Are You Singing The Music of Your Soul? 3 steps to retune

Walking in an unfolding world, 2015 is already promising to reflect so many challenging paths to enlighten and evolve the soul. It is truly an exciting time! However, anytime we move toward the truth, peeling back our intimate layers, we face the elements of our human mind or ego that would like for you to surrender to fit into this world. This version of the "I" maker wants to keep you separate, in the confines of limitation and lack, reflecting your superiority to all others through the likes of judgment. This force of separation makes this journey so much more difficult, but therein lays the gift.

The greatest news: if we live with an open mind, we are malleable and can move beyond any limitations or boundaries of the human mind. We grow when we sing the authentic notes that feed our soul. This freedom leads us to ask the ultimate question, are we singing the true music of our soul?

Every single steward of this planet has his or her own personal note; a sound of oneness, which collaborates into an auspicious harmony.

When we harmonize the vibration is limitless, so why would we move away from this beautiful truth and try to be the same. THE SAME IS LAME!

The One-Size-Fits-All Funnel

Our society, which reflects the collective consciousness of the human mind, attempts with conviction to funnel all of us through a one-size-fits-all game of life. From the moment a child is born there are people hovering to tell us how to mold this gift from God into life. This further divides us into a state of broken platforms where we fight to prove our way is right. LET THE LABELS BEGIN! When we comply with the herd, the innate note of our soul gets quieter and quieter. Eventually within the blast of "fitting in" our magical note is silenced.

We are all here together, all doing our best to maneuver through life and what life throws our way. We all want to belong to something greater, so take a moment today and ask yourself, honestly, are you singing with the light of your soul? If you are constantly trying to fit into this world, and if you work within the parameters of the outside world, it is time to take a step back.

Three Steps to Re-Tune Your Soul

1. Take pause and observe with an open mind

It is so ridiculously easy to fall into the pitfalls of the human mind. However, when we have an open mind we are more compassionate with ourselves, understanding that we are here to make mistakes, as this is how we grow.

I sometimes chuckle on the inside when someone says they have an open mind, then go on showcasing how everyone else is living with great mistakes. Being open-minded means that we observe from all sides. We take notice how we have done things in the past with the knowing that we will change our beliefs in the future. This is how we break through boundaries to move closer to our true nature.

2. Constantly be challenging yourself

Take a moment to retune and listen to the light of your soul. Take a look at the things in life that make you feel warm to the bone. Feel a new connection to spirit and trust that this light will guide you to the most beautiful calling that is authentic to you. The opportunities are endless as it is never too late; only the human mind wants you to believe it is too late.

3. You do NOT need the world to validate you!

If you are constantly looking for approval and are worried what others think, you are setting yourself up for a life of great worry.

Dare to be different. Let go of what you think is success and what the world wants you to be.

Move out of any roles you may cling to in order to prove your worth and just ride on the wave of your internal music. Your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction, but you need to trust that this music will keep on singing far beyond the confines of human limitations.

The moment you think you know better than your higher power, you will create a path of suffering.

Every day poses an opportunity to find your brave. Walk in your truth, because in every other direction the world is trying to tell you how to live your best life.

When you connect with divine spirit only you have the power to unleash your best life. So dare to work with your inner heart to collaborate on the most intimate reflection of your personal song.

Get Inspired and Live the Music of Your Soul

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