Horoscopes for June 2015

Spirit has shown me the importance of day dreaming. This visionary creation has the power to manifest in our lives all of the things our heart desires. You are wherever your thoughts are; therefore, whenever you take the time to actually think about something you really want you are emitting energy from your being, and this activates creation.

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about something you want in your life. Make yourself comfortable, turn on some soft music and/or sit somewhere quiet. If privacy is an issue, then you can do this while showering.

Let’s begin, leave your eyes open or closed and then proceed to create a thought. It could be anything. It can be better health, money, love, employment, the sky’s the limit. After you have this thought in your mind, ask yourself questions about it.

Does it have a season, a place, a sound, a color, a taste, or an age? Continue to ask yourself questions about it and feel how it would be to have that thing you want in your life. This is just a brief example, but do this with whatever it is you want. If you do this daily, you will see changes in all areas of your life because you are taking the time to create what it is you want. This is manifesting.

A couple of things to remember, once you start doing this:

  • The universe starts working endlessly to get you to your vision, but only if it’s for your life’s highest good.
  • It is very important to remain patient, have faith, and have trust.
  • Just like anything else, this can have a dark side, so if you create pain, deceit, conflict, etc. this will actually be something for yourself.
  • You are a reflection of what you are creating.
  • Lastly, this doesn’t cost anything and can be done anytime, anywhere.

So go ahead! Daydream! The universe is abundant! Always remember that you are unique and that you have a purpose.

Your presence on this earth at this exact time is needed. I love you ALL and send many blessings to you this month of June.

A Shining One,


June 2015 Horoscopes

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

June marks a turning point for your mystical side, Aries, and this will be a good thing! Saint Clare blesses you with much insight about certain people around you, and with the full moon on the 2nd this could mean that silence will be your ally. Listen to what others are saying (or not saying), and pay close attention to the signs that your spirit guides are constantly sending you. You may be surprised to discover a thing or two.

The new moon on the 16th brings harmony. Continue to focus on your health, especially your intestinal area — make vegetable shakes and stay hydrated. After the 18th, the sun transits travel sectors, and this will place you in contact with friends and/or family members from all over. Plan a trip to somewhere sunny — this will do your mood swings good.

Single Aries are stable suitors, but wait until the 11th to make any commitments. Aries in relationships consider making an addition to the family — the more the merrier. The 1st quarter moon on the 24th creates a hectic schedule. Social life booms with invites. Just remember not to overspend. Finances can be tight until next month.

Your affirmation for this month: "I create positive situations for myself."

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Time to put some order back into your life, Taurus. The full moon on the 2nd brings adventure. Your spontaneous nature longs for something new, and June is determined to help. The only thing that can be holding you back are your finances. Many Tauruses have fallen back into the habit of not saving. You must control your spending, especially since you tend to over indulge.

After the 11th, focus on how are things at home. Make improvements wherever you can and expect visitors. Single Taurus should not confuse lust with love. Look for patterns, and if something doesn’t feel right then follow your intuition. Taurus in relationships should not underestimate the power of communication. Speak truthfully to your partner — words will flow freely from the heart, and this will be a good thing.

The new moon on the 16th has expansion planet Jupiter’s energy, and this may increase your appetite. Use this energy to spark that inner chef you harbor. Cook different meals and awe those around you. Just make sure to control the acidity in your foods.

The last week of June can bring conflict for those employed. Double check your work, and remember to have everything in writing.

Your affirmation for this month: "Taking care of Mother Earth brings me pleasure."

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

June flourishes with hope for many Geminis. The full moon on the 2nd brings health matters to attention. This time the message should be clear: tend to your health or lament the consequences. Wear soft greens and blues to help heal your being.

The last quarter moon on the 9th shows that lately, unexpected expenses have stressed you out, but this moon also shows opportunities brewing so that you can increase your income. Wait until after the 11th to make decisions regarding money. The new moon on the 16th followed by the summer solstice on the 21st brings potent sun energy.

Continue to have faith and know that all of your needs will be taken care of. This solstice also brings single Geminis romance. Someone completely different than what you are used to comes to heal your heart. Geminis in relationships may feel distant. Plan a romantic date with each other and remember old times.

The 1st quarter moon on the 24th brings family time. Your loved ones appreciate you and will show it in different ways.

Your affirmation for this month: "I remain truthful to a higher power. I am peaceful within."

