Are You Man Enough For Yoga?

For the average dude, yoga is scary.  “It’s something women do”, “it’s just stretching”, “I’m inflexible”, and “it’s too spiritual” are common comments made by men. And you’d be right in saying it’s all those things, but have you ever thought about how doing postures, and chanting “Om” a few times a week could make you a stronger sexual partner?  What does it even mean to be masculine? 

Once you start a regular yoga practice you begin to realize it’s so much more than just the postures. The main components can be translated into intimacy in the bedroom, including the breath work, awareness of body and mind, and insight into your purpose.

Quick Primer: David Deida, author of The Way of The Superior Man, speaks of the Divine Masculine and Feminine essences. The Divine Masculine represents consciousness, direction, purpose, and stability. The Divine Feminine on the other hand represents radiance, beauty, flow, and change. Polar opposites. When they come together the two essences create Pure Light, God, or Source.

Breath Like A Man

Yoga teaches you to breath down the front of the body and open yourself up to the world and your partner. As difficult as it can be at times, keep placing the breath deep in your belly as a meditation. This deep belly breathing also pushes your energy deep down into your legs and grounds you literally and metaphorically. You begin to exude sexiness, as you breath presence, purpose and openness; radiating in all directions as a primal siren for the feminine.

Yoga Is About Awareness

By doing all the yoga postures, and other yogic practices we can move towards self-awareness and self-compassion. The first thoughts that come flooding in are, “Wow, this is an intense stretch in this specific spot, with this type of throb,” to more subtle bodily sensations of the face, organs, and connective tissues. Next, we can find more awareness of the breath, thoughts and the utter bliss of moment-to-moment presence

Reactivity vs. Choice

Real awareness comes in realizing we have a choice in every moment to act skillfully. Where we begin to go from reactivity to a situation (cause and effect), to finding that split second in between stimulus and response to make a skillful choice. This can show up in daily situations. We can choose to scream at our partner for not wanting to have sex, or take a moment to realize they are hurting, or don’t want to be vulnerable right now. This awareness of not only ourselves, but our partner is deeply sexy.

What Can I Give Her That She Can’t Have Without Me?

Breath and awareness come together in the bedroom in how you stay present with your partner. Because the masculine is the beholder of the radiant dance and flow of the feminine, sex is to take her deeper into you and your love. The two of you create a magnetic polarity of the sexes. This is what creates sexual charge and excitement in relationships. This can be seen with couples on the street or between the sheets. Create this in your embodiment of presence with her. Understand her deeper than she understands herself. Breathe like her. Know exactly what she needs, and where she needs to be touched. 


The last, and most important part of yoga for men, is the drive towards a mission (how he can serve the planet). Yogic practices can take us beyond daily tasks, and can begin to inspire us to ask bigger questions like, “What makes me wake up everyday?” Yoga gives us the chance to peer deeply into consciousness, and start to formulate ideas as to what our mission and purpose are. A consistent yoga practice, showing up daily, reissues the call to the universe that you are a man on a mission. Finding this purpose begins the process of continuing to play at the edge, constantly finding new growth. This deep purpose and unwavering knowing is what makes the masculine deeply sexy to the feminine.

The practice of yoga is so much more than a great cross training option for athletes and others just looking to gain flexibility and balance. Beyond classes being devilishly difficult for a newbie to get through, the deeper levels of yoga can make the subtle practices so rewarding and beneficial for not only ourselves, but loved ones, in intimacy and the subtleties of sex. In addition, yoga can be an act of service to our community and world, who reap the benefits from our practice, and come back around to feed and nourish us.     

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