August 2015 Horoscopes

Hello Everyone,

I recently read something that said sometimes we are taken into troubled waters, but not to drown. It happens so that we can be cleansed. This confirms that when things fall apart, they have a chance to rebuild themselves. And many times they can be stronger and taller than the foundation they had before.

Every time you fall, you must get back up because you have life, you have purpose, and you have something that no one else in the world can offer. You have all of the elements of the creator within you at your disposal at every moment. All you have to do is cleanse your inner spirit to reap all of the universes blessings.

As we move into the month of August, many will have amazing news to share while others are in great despair. One of my elders used to share this saying quite frequently, "Some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield." This saying didn’t resonate with me until one day within the same week I became both the bug and the windshield.

Life has many ups and downs, but with an uplifted perspective about life you can and will overcome any obstacle. Whenever you feel discouraged, just remember that you will be lead to see, hear, and know the next steps to take in life. Your reading these words should show you an indication of that. Believe, have faith, and shine brightly you soul being, for you are the light of the world!

Expansive Bliss, Shirley Solano


March 21 – April 19

It’s been a busy summer for you, Aries. You’ve managed or are still in the process of changing things around for yourself. The new moon on the 14th shows that you will meet all of your goals but need to live in the moment and continue to take one step at a time. Let the word "focus" be your ally for the month of August.

The last quarter moon on the 7th creates romance. Those in relationship(s) will now have a chance to express just how much they mean to each other, and if the relationship seems stale then be honest with yourself and think about why is it that you refuse to leave that situation. Single Aries should stick with someone new; going back to partners from the past just creates confusion.

The full moon on the 29th marks the end of an important chapter. Accomplishments should be shared with those you love. For those employed a recognition or change in position can transit. Be open to new opportunities. If you are looking for employment and/or extra income, then now would be the time to search for openings and also look into returning to school.

Your affirmation for this month, "My heart ignites my dreams and this creates my blessed reality."


April 20 – May 20

August brings the need for communication. Your voice can’t be heard if you don’t speak up, Taurus. If something doesn’t seem right or you feel uncomfortable in any situation you have to communicate that. Expressing yourself can make or break an opportunity to advance, so use your words wisely.

The last quarter moon on the 7th brings uplifting news. You gladly share something big with others. Yup, you’ve changed and it is in a good way. Many will notice and will reach out to socialize with you and may even want to bond with you romantically. If you are single, then go for it! It is said that the best relationship(s) come out of friendships, and both of you are mature enough to take a romantic step together. For those in relationship(s) consider planning something together where friends are not involved. You need your alone time to rekindle that flame of passion.

The new moon on the 14th brings talk about education. If you have children, then look into programs for them early on. The full moon on the 29th pushes your financial sector in a positive direction. Your income increases, and by now you should have already learned how important it is to save. Spend wisely.

Your affirmation for this month, "I feel confident and know that I have the divine on my side."


May 21 – June 20

You’ve been high in demand, Gemini; people have looked for you and have wanted your company. But with all this activity it seems that you have forgotten to tend to yourself. Your mind races with thoughts, especially at night and your body yearns for some me time.

The last quarter moon on the 7th pushes you to slow down. Once you do you can see how far you’ve come and will actually feel like something great is going to happen in your life. The prosperity you are waiting for is near, and the new moon on the 14th is bound to push abundance along. For now the only thing you have to do is wait for some news to know what your next step will be. Until then continue praying for guidance and do things to keep your faith up.

The full moon on the 29th brings travel. This may be a planned vacation or spontaneous. Whichever it is know, that it is also an indication to mentally release and relax. This period also shows some drama for those in relationship(s). Steer clear of this by showing them how ridiculous the quarrel is. Single Geminis have chances of meeting new partners at a social outing.

Your affirmation for this month, "I tend to my health daily."


June 21 – July 22

The last quarter moon on the 7th indicates that many Cancers have financial stability. It is one of the many things that is very important to you, Cancer, and that is why you need to make sure you budget yourself accordingly each month. Keep making wise decisions with your money. You are creating your own opportunities and planting many seeds that soon will prosper.

