Green Cleaning Recipes

If you don't already, you may want to give Green Cleaning a try. There are many recipes for environmentally safe cleaning, here are a few easy ones to try out:

Green Cleaning Recipes:

Window and Glass Cleaner
While there is nothing unique about this recipe... it works!   Newspaper, Vinegar and Elbow grease!

All Purpose Cleaner:
1/2 cup ammonia 1/3 cup washing soda 1 gallon warm water.  Combine and use to clean your floors, tiles and painted walls. This will also deodorize so you will not have a need to use harmful deodorizes in your home!

If you use environmentally cleansers regularly you will find they keep the air clean. Store bought cans etc.. contain many harmful ingredients.. and are costly.

One part vinegar with two parts water is all you need to clean your kettle and iron. Kettle - pour into the kettle bring to a boil, rinse well. Iron - Put some in the resevoir, let it stand for 30 minutes, rinse well.

Tub & Tile Cleaner:
Baking soda and a damp cloth will clean your tub and tiles. You may need to use a brush to get into the grout but this will do the job without an environmental hazards.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:
Mix borax and lemon juice into a paste. wet the sides of the toilet bowl, rub and let stand for a few hours. Scrub off and flush! (if you don't have stains you can let stand for less time)

Drain Opener:
A plunger will usually do the trick.. if not try this recipe 250ml baking soda 250ml salt 125ml vinegar(white) pot of boiling water (kettle if you have one). Pour the soda, salt and vinegar down the drain, leave for 15-20 minutes. Pour in the boiling water.

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