3 Steps to Get Present and Simplify Your Life

Life can feel complicated. But that sense of complication is something we create within ourselves.

For me, life is complex when I'm caught up thinking, worrying, predicting, fantasizing and reliving what was, or what will be. Things feel messy when I spend time searching for answers outside of who I am, and keep myself busy trying to 'fix' things.

But when I drop back into this moment—into my body and self as I am right now—that's when my experience shifts. I can come back into feeling and being, rather than complicating the moment with thoughts.

When I come back to the present, I realise that this moment is my reality. The past doesn't exist, and neither does the future. There's nothing to chase after or figure out; and that's an uncomplicated place to be.

So what does it mean to be present, really? For me, presence is a whole-body experience. It's not just about being present intellectually, but within all parts of who we are: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

It's not just about being aware of your experience, but being vulnerable to what is shifting within you, and being willing to embody that experience fully.

So now, together, I invite you to explore this present moment with me. Here's what we're going to do:

1. Drop into your whole body and simply 'feel'. Dive deep into your body and self. What is going on for you right now? Where are you and what is happening? What is your present moment experience? What is your current reality?

2. Notice all aspects of who you are. Be aware of your thinking, your emotions and energy. Be aware of what you sense physically in your body and what is stirring in the deepest parts of who you are. Simply notice, without judgement or resistance.

3. Own and integrate all parts of your self. Welcome your present; both what feels comfortable and uncomfortable. When you can embody all parts of your self, that's when you become truly present and can participate fully and authentically in this moment.

How do you feel? What was your experience?

For me, from this place of embodiment and presence I feel clearer and more at ease. I feel at home in my body and grounded in my truth. I feel more connected to life itself, and liberated from all those things I thought were holding me back.

For me, in this moment, life feels less complicated.

Because presence is really a moment by moment practice; one that is most powerful when we carry it with us through every part of our day.

So I'd like to ask you: how complicated does your life feel right now, and how would that transform if you could be fully present in each moment?

Marissa Håkansson supports women who feel disconnected within who they are as a result of stress, burnout, anxiety or illness. She guides them to reconnect with their body and authentic self, so they can feel whole within who they are and express themselves fully. 

Website: www.expresswhoyouare.com

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MarissaHakansson, posted on May 5, 2014

@CherryBlossom Great to hear you've been dissolving the physical symptoms from chronic anxiety. Mindfulness and awareness within our body is so powerful! I've found in my own experience too, that connecting with our body and being open to our inner physical self can transform how we experience life. Glad you enjoyed the article.

MarissaHakansson, posted on May 5, 2014

@dwp31 So glad you found this helpful. If you'd like more support and resources on moving through stress, I invite you to http://www.expresswhoyouare.com or reach out if there's some way I can assist.

MarissaHakansson, posted on May 5, 2014

@aprilann21555 Glad you found the article helpful!

CherryBlossom, posted on May 3, 2014

Although it never feels good to acknowledge that YOU are ultimately responsible for how you live and experience life I value the empowerment knowing that only I can change. Being mindful I know has helped me to dissolve so much of the physical symptoms I have from chronic anxiety the only problem is I continually fall off the wagon haha

dwp31, posted on May 2, 2014

This article is really helpful. I am going through a really difficult time in my life and reading and finding ways to follow through with this advice will be my goal. Alot of the times with stress I get so focused on "Why did I make certain decisions", "what am I going to do about something a month from now" etc. So this is helpful.

aprilann21555, posted on May 1, 2014

This article "3 Steps to Get Present and Simplify Your Life" by: Marissa S Hakansson, is exactly what I needed. I had found myself getting to caught up in my thoughts and was really starting to feel overwhelmed.

MarissaHakansson, posted on June 25, 2013

@mameefranglais - I'm sorry about the loss of your husband. Here are my thoughts, and perhaps this might be helpful to you in some way...Usually we want to 'forget' an event because it brings up painful emotions for us and we want to avoid feeling that way. In that moment of pain, we are not actually experiencing the past, but our present moment experience of our thinking about the past. That is, if you think a sad thought (e.g. your memory of loss), then you will elicit a sad feeling - in this moment. I'm not suggesting you try and change your thinking - because it's okay to think and feel sad things. it's a part of the human experience. However, in recognising that the experience is coming from within you (e.g. you're thinking sad thoughts and that's okay), it can sometimes help free up just a little bit of space inside you....Likewise, when we allow ourselves to feel our feelings rather than resist them, we free up a little bit more space inside of us. It might seem like it would be overwhelming to let yourself feel fully...but perhaps in this moment, you could allow yourself to open to that feeling just a little bit more than you did yesterday (and simply allow yourself to feel without getting caught in your thinking about the experience). The more we allow ourself to experience what we're experiencing, the more at ease we'll feel within ourself. At least, this is what I've found true for myself. If you'd like to talk further, feel free to reach out to me directly via my website. Warmly, Marissa

mameefranglais, posted on June 20, 2013

of course meditation is a time to be present, how does one forget a sad event such as the one I have just experienced: the death of my loving husband? Past and future seem futile.

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