Holiday Help! 34 Tips to Ease Stress This Season

Though it’s deemed the most wonderful time of the year, it can actually be quite a challenge surviving the holidays. With the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, catching-up with loved ones and keeping up with your to-do list, sometimes we could use a little bit more help.

No matter how you celebrate the season, ease stress and anxiety with these suggestions.

34 Tips and Tricks for a Blissful Holiday

  1. Your boots were made for walkin’! Just a ten minute stroll is the quickest (and healthiest) way to ease daily stress.

  2. Dare to unplug! Enjoy the luxury of being in the moment.

  3. Fear not the frenzy! Put a plan together from the start so you can glide through your to-dos with grace and ease. Make your list today!

  4. Wine is fine, but cherry juice is even better! With just one glass, get a healthy dose of all-natural melatonin for a better night’s sleep.

  5. Stuck in a long line? Use that extra minute to text a "thank you" to a deserving friend.

  6. Holiday shopping? Park far away and enjoy putting a few extra steps into your day.

  7. Crack open an old-fashioned paperback book and enter another world to increase empathy.

  8. Carols or Katy Perry—boogie down to your favorite tunes! You’ll release endorphins and ease tension.

  9. Another holiday party? Fill at least half of your plate with foods from the veggie tray to keep from overeating the bad stuff.

  10. Yes, you are amazing! Make a list of your top 5 best qualities; keep the list on hand for a quick confidence boost whenever you need it.

  11. Make art with someone you love! Sharing creative pursuits makes for even stronger connections.

  12. Feeling overwhelmed? One minute meditation breaks throughout the day can bring you back to zen.

  13. Just say no! When you say "no" to something that isn’t important, you’re saying "yes" to something that is.

  14. That one person who’s riding your last nerve? That may be her or his way of showing you love; graciously thank the person for the misguided attention and move on.

  15. Help others: Volunteering is the #1 way to ease feelings of loneliness and give back to those who need it most.

  16. Accept your limitations. Dump those pesky tasks you don’t really need to do!

  17. Dealing with something royally irritating? Imagine your breath as a wave; watch it flow in and out.

  18. Grief-stricken? Create a new tradition to cherish the spirit of deceased loved ones.

  19. Achieve holiday goals in holiday time with ease; pad your schedule for unexpected (and expected) delays.

  20. Overwhelmed by holiday chaos? Take a deep breath and apply firm pressure to the fleshy place between your index finger and thumb for about 30 seconds.

  21. Get a quick pick-me-up by taking in a big inhale of citrus. The fragrance increases levels of norepinephrine, a good-mood enhancing hormone.

  22. Lol for your health. Turns out laughing helps the immune system. Time for a funny cat video marathon!

  23. Feeling hangry? Keep portion-controlled goodies in your bag; this will make less healthy snacks easier to resist.

  24. Getting a bit sarcastic? (No, never. Not you!) Avoid this passive-aggressive communication by expressing how you feel head-on.

  25. A timeout to stay out of trouble! Take 5 to reset and realign, then get back in the game.

  26. It’s the season for gratitude. What are you thankful for? Write the longest list you can. Life is great isn’t it?

  27. Meditative eating—kooky or brilliant? Try using all your senses as you chew each bite slowly and mindfully—eat less and enjoy more.

  28. From the clouds in the sky to the ladybug on the window pane, life is beautiful! Share your favorite mini-moments of the day with your closest friends.

  29. You deserve some "me" time. Nurture yourself with a relaxing warm bath.

  30. Have a ton of tasty treats laying around? Bring homemade food or baked goods to your local hospice or nursing care facility.

  31. Stick to that routine! This will significantly cut back on the stress of the hustle and bustle.

  32. Another page turner? It’s the perfect time for journal writing. It’s a quick way to improve mental clarity and facilitate personal growth.

  33. The more you move, the more you groove! Regular exercise decreases tension, stabilizes mood, and improves sleep.

  34. Throw guilt out the window! Do "you" and enjoy being in the moment.

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