Christ Consciousness & the Return of the Star of Bethlehem

Each night in our skies, we are afforded the potential for our hearts’ expansion. At any given moment, on any given night, we can gaze into this infinite expanse and lose ourselves in such delectable glories it can make us weep, inspire us to dream or ignite any path in between.

Most nights there is something of significance to astrologers, astronomers (or both) that we can miss. However, the events of June 30 were unifying and well-touted: the return of the Star of Bethlehem made news and was known to most anyone on social media. The double "star" alignment was the first time in 2,000 years we witnessed such a celestial occurrence.

Galactic Heralding

Technically speaking, there was a conjunction between the planets of Venus and Jupiter. In the sky, it was easily observable next to the full moon in Capricorn. Venus (the goddess of love) and Jupiter (the god of thunder) danced together in harmonious alignment, raining powerful subatomic particles called neutrinos down through the galaxy. If we imagine for a brief moment that we were living in an earlier era, the return of such a sight in the night’s sky would surely be heralded as a miracle.

Pretty sights aside, what isn't being addressed is the spiritual, far-reaching implications of this galactic heralding. This rare planetary configuration wasn't just a thing of beauty; it was monumental in catapulting a spiritual awakening for humanity!

Yes, the Star of Bethlehem gathered some headlines, but less obvious was why this is of such import. In an era of mindfulness, when meditation and yoga are mainstream, we are reluctant to connect the dots. Jesus — yes, that dude on the cross — is the common thread. It was under the same Star of Bethlehem that he was born, an astronomical event so significant that three wise men foretold of his birth and sought him out.

These celestial events are such powerful game-changers, as they can herald a rebirth of humanity, just as they did 2,000 years ago.

Christ Consciousness

Admittedly, I'm no Christian, and I believe the ideology of the Bible is just that — instructive myth, not fact. Yet I do recognize, honor and work with Jesus as an enlightened being and Ascended Master — a master teacher, if you will. It’s through his universal work for the planet, and his spiritual contributions to humanity, that his teachings find a wider audience.

Christ Consciousness is the term we use for those of us who work with the teachings of Jesus and bypass the religious dogma. It denotes a way of being, a place of thought and vibration equal to that of the Christed One.

Without an agenda, religion or sanctioned morality, Jesus (Yeshua) as Ascended Master showed us we are all equal, we can perform feats of magic, and that we are not separate from God but that we are God. Any cursory reading through the New Testament will offer phrases that state this plainly, but are obscured and angled to mean that which fits the aims of the church.

Expanding Our Vibration

Among spiritual seekers, Christ Consciousness is a vibration we have sought to achieve in quiet personal cultivation for eons; it is the secretest secret teachings of the Mystery Schools. We are now met by the universe with a potential to expand this field, not just personally but planetarily.

Simply put, we now have the ability to reclaim Jesus’s vibration of truth and love, free from hate, shame, sin and separation from God. (Sin, after all, means "to miss.")

We are God, I am you, and I am capable of all the same shamanic miracles Jesus embodied. That is a mighty big shift in perspective.

With this knowledge, the return of the Star of Bethlehem — the 2,000-year mark of his "birth" — takes on massive significance. We are blessed to breathe under the same energies that launched a religion, ascended a common man to God status, and ignited a spiritual flame that has yet to be quenched. These are potent frequencies, blessed soul!

A Cosmic Blessing

It is not His return, per se, but the astrological marker for the frequencies of his vibration of pure love to find their way to the planet again. This alignment offers an opportunity for a mass awakening — a shift in beliefs so great, we can redirect the future of our people.

We witnessed love’s triumph in the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage as constitutional under this planetary influence. Molly Ball in the Atlantic states, "What changed, in other words, wasn’t the Constitution — it was the country. And what changed the country was a movement." We are graced with a once-in-2,000-year cosmic blessing to act on this momentum, to recognize We The People can change the establishment!

We are living in times spoken of by the sages, hinted at in every ancient text, and we are living it now! Don't let your attention sway, but rather put thoughtful intent into maximizing this celestial gift to its fullest! Cultivate love for yourself and remember, you are a being equal to God. Let love conquer any beliefs that separate you from this truth.

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peacekeeper, posted on August 25, 2015

i'm heartened to see writings on the subject of Christ Consciousness with their unabashed, joyous currents flowing through the likes of Andye Murphy- especially in the face of 'modern' Christianity with its controlling and dour lifelessness choking out mystical experiences of Love: a love synonymous with abject freedom. "Love is free," says Rumi, "and one does not control love, Love directs us."

Rhetorically, which is likely more conscious: 'us' in our 3-D, 5-sense egoic perception (certified by quantum science as 'missing the boat')- or Love's consciousness?

i salute Ms. Murphy for braving these heretic waters just as Yeshua's time-myth and its mystic, love-espousing motifs challenged the entrenched- and filled church dungeons. Dealing with Abrahamic, programed fanaticism has always been risky business. Blessings of peace and wisdom on this bright and daring soul.

Andyemurphy, posted on September 16, 2015

Thank you for your words. Putting ourselves out there in any medium can sometimes feel a bit (a lot!) vulnerable.

Ever so much gratitude Peacekeeper for taking time to offer and reciprocate LOVE.

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