The Happy Truth About Life

The game of self-improvement and goal setting can, at some times, be a double-edged sword.  It takes a certain type of person to become awakened enough to find the specialized type of motivation that leads them to visit websites, read books, attend seminars and workshops, etc. on self-development.  Ultimately this type of search leads people on a long, exciting, and prosperous journey of discovering the means to bring themselves to their highest potential as a human being, and live a more happy, abundant, and joyful existence. The rewards of this journey can be priceless.

There is certainly a balance that must be maintained, however. Trying too hard can be self-defeating.  Simply put, trying too hard to bring yourself anywhere than where you already are can (by virtue of the very laws of manifestation) become an affirmation. The vibration of being unsatisfied with life as it is can in turn attract more dissatisfaction, more of a feeling of "if I only do this and this, then I will be happy..."

It is important at all times to be enjoying the journey and accepting life as it is now, while at the same time, exploring the possibilities that open up to us as we learn new techniques to further enhance our life and increase our powers of manifestation.

I would like to propose a shortcut, or, perhaps in better words, remind you of something you already know.

The very basis of reality is goodness.  At the very core of your identity, you are one with everything, and that everything that you are one with is infinite, abundant, peaceful, joyful, and loving.  It is not that you are just connected to this goodness and abundance. You ARE this goodness and abundance.

I normally do not prefer to get this esoteric about things. My personal style is about making things as practical as possible, so that even the skeptics can benefit from this information. However, this information is key to learning to manifest a successful and happy life so I had to write about it.

Negativity, wrongness, guilt... all the things that we strive to overcome and desire to decrease or eliminate in lives only exist in our minds.  More specifically, these things only exist in our rational mind, the one that draws conclusions, makes decisions, rationalizes, and provides us with an endless internally verbal commentary about almost everything that happens to us, or has happened to us, or will happen to us.

I'm sure you know what I mean.  You know that incessant string of words that is constantly going on in your head?  If it's not talking about what's happening now, it will instantly begin to talk about something that happened in the past, or start making predictions and defensive decisions about what could happen in the future.  

Many teachings of the law of attraction and other self-development concepts focus on training this inner voice to be more positive, to imagine happy things, to say things that help us feel good, etc. This is a very helpful thing to do.

But there is also another very simple, time-tested, and easy method for manifesting a more peaceful, prosperous, and abundant life.

The moment you can silence this internal dialogue, or even just detach from it, you will begin to directly experience the happy truth about life, and yourself.  The happy truth about life and yourself is that there is no "wrongness," and there is no "thing that you don't want".  Everything is you, and you are nothing more and nothing less than infinite love, peace, and abundance.  You are infinitely abundant because you are everything.  This feeling of being at one with everything is the ultimate feeling of abundance, because it is based on reality, not just a happy imagining of your rational mind.  You ARE abundant because you are EVERYTHING!  How can you feel lacking when you are everything?

And so, the ultimate way to manifest a life of prosperity, happiness, and abundance is to simply get in touch with the truth about what you are, and the ultimate reality of life.  When you do this, even if for a few minutes, you are resonating with an incredibly powerful vibration that will certainly manifest abundance and happiness in your life.

There are many simple ways to do this.  Most importantly, one must learn to silence or at least detach from their inner dialogue.  Once the rational mind stops interpreting everything, you actually begin to just experience life as it is.

Experiment with this practice:  Take some time each day to close your eyes. Imagine that behind everything going on in your mind, there is a blackboard.  This blackboard has no edges, and extends to infinity.  Now any content in your mind - the words, the conclusions, the decisions, and the mental images - are being written on this blackboard.  You can just watch these things being written on the blackboard, or, if you choose, you can take a big eraser in your mind and erase this content, leaving the blackboard clean.  Things get written, and you easily and effortlessly wipe them clean with the eraser. 

Content will inevitably continue to be written on the blackboard, and you can slowly and easily just erase it.  The more you practice this exercise, the more you will notice that it becomes easier and easier to keep the blackboard clean.

Now another crucial key to getting in touch with the truth about yourself and reality, and to cultivate a sense of detachment towards your rational mind, is to gain conscious access into the deeper brainwave states.  Monks, mystics, and yogis have been doing this for centuries to achieve enlightenment, attain peace, and explore the full realm of human experience. An average traditional meditator can usually maintain a steady alpha brainwave state after a couple of years of daily meditation.  Lifelong meditators and monks can usually bring themselves into deep theta and delta state, where even more positive benefits and "mystic" experiences can occur.

I do urge you not to get discouraged by this information, though. You can start by doing a simple meditation practice for a few minutes a day, and build up from there. Try the technique I explained earlier, and commit to being consistent with it. You will soon notice the positive effect it has on you. Then you can add another simple meditation technique, such as counting your breaths. Still a favorite one of mine, it is suitable for both beginner and experienced meditators. I personally also enhance my meditation practice with brainwave entrainment audios, which allow complete novices to access the deeper brainwave states. This, in my opinion, is nothing short of miraculous. Even with this kind of aid, though, commitment and consistency are key. This is why we all become better and better at manifesting a life of peace, joy, and prosperity every day! Here's to you and your success. 

Ashton Aiden is a success coach and the founder of – a free online resource, dedicated to helping people discover practical, accessible ways of reaching that next level of self awareness, manifesting positive experiences and outcomes in their life. Ashton has also specialized in personal one on one Rebirthing Breathwork (energy breathing) sessions, and is available in the state of Utah. He has recently put together a powerful free E-book on Emotional Mastery, which incorporates a free Coaching Program on Manifestation and Success. Ashton is responsive to all personal requests for support and information – you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and at the e-mail addresses listed on the site.

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nacosta, posted on February 18, 2013

thanks! I enjoyed this.

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