Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating Challenge Whhhaaat!?

To be completely clear and transparent, this cleanse kind of snuck up on me date wise and I ENTIRELY thought I would have it nailed down no matter what, since I feel like I eat so cleanly. However, two words in the preparation instruction took me by surprise...NO CAFFEINE and NO EGGS.


It dawned on me, all of a sudden, that my daily detailed and organic food intake was potentially zeroed out by my newfound love of coffee. Furthermore, eggs are a staple in my and my boyfriend's diet. I had hardly considered them "food demons" before. There is not a day that he and I have not left our home fueled by some good ol’ eggs and coffee over the last couple months.

These two items are not so hard to let go of, so much as they are representative of how I may have lost sight of how clean my clean food intake really is.

I am not a food policeman, by any means, but I do know how eating well has changed the health and the wellness of my sweet man. I have literally watched his gluten band go away and his energy go through the roof. Green drinks change everything, as does letting go of everything white (for example: flour, soy, sugar, alcohol, and dairy).

He and my bestie agreed to do this cleanse with me and we are all dialed in for an early joint yoga practice before we all head into very busy days to support this fairly large change. I am a little concerned as to where our previously caffeinated energy is going to come from, but I suppose therein lies this lesson.

To me this is what my day one preparations are all about—consciousness. I intend to reorganize the fridge and toss the sneaky snacks that have found their way onto those shelves OUT and create a food plan that meets all our needs and supports our energy. That the three of us have committed to this exciting renewing source of real life energy makes us all smile.

It takes support. I hope you join us and this gathering of committed, and certainly wobbly, cleansers!

Love, Shan (Day One!!)

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