Cancer (June 21 – July 2)

June starts off with the power of self-expression and communication. Now is the time to be who you really are and live without boundaries. Don’t worry about what others think and just live your life. Saturn, your planet of love, shakes things up and with the full moon on the 2nd, which stabilizes your emotions. A new sense of confidence surges, and this will do wonders for your soul. Many single Cancers continue to dwell on the past. Heal those wounds and give yourself another chance with
romance. Cancer’s in relationships should spice things up, especially in the bedroom. Discover with your partner(s) a different type of closeness.

The 1st quarter moon on the 9th brings clarity. The shadiness is real, and you must implement daily protection prayers into your routine until the energy dissipates. Those employed should keep to themselves, especially if you are a Cancer who loves to gossip. The new moon on the 16th brings home matters to attention. Pamper your home with something new. Summer solstice on the 21st has
lots of Cancer energy. This benefits your relationships with friends and family. Plan or receive invites from others, and let your social side bloom.

Your affirmation for this month, "I feel love in my heart. It is an infinite feeling that is truly divine."

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

June roars with changes in all areas of your life, Leo. The cosmos have shaken things up so that you can deal with them whether you like it or not. Despite the odds, remain positive and know that all is for the
highest good.

The full moon on the 2nd brings revelation either by dreams or conversations. Pay close attention to symbols, feelings, or numbers. Write them down even if at the time don’t make sense, and look to see if they have any correlation with what you’re waiting for. After the new moon on the 16th, your attractive nature brings you unexpected opportunities.

Communicate your needs without being manipulative. The summer solstice on the 21st directs attention to home life. Don’t feed into anything negative. You have the power to choose harmony with others. Single Leos have chances of meeting someone new and/or getting serious with someone they’ve been dating. If it feels right, then go for it. Leos in relationships celebrate beautiful moments together. Your love is true and should be expressed in playful ways.

The 1st quarter moon on the 24th shows extra expenses. Keep a tight grip on your money — no overspending, Leo.

Your affirmation for this month: "I erase the fear I sometimes feel by using meditation, breathing, prayer, and love."

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You are entering a new phase in your life, and June indicates lots of changes, Virgo. Some you may like while others will put your emotions in a slump. Control the urge to control every single aspect of life. Put to good use the saying, "Let go and let God/Goddess." Trust and know that you will have all of your needs covered.

The full moon on the 2nd brings interesting conversations. You have a friend in need, and the best way to help is just to listen. Love matters turn for the better after mercury retrograde finishes on the 11th. Single Virgos have had a few past flames return. There should be one in particular that has your interest, but this won’t last long because you’ve raised your expectations in love. This is a good thing; don’t give your love freely. Virgos in relationships have some conflict with communication but overall are determined, so this should just be minor.

The new moon on the 16th indicates recent news has shown you the true colors of those around you, Virgo. Consider contacting old friends from the past, even though you haven’t talked to them for a while. They will give you great insight with what to expect for future months.

Your affirmation for this month: "Let the tears I shed cleanse my path and bring forth the light."

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your creative nature will show in all areas of your life, Libra, so June will be your month of self-expression. The full moon on the 2nd directs many Libras to the kitchen. If you are a Libra who has an interest in cooking or baking, then now would be the time to show it. And if you a Libra who loves anything to do with medical, technology, or producing things via manual labor, all of these skills can lead to extra income and/or employment.

The new moon on the 16th stimulates your mental sector. Feed your mind with new knowledge. Reach out to those who deal with spiritual realms so you can continue to expand your being. The summer solstice on the 21st creates much romance. Single Libras looking for love should venture to new places. Your heart longs for romantic connection, so stop living that single status and go meet people. Libras in relationships should take on projects together. After the last quarter moon on the 24th look into travel.
This moon also shows instability with income. If your finances have remained stale, chances are you need to relocate. Consider all options before making any definite decisions.

Your affirmation for this month: "I put into motion all of my creative talents."

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Income can be tight, causing much stress, so keep your finances in check this month, Scorpio. June urges you to put your focus on how important it is to remain positive.

The full moon on the 2nd transits through fire element, and the embers can cause a stir in your emotional sectors. Cleanse the anxiety away, Scorpio, and don’t let the feelings of uncertainty dictate your outlook about the future. The new moon on the 16th has a mixture of romance and money. Both are somehow linked, and if you are a November Scorpio this can be a good thing. Single Scorpios should consider stability with an old flame. This can be tough, but the rewards are worth the benefit. If your love is true, then fight for it. Scorpios in relationships should speak their minds. Hiding intentions will only cause your partners to think there is no love. Declare your love without boundaries and rekindle passion between you. The summer solstice on the 21st calls for tranquil spiritual time. Your soul’s destiny calls, and you will only hear its subtle messages if you are able to meditate with stillness.

