How About Now? What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Our women's circle hadn't met since before summer holidays. Sitting in circle, kids back in school, there was no shortage of sharing amongst the group. One friend seemed a bit shocked by the silence of post-summer. She shared how her holidays were full with family, time at the lake and cabin, excursions here and there, visits with various relatives and friends. With her children back in school and husband back at work she said, "I feel like, what do I do now?"

I understood her sentiment; how to fill her days now that the busyness of holidays had passed. No lake, no holiday agenda, no steady stream of visitors. But the word now echoed in my ears, heightening a simple solution contained within her own question.

I repeated her question, smiling, and remarked how funny it is that when we become overwhelmed, whether with work or with sudden solitude, we don't know what to do. Yet the key is in the word now. I said, " Now you breathe. Now you share with the group. Now you listen to the sharing of others. Now you drink your tea."

When I heard her words the answer sounded clear and simple. Yet we often get caught up in that same question, "What are we supposed to do now?" As if we are lost and waiting for some grand plan to reveal itself.

The answer to the question is revealed in the question. Do what is right in front of you. Do what is happening now.

Prepare a meal. Take your kids to school. Listen to a friend. Respond to an email. Smile at a child. Wave to a neighbour. Drink your tea. Soak up a sunset. Breathe. The solution to feeling overwhelmed or lost just might be that simple.

How about now?

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