The Art of Empowerment: Utilizing the Power of Your Practice

I love the power of the group in yoga class--when the teacher brings us all together into one big power for the greater good for a whole 90 minutes--and it got me thinking. If we can all be so interconnected in class and share this state of empowered being and strength then where does it go when you walk out the door after the final savasana?

What happens to that beautiful uplifting energy?

Does it just dissipate like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage?

Did it exist? I’ve been to enough yoga classes to know that it’s real, raw and powerful so what happens to it outside the studio?

It lies dormant being ignored.


Because we forget to use it and because we forget, we don’t remember how or even what to use it for.

Today I want to awaken you into empowerment—specifically your empowerment and the place it resides inside you.

The empowerment we experience in the yoga studio is multifaceted and has many uses. It is used in its most obvious form to gain energy and resilience for the group effort – it can be used the same way outside the studio for business, team management, a group cause or family relationship building.

If you wanted to use empowerment for this purpose think of your vision; think of what you are trying to create with your intension of empowerment and share that message you envisioned with your team/family. Sharing a story for the future creates empowerment and attachment to your cause.

Empowerment is used in class for gaining extra energy for difficult poses – this same empowerment can be used outside the studio for personal missions, creating and achieving dreams and completing mammoth tasks.

If you are using empowerment energy for personal expressions write down your big why for doing this. Ask yourself why does this call out to my soul? What is my calling to do this? What do I feel about this right now? What does this mean to me, my soul and my source? Creating a personal message or mission for yourself is an empowering driving force in the direction of your desires – i.e. empowering energy.

It’s also used subtly to form the class into a whole, from many into one, from one into many. It focuses on that connection we all have with each other. Think of the moment in class when you can feel the person on the mat next to you about to give up; outside the studio it's called empathy.

Developing your sensitivity to others energy is a great skill for creating connections with people, helping them and contributing deeply to the world, touching one person at a time. A practise you can do to develop your empathy skills is to tap into your own source energy and then really listen to some else – what they say, their tone of voice, expressions, gestures and the energy you feel behind it.

Empowerment is a powerful tool for personal, professional and world changing actions. So what are you going to do with your empowerment energy? How do you choose to step into your power and how are you spending that energy?

Pick a challenge – what area are you going to spread your empowerment today? This week? This year?

What’s your mission?



Rebecca’s mission is to help women create their best life through the best possible coaching, programs and free stuff.  She dreams of turning women into Powerful Amazonians who are sexy, fresh and abundant Goddesses.  With that she also wants to transform them so that  they can touch everyone’s life with joy and empowerment. If you liked Rebecca’s post you can get more of her exclusive juicy tips and free jump starter to change and transformation workbook at

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yfermin, posted on October 14, 2012

thank you for this reminder that yoga continues off of the mat. I personally find that the empowerment I get from group classes or longer practices is strength and perseverance-based. If I can find the self-love and energy to do that last chaturanga, to hold shoulder stand for a few seconds longer, to go deeper in my warrior II, I can find the same self-love and energy to start my grad school applications, to finish that project at work, and to push through my personal missions. thank you.

moonflower7, posted on October 14, 2012

i'm new here and everything is so wonderful

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