5 Sensual Steps to Nurture Your Spring Spirit

Focus on the Yantra and repeat 12 times: “If it is to be, It is up to me”

Rejoice! Mother Earth is awakening from her dormant state. The sun is warming her surface, encouraging the endless cycle of life. The awakening is happening as it has done time and time again…eternally…effortlessly!

Mother Earth is speaking to us, her gentle, wise soul reminds us of birth, life and renewable energy. If we choose to listen we will hear her many primordial sounds. In the depths of winter the sounds of Mother Earth are very different to the sounds she makes as the sun warms her each morning.

Think for a moment: the sound of snow falling, the creaking of frozen trees,  the roaring of a wood fire. These sounds give way to a more energetic sounds of a spring shower; early spring winds rustle the leaves on trees; a small stream gathers strength as the ice melts.

Mother Earth is smiling as her seedlings explode onto her surface. She delights as her vibrant colors ignite with promise!

“For those who have come to grow, the whole world is a garden. For those who wish to remain in a dream, the whole world is a stage. For those who have come to learn, the whole world is a university. For those who have come to know god, the whole world is a prayer mat. “ ~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

It is time…time for you to nurture your soul, and awaken your spirituality.

"May I be as solid a rock! May I be as strong as a tree! May I be as light as air! May I sustain myself as mother earth sustains herself!"

The excitement is all around you, within you! Joyous and alive, its time for growth. It is time to take off the heavy winter coat that has shrouded you from the cold. Our hibernation on many levels is no longer required. It is time to rejoice.


Five Sensual Steps to Align Yourself With Springtime

1. It’s not what you look at…it's what you see!

Take a walk in nature, go to an art gallery, try not to be in a rush. Take the time to sit and see. Observe your surroundings. Observe those who inhabit your work place, your home, your leisure time. Observe colors, shapes, and movement.

If you live in a city, you can still see. Observe the architecture. Observe people without judgment. Take a long walk repeating the mantra: ”Life is good, all is well in my world.”

2. It’s not what you hear…it's how you listen!

We are bombarded every day with noise pollution, cars, phones, planes, trains, televisions and computers. Turn off the endless noise. Sit and just listen.

Listen with intention to those who speak to you. Are you really listening and understanding what they are saying or are you already involved in an internal conversation where each thought leads endlessly to another?

Listen to the sounds of nature, the wind, the rain. Listen...listen (opportunity knocks quietly)

Do not let your noisy monkey mind chatter away incessantly! Are you in control of your mind or does your mind control you?

3. It’s not what you eat…it’s what you taste!

Try to savor every thing you put in your mouth; chew and enjoy the experience of your food; it can be a sensuous experience…taste.

Food is your nourishment that will be turned into your energy. This will not only encourage you to eat in a healthy manner, it will also aid in better nutrient absorption and improved digestion. We should not live to eat; we should eat to live.

4. It's not what you inhale…it's what you smell!

Our sense of smell is probably the most misunderstood and under-appreciated sense. Our sense of smell can instantly bring feelings and emotions flooding to the surface with connections to past situations and to people, our inner energy aroused on a cellular level.

You should use your sense of smell with awareness of your life force.

Allow your life force, your prana to nourish all cells of your body. Try to be conscious of the way in which you breathe; be aware as you take in a full body breath; many of us breathe in a very shallow way which depletes us of oxygen.

“Breath, believe and receive.”

5. It’s not what you touch…it’s what you feel!

Our skin is the largest organ with many receptors and this sense can truly be as exciting as you want: the touch of a loved one, a hug from the heart, an unexpected connection of bodies and souls. There is no limit to the stirrings of your touch… the softness of a babies’ skin, the  coldness we feel standing barefoot on stone; touch and take a moment to feel!


Connect to  the Lunar Cycle

With the powerful spring new moon occurring on April 10 and the full moon occurring on April 25, take time to moon bathe. The nectar of the moon is called Amriti; let the light of the moon cascade over your body. Remember the moon controls weather patterns, and the ebb and flow of the tides. Imagine for a moment what she controls in you!

Consider: women have eight moon centers in their bodies. If you’re a woman do you know them? If you’re a man can you detect them? Happy hunting!


Your Yoga Practice

During this time our yoga practice should be more focused on correct alignment and exploration of the boundaries we have set for ourselves by exploring new horizons and attempting new ways to push your practice to a higher level with a higher meditative understanding

“The past is a dream… the future is a vision. This moment is your life!”


Debra Kochanczyk has been teaching for about ten years and believes strongly that yoga is for everybody. She takes into account all aspects of the human experience via stimulating the physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the spiritual body. Debra lives and works in the U.A.E. and loves spreading the seeds of yoga to so many different nationalities.  Contact her at debkochanczyk@hotmail.com.



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