Destiny vs Free Will

Dear Julius,

Does everyone who lives on this planet have a certain destiny? Where then does free will come into play? Or doesn't it?

Dearest Master,

We support that the only reason souls come to this realm is to demonstrate thought and therefore know themselves as Source. Your soul desires to make known the unknown through that thought demonstration and experience.

Destiny is something very human. It has been declared by teachers to bind and limit you, to make obligations govern you, and mostly to make something you’re not even familiar with the thing you must be searching for and becoming. This is not what Source is doing but what humans are doing.

If you had a destiny, you would have limitation. You are being required in order to succeed. It is a limited way to find joy and therefore is not a byproduct of love.

Allow Yourself to Experience

Love allows! Love permits! Love encourages and inspires all of your desires to be experienced, and that is what you are doing.

You cannot fail at existence, but if you believe you have a destiny then your perception becomes that you could fail. Destiny is dictated by another’s expectation, and disappointment will always occur either by you or the very being demanding the action from you.

Free will is the only journey to bliss. Embrace your desires; always follow them. If you must see this as your destiny then do so, but do it without limitation.

As it will be,


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SueD6, posted on July 9, 2015

in the consciousness arena there are many discussions about finding your purpose and how living your purpose leads to fulfillment in life. Julius, what do you have to say about the idea of everyone having a purpose in this life and how important is it to discover and live it?

MariaT@GTV, posted on July 10, 2015

Thanks for your comment SUED6. We'll pass along your question to Julius. Looking forward to the response!

MariaT@GTV, posted on July 17, 2015

Hi @SUED6. Channeled light being Julius has answered your question. Please see the article Are We Born With a Purpose? for the response.

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