Butterfly pose: Ways to Prop Up Your Practice

The supported bolster-version of Reclining Bound Angle Pose is a restorative yoga posture that generates an array of nourishing benefits including:

  • Enhanced flexibility for the inner thigh and groin muscles.  This open leg position also frees energy flow to your pelvic area.
  • Arching of the lower and mid spine brings anterior expansion to the torso, as well as stimulates abdominal organs and digestive mobility.
  • The draping of arms over the sides of the bolster creates a restorative stretch for the chest and anterior shoulders.
  • Settling into the restorative nature of this supported pose helps reduce symptoms of stress, mild depression, PMS and menopause.

Ways to Prop Up Supta Baddha Konasana for Enhanced Expansion

Halfmoon Yoga Prop: Cylindrical Bolster

  • Place the bolster at the base of your spine and drape your body over its’ length
  • If the back arch formed in this support is too deep, place a medium cushion under the pelvis to elevate your hips.  This will reduce the degree of the back arch.
  • Roll your shoulders back and under you allowing your chest to open fully in this supported backbend as you recline over the bolster.
  • As you lie over the bolster let your shoulder blades slide down and away from your shoulders.
  • Insure that when you lie on the bolster, that your head is completely supported and not sliding off the end of the bolster.
  • To soften tension in your groin, add a rolled up blanket or a block for support under your knees.
  • If the groin stretch becomes too excessive over time, but you wish to stay in the pose for the benefits of the back arch and chest stretch.  Slowly place the feet flat on the floor and bring the knees close together.
  • Be mindful when exiting this pose to avoid strain in the lower back.  With feet flat on the floor, contract core muscles and lift the hips to the height of the bolster.  From here, you will have removed the back arch and potential for sudden spinal compression in the exit.  With hips elevated, slide off the bolster to one side until you are on your back.  Push bolster away and hugs knees to counter stretch.

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SandyB802, posted on March 9, 2012

AAAHHHH.....my favorite pose! Helps me relax and unwind after a long day of driving my school bus.

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