An All-Encompassing Meditation on Love

Allow your attention to focus on the word "Love."

Notice each letter L-O-V-E.

Notice the sound vibrations in each letter and of the word.

Contemplate the meaning of love. Enjoy an intellectual dissertationof the meaning of love within yourself. Allow great intuition and understanding to flow.

Then release the word and numerous meanings for the all-encompassing feeling state of love.

Surrender your body into this constant flow of love. Surrender your mind into this constant flow of love. Become fully immersed in love.

Shelley teaches yoga to people across the globe and offers yogic counseling sessions.  She presents a unique blend of interdisciplinary yogas as well as Hasya, Laughter Yoga.  Shelley is a Oneness Trainer from the Oneness University in India offering Oneness certification programs.  Shelley is the author of The Ecstasy of Practice, a sensual journey of ecstatic yoga practices and Journey Into Yoga, love poems to the divine lover.

Website: Blossoming Presence

Facebook: Blossoming Presence

Twitter: @ShelleyCummins

Youtube: Shelley L. Cummins

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charlottepb, posted on February 3, 2013

such a great reminder and uplifting. thanks.x

smbic, posted on February 3, 2013

Energising practice this morning. This site is such a support....

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