Your affirmation for this month: "The change I am looking for is found within."

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

June kicks off with your fire energy, and this pushes your boundaries so that you can get your life back on track, Sagittarius. The full moon on the 2nd highlights health matters. Instead of worrying about your health, why not do something about it? Don’t let fear about results delay seeking medical attention. Even though it may feel like you are alone, know that you truly are not and can face anything head on.

Love angels bless romance all month long. Mercury retrograde is over on the 11th, and single Sagittarius should now have clarity with what is going on with love. Those who are in relationships deeply feel a connection; the love is real and if you want it to remain in that realm, continue to move forward with love. The new moon on the 16th and the summer solstice on the 21st create financial decisions.

Look for ways to reduce expenses; don’t hesitate in asking others for help. Calculate your expenses and give others their fair share. The last quarter moon on the 24th pushes your mental and spiritual sectors. Stimulate your mind with new information. This benefits and places you on a path that is for the highest good.

Your affirmation for this month: "I surrender and am ready to receive the all of the blessings Spirit has for me."

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your presence will be much needed, and this can cause much stress for you, Capricorn. June creates some interesting situations so that you can muster up the courage to deal with them head-on.

The full moon on the 2nd shows that those employed may find that it may be time to look for new employment or change to a different department. Look for something new, Capricorn, but only if you are truly unhappy, because even though work can be stressful it is stable and has much room for you to advance.

Tough it out — the storm will pass after the 11th. After the 14th, those in relationships find themselves comforting each other. Lean on your partner. Single Capricorns should leave the past in the past and continue with romance. The new moon on the 16th pushes love matters to a whole new level. During the summer solstice on the 21st the sun will highlight health matters. Check your eyes and follow up on anything you have pending, especially for those who have children and/or are responsible for caring for others. The last quarter moon on the 24th pushes the need to not take things personally. It may not feel like it, but know that the universe loves you and is determined to put you on a new harmonious path.

Your affirmation for this month: "My being is filled with perfect health."

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Finally, a month in which you can officially start a new chapter in your life, Aquarius. The month of June will be split into halves. One will continue to release emotional debris, while the other will fortify your being.

Use the full moon on the 2nd to see who is who in your circle. Pluto, the planet of power ignites your awareness and places new people on your path. Build your network without manipulation since these can be long-term associates. If you are looking for employment, changing the way you do things would bring better opportunities. Don’t be afraid to start off as a novice; before you know it you will be on top once again. The new moon on the 16th places your focus on love matters. Single Aquariuses continue on an on-again/off-again quest in dating. Romance is high, so you will have no problems in finding great prospects. Aquariuses in relationships find that they love each other despite their differences. If you expect this to be long-term, then for this month (and in general) put communication and intimacy as a priority. The summer solstice on the 21st with the last quarter moon on the 24th places your finances on a pedestal. Consider investing and/or making big purchases.

Your affirmation for this month: "I am harmoniously in motion with Spirit."

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Keep calm, Pisces. June promises to be a less stressful month! With all of the craziness, you seem to have lost yourself.

The full moon on the 2nd changes that by placing your focus inward. If you are looking to make changes, then start with your appearance. Now would be the time to go for it. Don’t be shy and make drastic changes. Once that is out of the way, the last quarter moon on the 9th with mercury finishing its retrograde on the 11th starts bringing peace back into your life. Finally, you can breathe again. The new moon on the 16th confirms that family life turns for the better. Issues with loved ones come to light so that you can deal with them. Remain optimistic regarding conflict, and watch how communication will help mend disagreements. After the 18th, dreamy Venus transits through you love sectors, creating favorable energy. Single Pisces now have chances in finding a stable suitor. These prospects may not live nearby, so make an effort to meet up with them — you won’t be disappointed. Pisces in relationships, have the doors of communication open. Show your partners love and let them know just how important they are to you.

Your affirmation for this month: "I have faith and remain hopeful for my future."

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bschecker, posted on June 16, 2015

I am usually a skeptic when it comes to horoscopes - they seem too general; they could apply to anyone. Not this though! The horoscopes for both myself and my boyfriend are SPOT ON! Like, scary spot on.

Whoever this Shirley woman is, she knows her stuff!! I can't wait to read more from her.

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