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Have you ever thought about the ripple effect you create in your community, in your country, or in the world? This question always gets me thinking deeper about how our human arrogance can affect our society. It seems that quite often we are moving so fast within our own agenda, that we do not see the effect we are having on our society and the world at large. We often look to blame the world around us when things go wrong. This begs an important question to ask yourself:

Just how often are you the catalyst who is causing the stress and challenges you face in your life?

Many are quick to wonder why the world is making life so hard for them instead of looking deeper into the situation. We go so fast, and as much as I appreciate modern technology, we are actually becoming more disengaged. The small conversations that we used to have at the post office, in line at the grocery store, or at the library are now replaced with more time on the phone. This is creating a devastating affect on our society and future generations because we are losing the connections in our community. The further we lose our human emotional connection, the more we are unable to employ compassion and understanding for one another, which halts our growth spiritually.

A Humble Energy Exchange

This year I have worked a lot with the energy of being humble. The truth is that we are all doing the best we can, and in this human experience we are meant to make mistakes. In my heart, being humble offers an opportunity to step back courteously and open our minds to the reality that our beliefs are meant to be malleable.

We, in human form, are not perfect! It is humbling to remember that even though we are adults, we too make mistakes and misread life. When we operate from a humble space, it becomes a chance to work from the platform of being a problem solver and gain experience with gentle conversations. Many times there is a very good reason why someone or something is acting out. When we stop looking at it from this perspective, we become the fool.

As I sat down to reflect more on my humble pie, I thought about the times that I have REACTED in life. I took a pause to recognize that there was probably another side to these experiences that I was not aware of because I was blurred by my own reaction. This perspective gave me insight to see how being humble offers an opportunity to evolve consciously.

So how can we use humble pie to grow? Here are three ways to use humility to bring awareness to your life!

1. Humbly slow your roll

Today, we are trying desperately to fit into one day all the things we would really do in two.

How much more can we multi-task?

How much faster can we really go?

Then, take into consideration all the interruptions and disconnections. Not only are we setting ourselves up to fail, we are also disengaging from deeper connections because we just do not have room for them.

Additionally, our continued overuse of social media and technology keep a continuation of this disconnection going as we are having difficult conversations using these outlets instead of in person with eye contact connection.

The more we engage in these practices the more we lose our emotional intelligence.

This means that we don’t get exposed to any form of being vulnerable, which leads to playing it safe. We are missing out on so many opportunities to grow.

2. Be the change

You cannot change the world around you as easy as you can change and embrace the world inside of you. Being conscious takes time, understanding, and compassion.

Take some time observing your life. Only you know if you are spending way too much time engaged with social media.

Only you know the effect technology is having on your relationships and your concentration. Becoming more aware isn’t about self-judgment, it is about humility…be the change. Instead of just being angry at the problems in the world around us, observe them from the other side with empathy.

Anger only breeds more anger, so focus on working from your heart…you will make a difference. These are some great starting questions for self-discovery:

How often does technology interrupt your day (txts, emails)?

Are you using your phone to avoid deeper connections?

How many times a day do you look at your phone? Are you attached to it?

3. Employ compassion

Judgment is a very tricky element in life. On one hand we do need to observe the world around us consciously. However, when we believe we can judge the total sum of a person by what we see in just one moment, then rest assured that you are part of the problem. When we are humble, we have the ability to see outside of ourselves to recognize that we do not always know what is happening in someone’s heart, even if the outside world cannot see it. Similarly to when we watch a movie for the second time, we make a deeper connection to the story that we did not see the first time around.

Be empathetic to the fact that we all have a story!

In truth, we are all simply blessed to be students in this amazing world. We come here to learn, to grow, to experience, and most importantly to love. We need to foster our emotional connections in the world around us, and this requires us to operate from a space of compassion and humility.

When we slow down and move away from reaction, we embrace a conscious connection of love. This is the sacred space that will open the doors to the world around us and evolve the collective consciousness.

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