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Today, we live in an extremely goal-oriented culture that advises us constantly "how to" with just about everything in life. From how to be successful, how to parent to how to be happy, many boundaries are drawn to get us to fit into our society.

The idea that there is a map for every human experience leads us to believe that there is only one way to journey through life. This idea keeps us separate and working against each other. This stifles our imagination and intuition, closing the door for the imperfect parts of life that help us grow.

Embracing Mistakes

Every single day we should embrace some sort of mistake or challenge as a gift in order for us to evolve. Even though our culture is not very accepting of mistakes, mistakes are essential in keeping us motivated to nurture the divine seeds in our spiritual garden.

This path leads to the unknown, so I understand completely why we walk with fear and frustration as it allows for us to soften the pad of failure.

However, this baits us right into the trap of living a mundane existence.

Our true calling is to be ALIVE, living moment to moment. Yes, this brings forward great vulnerability. So how can we find the courage to shift away from the expectations of life and the goals we set to maneuver through them?

Vulnerability is the birthplace of everything we’re hungry for.

Dr. Brené Brown

3 ways to shift away from Goals

1. Dream with your eyes open

So often I listen to people talk about their dreams and the things that give them great excitement, to only end the conversation with "if only life worked that way."

The truth is that it can, if you are brave enough to let go of the way you or others think it should look. Being alive is all about being authentic and present in the moment. It is basking in the thrill of adventure, living from your authentic self.

If you have ever planted a garden, you understand that you can take action only to nurture the seeds one day at a time and hope that it propagates a great growing season. However, there are so many uncontrollable factors in the growing process from storms and animals to soil and rain. We can only do our part to collaborate and cooperate with the divine. This means we have to embrace our fears and frustrations and recognize...

We cannot worry about what happened to the crop last year, and we can’t fear for the future. We can only nurture today.

2. Stop judging the path

Don’t judge the path, and the world will be revealed to you with new experiences.

Many of us are in a constant state of comparison, always looking to another story of success instead of just honoring our own. Trying to apply the equation of another’s success to your own life will NEVER work because you are starting with someone else’s divine seed.

We are not one-size-fits-all beings. Even though you may have the steps for success, no two journeys are the same. In between each step are a lot of factors that are not discussed, so set aside that equation for life. You have to start with YOUR divine seeds, and nurture those seeds with love.

Along this journey there will be many moments of fear and challenge, but that is how you gain experience. Be brave and cultivate the courage to represent your own spiritual garden through the unknowns of life to learn, trust, and grow with the calling of your true being.

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weaknesses.

Dr. Brené Brown

3. Be mindful of your words

As we regress in our ability to actually have conversations because of technology, we are losing our connection to words. It seems these days that when you ask someone, "How are you?" the automated response is "I am SOOO BUSY!"

Interestingly enough, when you tell yourself you are so busy all the time, you eventually will believe your story.

We know by way of science that every word has a vibration attached to its unique sound. Essentially our words become our wand, so we need to be very conscious of what we are saying. When you really start to take a closer look, you may be surprised what messages you are sending yourself.

Recently we took an adventure to Florida to visit family. My husband kept calling it a "vacation," and it was bothering me in some strange way. It was so subtle I barely caught it.

The word vacation by definition means a period of suspension of work, or other activity, usually used for rest or holiday. Essentially, we are telling ourselves that we need to vacate from our own lives. It is important to assess this as, we are meant to be excited about life every day.

When we live in a fury of goals and expectations, we give permission to the outside world to influence our mind to act without the heart. We move away from being present and trusting the divine to living mostly in our past or future.

Goals are created by the mind, dreams are felt by the heart, and then there is a space that just is. Many call this space the true being or soul.

Regardless of what label you have placed on it, you get to this space through meditation.

When we just listen and allow the rest of the world to fall away, we can find great peace. This journey to your inside world is crucial to reflecting your authentic being on the outside, even if the world isn’t ready for it.

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