The Essence of Sacred Sexuality

We are about to explore the endlessly fascinating topic of Tantra. Tantra is most often misunderstood to be simply a path of sexual pleasure yet we need to emphasize that Tantra is actually a vast topic which includes asanas, pranayamas, meditation, sacred dance, astrology, yantras, mantras, rituals, devotion and much more. Tantra is an ancient practice with its origins in both India and Tibet and in translation it is defined as the warp of the loom. This is symbolic of the web that is the interconnection of our holographic Universe.

Now we will focus on the significance of the vama-marga, the left handed path of Tantra. This is the practice in Tantra which is involving the sacredness of our sexuality intimately engaged with that of another. This sadhana is so often misunderstood because most people have developed a challenging relationship with sexuality to the point that many consider their sexuality to have become some sort of a dilemma. Our sexual energy is truly our greatest natural resource yet it is often denied and results instead in feelings of guilt and shame. In Tantra we discover that our sexual energy is such an incredible power and that we can move it into our hearts, our minds and to awakening our higher consciousness.

The essence of the practice of sacred sexuality is to awaken us to love. It awakens us to the bliss that we truly are and as a result we are able to open as love. As we merge in sacred union the personal feeling between partners is transcended, we merge in unity and return to oneness. This practice opens us to the vastness of being and moves us beyond our human limitations. In tantric lovemaking we experience our most authentic selves and naturally move with ease beyond our minds and ego remaining present in bliss and stillness. Here we are able to ride the currents of excitation into the great mystery. We all long to return to source and Tantra sweetly seduces us on this path of completion where we may embrace the essence of reality. We consider that the fundamental essence of the teachings lies in the transfigured vision meaning to always recognize the divine in the other and witness the brilliance of their essential nature shining through. This instantly elevates the experience and sanctifies the union celebrating the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Tantra endows us with the potential to easily make love for hours a day. Some people ask me how you can have that kind of free time in your schedule. Firstly we need to prioritize our time and secondly recognize that this is considered a serious spiritual practice when approached with integrity and devotion. The practitioner is always fascinated when they begin this sadhana and start experiencing the shifts from the sublimation of the sexual energies. As always practice and perseverance are the keys to success on this path. We learn that there is time in our day for making love. Sometimes people fall into other patterns and do not create enough time to honour their sexuality and as a result simply lose desire which leads to an unsatisfying feeling of not being whole.

 I have chosen to think of it metaphorically as though our asana practice is the appetizer. Preparing our physical bodies, our chakras and our energy bodies for the lovemaking practice. We can then consider that the lovemaking practice is the feast, the extravaganza, when we are able to blast a lot of our energies into our higher chakras, moving beyond the limitations of mind and ego, awakening us to bliss and recognizing the ever present love that we are. Eventually it is time to enjoy dessert which is the ever sweet meditation. It is considered essential to finish our tantric lovemaking practice with a good meditation. This is actually a key feature of the practice to prepare us for the best meditation possible. After being in an orgasmic state for hours we have stirred up a lot of Kundalini Shakti and she is wild. We really need to sit and rest in stillness and allow all this Shakti to merge with Shiva in oneness. After spending some time beyond thoughts we are well prepared and the quality of our meditation benefits greatly.

I am certain we can transform humanity by the reawakening of true tantric knowledge and the divine alchemical secrets hidden in our sexuality. With a little curiosity, courage and an attitude of openness one may begin the practice. Tantra offers us endless gifts bringing acceptance and harmony to our beings, increasing awareness and awakening us to our truly authentic selves.


Following the song of her heart Krista lives her life in devotion to the yogic path. She feels truly blessed for the opportunity to dedicate her life to the revelation of our essential Divine nature. She is full of gratitude for all the precious teachers that have inspired her path.

Website: Samavesha Yoga

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MandaPanda0, posted on February 5, 2013

Are there any texts that you would recommend on this topic for further reading?

yogagrammie, posted on February 5, 2013

Fantastic and inspiring! Thanks :) Namaste

BlissFULLHeart, posted on February 4, 2013

Inspiring and Passionate :) Thank you

pennyspicerocks, posted on February 1, 2013

It is refreshing for me to learn about the connection of yoga and sexuality. I have heard tidbits about Tantric yoga but never found much interest in it. A seed has now been planted and I am curious and keen to experiment. As a product of our culture I can be quite shy to talk about sex however, as I mature and become more comfortable in my own skin, I realize more and more that it is a cause for celebration, not hibernation. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

pedrofranco, posted on February 1, 2013

Amazing article !
beautifully written dear Krista <3

jnorman_2, posted on February 1, 2013

Thank you for the great article.

michelletrantina, posted on February 1, 2013

shajorah, posted on February 1, 2013

Great article! Thank you!

yasemena, posted on February 1, 2013

@michelle66 Great. Thank you :)

forsure, posted on February 1, 2013

Beautiful seeing the divine shine in others I am looking forward to each day even more now : >

VeroChav514, posted on February 1, 2013

It seems a bit difficult for a newbie to yoga. I also wonder how to explain this to my fiance. I guess it is just like yoga practice. You just have to do it!

michelle66, posted on February 1, 2013

@yasemena click on videos and you will see it.

trinikitkat, posted on February 1, 2013

Great article, now to know what we have to do to reach this essence of sacred sexuality......

yasemena, posted on February 1, 2013

Where is the related video series?

sensualcelery, posted on February 1, 2013

Awesome article. I had no idea. Now to convince my not at all spiritual boyfriend to explore this with me.

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