Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder and Hold onto Your Bliss All Winter Long

Pumpkin spice helps you weather the crisp autumn air, but what do you do when it really turns cold? Winter can hit hard, cooping many of us up indoors for the duration. The lack of sun leaves some of us to deal with seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) all winter long. How can you hit back and get the most out of all four seasons?

By drawing on some of the lessons that you learn on your yoga mat, you can avoid S.A.D. and hold onto your bliss all winter long.

Curl Up and Unwind

Find your favorite flannels or sweater after your home yoga practice and head to your favorite spot. Brew some tea and grab your new book or journal, and take some time for yourself. Yoga teaches us that stress is bad and taking time for yourself is good - so why do we stop our me time as soon as we roll up our mat? Taking time for yourself helps you think clearly, focus on future tasks, and invest yourself more fully in relationships. You worked hard on the mat to find your bliss, don’t melt it away with building stress. Keep working to unwind that mind of yours. This winter, light a fire or some candles, curl up and unwind.

Make the Elements Your Element

One of the biggest reasons we feel depressed or sluggish during the winter is that our favorite activities are no longer available to us. The cold weather makes things like outdoor yoga tough...but not impossible. This winter, I want you bundle up and get your asana outdoors. Whether it’s just for a walk, or something more adventurous like running, biking, skiing or snowshoeing - go do it! You’ll feel better, more alert and the change of scenery will be good for you. Yoga teaches us to embrace life and all that it has to offer. Winter is a beautiful time of year, you just have to get out and embrace it. The snow, the sleet, the elements can dangerous, but if you dress properly they can be dazzling. When the snowflakes start to fly, make the elements your element and get outdoors.

Catch Up as Everything Slows Down

Between the end of summer and the winter holidays, there is this period of time when everything slows down. Rather than slow your roll with the calendar, use this time to catch up on things that you have been putting off. Now is the perfect time to catch up on that book you wanted to read, work on making some handmade gifts, or finish that project you started but never finished. Knocking a few of these items off of your list can make the rest of the year less stressful, less hectic and ultimately that much more enjoyable. Reading a book, painting the extra bedroom, organizing your stuff, or even catching up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile reduces stress, and leaves room for more yoga, and helps to maintain your bliss.

Enter the holiday season relaxed and prepared to host parties; get together with loved ones, and appreciate all of the blessings this life has to offer.

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