How To Heal from an Injury

There is no doubt we all have had our share of injuries. But, I want to talk about those injuries that kind of "just happen".  How often do you hear yourself saying, "but I was just picking up the sock off the floor" or "I was just turning my head to see what the noise was" or "but I do this activity all the time", and on and on.....

Did you know most injuries are caused by either "trying too hard physically" or doing some movement in a misaligned sort of way?  And we can also add to that, the times when we are not mindful of what we are doing (like tripping and falling). 

These types of injuries are frustrating because they make us slow down, and even stop us from doing what we love to do for a period of time. I pulled my hamstring bowling (Yep, I was trying for that strike!) and it took me almost a year to feel "back to normal".  And let's not talk about tweaking my knee sideways when I was trying to do a dance step.  Face it, these types of injuries happen as long as we are participating in life!  I call them temporary health setbacks because with time, patience and tender loving care you'll most likely be back to yourself again. 

The most important part of healing is time.  But, while you are waiting, what can you do to keep your spirits and energy up, and the other parts of your body healthy?  The answer is - Move!  We all know we feel better when we move, breathe and stretch and just because you are injured in one area of your body, doesn't mean the whole body is limited.

Got an injury to your lower body? Do gentle yoga movements for your upper body.  And visa versa.  Once you start feeling stronger in your injured area and your healthcare provider gives you the thumbs up, then start gentle yoga movements to keep the circulation flowing into those areas for better healing.  

Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT Yoga Studio Owner and CEO and Executive Producer of studied under the tutelage of octogenarian yoga teacher, Mary Cavanaugh. Sherry came to yoga after years of computer-related work stress and thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills. She offers her students a guided approach to the body/mind connection and specializes in Gentle, Senior, Chair Yoga.


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