Crystals Influence on the Pineal Gland and the Human Body

I read an article online about how the use of crystals is all in the mind, sort of like a placebo effect; and to an extent, the author of the article is right. Being in the right state of mind is crucial for any healing process. Ask anyone who works with terminally or seriously ill patients and they will be the first to state that part of the healing process involves thinking positively. But, how does that relate to crystals and the human body?

There has been some preliminary research done on the pineal gland with researchers learning that this small part of the brain creates micro crystals, in particular, calcite. Scientists believe these calcite microcrystals could create a ‘second harmonic generation’ within the pineal tissue sections. In laymen’s terms, they could resonate and affect the surrounding tissue in the same way the micro crystals in the inner ear canal allow us to hear. A process called otoconia.

We all know that sound waves can penetrate tissue. It’s why a newborn child will turn toward the sound of his mother’s voice; he already learned her voice while still in embryo. The Third Eye chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead, can be stimulated by the keynote A or by a frequency of 426.7 Hz. This sound wave could be amplified by either a quartz stone or another specific crystal designated for the Third Eye Chakra.

If crystals can affect the brain, then what’s to say that they don’t have an effect on the rest of the body?

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osilva_05, posted on October 28, 2015

A very dear close friend of mine has been practicing crystal healing for many decades. My friend has healed me many times with her crystal. The last time she worked on me it had a strange effect on the both of us. She cured my left hand of numbness and pain in just a few minutes. We are closely connected and spiritually compatible. The reason I mention this is we had witnesses to the healing, my husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter were all watching as my friend healed me. These people are believers now. My daughter-in-law bought a book on the subject the next day. Much LOVE and FAITH to ALL!

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