Chocolate Nutty Spread

Chocolate is one of the most complex foods known to us on this planet. With over 300 compounds, including zinc, magnesium, essentially fatty acids, and anti-oxidants, it's no surprise that civilizations past revered
chocolate. Chocolate has more anti-oxidants than green tea or red wine, but milk and milk ingredients inhibit the absorption of its anti-oxidants which is why dark chocolate is mentioned now in many health journals.

This  EASY and delicious recipes uses raw cacao powder (produced by Navitas Naturals). Yo should be able to find it in a health food store (and if  not, ask if they can order it in for you).

1 heaping Tbsp. raw cacao powder
1 small jar hazelnut butter (or almond butter or almond-hazelnut butter)
maple syrup (1/4- 1/3 cup)

Empty hazelnut butter into a medium sized bowl. Add raw cacao powder. Mix together. Sweeten to taste with maple syrup. Serve on whole grain toast, with strawberries or bananas, or eat straight out of the bowl for a
delicious and high-protein chocolate 'fix'!

This recipe was provided by Farah Nazarali, founder of The Smiling Yogi. Click Here to learn more about Farah or go to for more nutrition information.

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YulikaTinkie, posted on April 28, 2012

thanks! it sounds yummy... the only questions is what kind of bread do you recommend as I have a tendency to avoid yeast in general, so I practically never it any kind of bread.

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