The new moon on the 14th changes things for those in relationship(s). Just ask yourself if all of your needs are being met or not. The answer will herald your next step. Single Cancers unexpectedly meet suitors running basic errands. Exchange information so that you can get to know each other better before committing. The first quarter moon on the 22nd cleans your household. Declutter as much as you can so that the next month can greet you with abundance.

The full moon on the 29th changes things in health matters. Go back to eating healthy foods. Bring vegetables, fruits and even those drinks you used to make back into your life. If you still have trouble going to the gym, then just exercise at home (My Yoga on Gaiam TV is great for this!). Turn on some music and move your body, Cancer. Get back into tending to yourself.

Your affirmation for this month, "I share with others my wisdom about life."


July 23 – August 22

You’ve had struggles, heartache and financial downfalls, but August will be your month to turn it all around, Leo. Now more than ever you will have hope for the future. With each day that passes, you will feel more and more confident with the new position you have in life. Continue your journey and know that you will always have the right tools to prosper.

The new moon on the 14th brings those from the past to your present. Some will be curious to know what’s new with you while others are interested in a romance with you. If it turns out to be the romance part, then steer clear as of now. They are only going to bring you drama, and the past doesn’t belong in your present or future. This new moon energy also shows that those in relationship(s) find meaningful moments together. Single Leos continue to date here and there, but nothing really solidifies until you realize that the past belongs in the past. Heal old wounds before trying to start something new with someone.

The full moon on the 29th shows an increase in income. Finances are stimulated, and this jolt of prosperity will help but only if your mindset is focused on personal goals.

Your affirmation for this month, "This is my time to grow and prosper."


August 23 – September 22

For many Virgos family comes first, and for this reason they are much loved by others. Nothing brings them more joy than to see their loved ones happy, but now is your time, Virgo. August is your month to let others be there for you. Many are relocating, making big purchases, starting new jobs, and welcoming newcomers to the family and need as much support as possible. For those looking to change residence, use your networking skills to find something.

The new moon on the 14th brings changes in health. You’ve thought about making changes but now have to implement them into your life. Any questions or concerns consult a physician, and remember you can always look online or ask peers for guidance. Virgos in relationship(s) that are positive deepen their bond of love by connecting spiritually and mentally. Single Virgos reconnect with someone from the past, but this temporary connection will show to be a waste of time. Instead of putting your energy there, why not give someone new a chance?

The full moon on the 29th advises that postponing plans until a later date would be beneficial because you are missing some important information.

Your affirmation for this month, "I respect my body by giving it the proper nutrition it needs."


September 23 – October 22

August brings many questions that you will need to know the truth about. They say that no news is good news, but don’t go by that saying, Libra. If you don’t hear about something you’ve been waiting for then call, email, text or go straight to the source and just ask. Don’t assume anything for it can cost you.

The new moon on the 14th brings conversations about what to expect for the rest of the year. If you continue to struggle with money matters, then look into downsizing and/or relocating. This moon also shows the need to keep your comments to yourself. Others will want to twist up your words just because they want to cause unnecessary drama for their entertainment. Unfortunately, not everyone you know are true friends, so just follow your gut instincts when it comes to knowing who is who in your life.

The first quarter moon on the 22nd creates some down time for those in relationship(s). Talk to your mate about some of your worries; they will understand you and also prove to give some great advice. Single Libras run into some very interesting prospects. Protect your heart, but be open enough to trust that they are truly interested.

Your affirmation for this month, "I’m prepared to receive multiple blessings in my life."


October 23 – November 21

You’ve turned around your thinking, and this has caused a surge of abundance for you, Scorpio.For the most part many Scorpios are positive, and this always opens doors for opportunity.

The last quarter moon on the 7th brings visitors to your atmosphere. These can be physical and/or spiritual guests. Greet them with open arms for they bring great insight and conversations. The new moon on the 14th shows an increase income. With the extra money coming in consider taking a trip. You know people in other towns and/or states, so why not reach out and make plans to get away? Single Scorpios have a chance of meeting someone who does not live nearby. Your sexual energy will be high, and this will attract the right suitors at the right time. Those in relationship(s) enter a period of reconciliation. If you truly love your partner, then make it work. Confide in them so that they can confide in you.

The full moon on the 29th shows great benefit in health matters by connecting with the earth. Take time to meditate, sitting outside beside plants or trees. The energy will be subtle yet profound for your being.

