicine courses. She has written books and speaks internationally about health and wellness. Dr. Divi believes that health is inside of us all and with some work and guidance we can all access that place of complete health.

Website: Dr. Divi Chandna Facebook: Divi Chandna  Twitter: @DrDiviC YouTube: Dr. Divi MD



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divichandna, posted on November 25, 2012

@rita7 Hi Rita...
Thanks for the email..
A few suggestions - I would highly recommend any of the yin classes - I do find they are the best for hip discomfor that isnt resolving. Yin can allow you to go into gentle postures with awareness of your personal limitation and easing out slowly with breath. The carpal tunnel - i would avoid anythign with downard dog for now. The locust posture is excellent for CTS... As an aside - the hip may have layers of energetic/emotional tightness that i may be able to help you with as well thru my work. (my webiste is www.drdivi.com ) I hope that helps.. Likely some energy that wants to shift and release.. Warm Hugs - Divi

divichandna, posted on November 25, 2012

@MeredithN HI Meredith
Thanks for the message. I've got a few suggestions.. One would be that when in standing postures, struggling with balance: engage the core, and look at one spot on the floor while you breathe! I always encouarge using the wall or a chair to help you balance and then when you are more adept, you can let go of them slowly. Remember - it is work in progress and something is better than nothing. With regular practice, it is truly amazing how you will need less and less of those aids. Dont get discouraged...! If you do nothing than to get the balance back is possible at 85 years of age, but definitely a bit more work... So hang in there - knowing that it was once in the cells of your body. The cells have amazing cellular memory and you are simply just waking it up again... Hope that helps!

Fentonmeredith, posted on November 25, 2012

I was very gung ho over yoga 2 years ago. I did it everyday for about six months but then stopped because of work and am only getting back into now. I never had problems with my balance before but now it's nearly impossible to balance on my left side. Do you have any suggestions for regaining strength and honing my balance?

rita7, posted on November 25, 2012

I also have carpal tunnel in my right wrist.

rita7, posted on November 25, 2012

I have tendinitis in my left hip. I have been to a few doctors. I have had it exrayed and an MRI done. They found nothing else. They say just do stretching exercises. I have had it for two years. Can you tell me the best yoga video to do for this? Thank you, Rita

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