Disclosure Season 2 Has Arrived!

Season 2: Rise of the Cabal

David Wilcock is back for an all-new season of his hit original program Disclosure, available exclusively on Gaiam TV. So what’s in store for viewers this season? Jesuit secrets, who’s who in the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, and more in-depth exploration of the Cabal are just the tip of the very deep iceberg of information Wilcock is looking to excavate on the way to the truth.

Reality is not as simple as we thought.

Fear as a Business Model

Everyone is telling a story. A story we think is true because it’s coming from the collective voice – those in authority who seek to keep us under control. But who are these people? Do they really have control over us? The collective is everywhere – schools, government, churches, the media fear-mongers. Those in power act as our gods and create a self-sustaining business model of fear – one most people aren’t awake enough to come out from under. Profits depend on fear.

Find out what the power elite are most afraid of you discovering about yourself.

Episode Highlights

In Season 2, David Wilcock interviews experts in the field including G. Edward Griffin and Dean Garner, who disclose what may be two vehicles of the Cabal’s most prominent schemes: the Jesuits and the Federal Reserve.

Viewers can expect to hear discussion on:

  • The four stages of cultural takeover
  • Jesuits and their relationship with the Illuminati
  • The Federal Reserve – how it was established and the timing of major events to enact their four-part plan
  • How the Cabal masks it weak points

Ascend Beyond the Level of Control

If you’re tired of being enslaved in the culture of fear, season 2 of Disclosure will give you the tools you need to begin ascension in the here and now. Empower yourself to stop agreeing with and eating what is being served.

Reality is the greatest story ever sold.

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