Your affirmation for this month, "With divine help I recover all that I thought was lost."


November 22 – December 21

August continues to push your life in the right direction. Finding yourself has been tough, but with each passing day you will proceed to transform your life for the highest good, Sagittarius. It’s okay to have questions about life, and your tranquil fire spirit will soothe your inner being so that anxiety won’t take over.

The new moon on the 14th brings love matters to center stage. If you are with someone who makes you happy, then it’s time to let that person know before it is too late. Those in relationship(s) should tend love with passion so that it doesn’t become stagnant. Single Sagittarius find that they still have feelings for someone from the past. If you get a chance, then reconnect with them to see if you can at least converse with them.

The first quarter moon on the 22nd shows that income has decreased. This is only temporary and should not linger into the next month. The full moon on the 29th brings annoying conversations. Don’t let anyone call you to disrespect you. This moon also brings quick changes that bring good news. You have chances now of overcoming past failures. Celebrate life and share the news with someone you love, and if possible plan a mini getaway.

Your affirmation for this month, "I cleanse and heal my soul daily."


December 22 – January 19

The month of August enters with much change in your home life. The past month was a wild roller coaster of emotions for many Capricorns, and the last quarter moon on the 7th finally gets things in order. The only thing that will cause disturbance are some miscommunications with finances. Make sure those things that were past due are tended to before it creates drama.

The new moon on the 14th brings changes in what you eat. If you have been feeling extra tired, dizzy or have anything weird happening with health then look first into what you are eating. Your body has changed and does not digest things the same way it used to. Consult a medical professional ASAP to get things in order.

The 1st quarter moon on the 22nd brings down time. Single Capricorns have deep conversations with newcomers, while those in relationship(s) relax at home and/or spend time with their loved one. Keep things simple so that your mental state can remain at peace.

The full moon on the 29th shows that if you still feel stressed about the things you can’t control in life, then look for alternative positive ways to deal with that emotion. Go to the gym, write, sing, scream, etc. Any of these things will greatly help heal your tender soul.

Your affirmation for this month, "My ancestors protect my path and will always be with me."


January 20 – February 18

August stimulates social life and connects you with others; there will be much chatter and catching up to do. You love hosting others and/or creating a fun atmosphere, so this will be quite a fun month. Many Aquarius’s can make life easier by accepting that the universe has sent the people you need into your life. Several people have shown you their true colors, and this can be hurtful but should be viewed as a blessing.

The new moon on the 14th shows a change in image. How you present yourself to the world will change. After the 17th the rays of the sun will do your health well. This summer has greatly stimulated your stamina; put this energy to good use.

The first quarter moon on the 22nd shows finances increasing. Those employed are very busy, and those looking to invest find opportunity with someone from the past. The full moon on the 29th shows single Aquarius receiving calls and/or texts from a past love affair. You’ve secretly longed for this moment and will take a chance again with this love. Those in relationship(s) respect each other’s privacy. Just don’t let that respect cause distance between you.

Your affirmation for this month, "I feel blessed to say that what seemed impossible is now possible."


February 19 – March 20

Pisces are very sensitive, and for this reason many are very intuitive. If you have a funny feeling then don’t turn a blind eye; ask your inner spirit to help you understand what exactly is going on around you. Get a sense of what coworkers, children, neighbors, siblings and any loved ones are and aren’t going through.

The last quarter moon on the 7th confirms that those employed will receive some news as to some changes that are going on with work. If you are thinking of looking for something better or changing positions, then now would be a good time to make arrangements.

The new moon on the 14th shows that those in relationship(s) conquer an obstacle. It is important to stick together and communicate the good and the not so good. Single Pisces should contact past love interests in the hopes of kindling some type of love.

The first quarter moon on the 22nd brings finances to perspective. Budget yourself ASAP. You have extra expenses this month, and money will be tight but you will have others help you financially so this should not be that much of a burden. The full moon on the 29th shows the need for some education. Your mind craves meaningful stimulation, and if going back to school is not an option then consider self teaching yourself a skill. Do some reading Pisces, take notes, and work on getting your memory fortified.

Your affirmation for this month, "I handle my frustrations in positive ways."

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