Confronting Crazy: The Reality of My Galactic Experiences

Sometimes this world is so weird, so beautiful and so mind-bendingly complex at once, it can be isolating. This is often the reality for a psychic medium, especially one who plays with the Galactics. I've had numerous real-life experiences that were so profoundly confounding, I often didn’t know whom to share them with, without being seen as utterly mad.

What we learn as shaman (one who walks between the realms) is that anything is possible: the invisible realms and absurdities of the universe are every bit as real as the chair I’m in now.

Yet still, doubt lingers, and under that doubt, fear resides. What if? What if all this is real? And what are the mind-blowing implications if it is?


Enter Corey Goode. When I first read his Sphere Being Alliance blog, I was so deeply shaken, I didn't know how to integrate the ramifications of its truth. Many pieces of his off-planet accounts matched my own experiences in shamanic space. Yet this happens discreetly, privately, in the sanctuary of my own home. How could I be tapping into something so universally impactful?

When I am not being Mom or an intuitive healer, I do my own deep healing. I shamanically traverse the realms and work with Spirit Guides and Galactic Allies. I move through time and space in my light body, remaining unseen most of the time.

In 2011, things changed, and I was approached by Galactics for the first time. Since then, I have been called into councils of great import, who are actively shaping humanity. I have been consulted, trained, loved, and honored in these meetings. Before Corey Goode, I merely imagined them to be fantasy; happy places where I could envision myself more valued, heard and seen than I am on Earth.


The similarities between Corey’s blog and my own journal made me pay attention to his otherwise far-reaching claims. The vernacular for the planetary teams, the blue orbs, the clothing, and even their need for us as the Ground Crew — all of these things could have come straight from my own late-night channelings.

Though I've heard many names for the councils, Corey's language matches what I’ve heard among the Galactics. Councils of Light and Galactic Federation are common monikers. The terminology changes and shifts for certain gatherings, which seems to indicate the scope of their work and capture the focus of their projects at hand.


Regarding the Sphere Being Alliance, I've seen spheres for years, even doing a 2014 video in which I simply address them as "orbs." But the blue orbs are a more recent addition. Since I’m not visually psychic, I feel and know things (I’m clairsentient, for those keeping track), and I will often experience them as flashes of light just outside my periphery. Upon asking for credentials, they have affirmed they are of the "Blue Ray."

Reassuringly, these blue beings have remained a close ally to humanity. My encounters with them have always been respectful and uplifting. I experience the Arcturians as blue, and will often feel a blue energy field from reincarnated Pleidian starseeds (souls who are from the stars but incarnate as humans).


What is drastically different from Corey’s experience is my means of participation in these meetings. I am not woken in the night nor am I at any point physically gone from my family. From the safety and comfort of my home, I enter into a shamanic state with an intention of service to my community, humanity, and the planet.

Sometimes there are council meetings awaiting my arrival. Other times, I am ushered into a gathering already in progress. On the best nights, I meet with a "teacher soul," who shows me healing skills I can use with my clients.

Every encounter, meeting and lesson has been rife with unconditional love. They hold congress to help humanity, showing their deepest respect and compassion, offering skills and insights which will aid and empower us in the ultimate disclosure of truth.


Interestingly, Corey also describes the clothing worn in these off-planet meetings in great detail. Though I’m unaware of my full body, and certainly can’t see my clothing (clairsentient, remember?) I know — I feel — insignias and symbols embroidered on my left shoulder. They are significant identifiers and convey something which grants me a voice of authority.

I am always addressed by a title: a name and rank which only one person on this planet has ever called me. I am told that when I am in need, when I am in fear, I need only speak my galactic name and all access is mine. Through this request, worlds converge to ensure safe harbor.

(Whoa. That’s a bigger love than I know how to receive.)

What I know without a doubt is that my input is valued. I am consulted for my experiences with the current state of humanity. "Ground Crew" is the term that feels most fitting. No elitism, no need for special treatment — just a result of my many lifetimes here.


As a healer, an ancient being of this Earth, and a current human, I can offer collective input, which they use to direct their energies where humanity needs it most. Being in physical form, doing this level of intentional work, and being of service to nearly one thousand people a year, I have a unique perspective on humanity’s emotional, physical and energetic state.

This information can aid the Galactics in crafting a timeline that supports the ascension process, as well as the unfolding events of galactic integration.

These experiences have filled me with both awe and comfort. They have informed my life and shaped my healing. But somehow, I thought of them as a construct of my imagination. There are days I concede that certainly, even I am not that clever. And yet, I still don't know how to wrap my brain around it all.


To walk this path is indeed a unique blessing, but it also requires careful ego-checks to ensure we can be of service while remaining in a space of humility and love. As we clear the way for planetary remembrance, we know it is only a matter of time before we all return to our true state of fully conscious awareness. Taking action, coming from a space of love and truth, and standing with integrity for who you are on this planet will help to prepare you for the next phases.

Even though I don't know what the next twists and turns may be, I'm happy to have a front row seat in witnessing our Earth return to her long-awaited galactic status.

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Sheanan, posted on August 26, 2015

My own experiences have been so far out there, that who I am to question whether Corey's accounts are true or not? But they have caused me deep concern and personal conflict. I have been researching the internet desperately for any confirmation of truth to these accounts, aside from Corey's story and my own deep feeling that it is ringing true with me, despite the story being so far fetched that no one is willing to discuss it with me. I am a medium, an empath, a bit psychic, and a Reiki Master Teacher. I have gone into deep meditation to solve problems of mysterious spiritual questions and events many times.

Today I finally meditated to find out what I personally could see about the question of a secret space program. This is what I saw very clearly. " I was on a winding road that wound to the top of a large treeless mountain. There are gigantic mother ships there. There are large crowds of people boarding them. These people believe they are going to have good jobs and a better existence to support their families. This is all a lie."

My heart goes out to these families I saw boarding these ships, because their existence now is close to slavery. I can no longer discount the information I am listening to when I watch Disclosure, I can only begin to send prayers for these lost families and shine a spiritual light on this evil that can help it be disclosed once and for all. I also send prayers and love and light and protection to Corey and David. TY, Shawn.

LYNNT, posted on August 26, 2015

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Andye. It inspires me to do more of my own journeying as well as validates information I've received in the past. We are moving on to a greater version of ourselves. Love and forgiveness is so important. I hope to read more from you. Blessings, Lynn

Maidenhair, posted on July 29, 2015

Standing Ovation Corey Goode & David Wilcock

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