How to Realize Your Own Awesomeness

Can it be that you actually know how awesome you are but still get caught up in negative self-talk? You are awesome just the way you are, not only on your good days but also when you are not revealing your optimal self.  A strong self-esteem and self-respect involves not only loving the best version of you, but also the version you wouldn’t want anyone else to see.  Allow yourself to be comfortable in your own skin and feel the pride of being you.

We Are All Awesome, Just The Way We Are

We were born into this world just perfect and awesome and we still are.  We are however raised in a society that stresses doing better and doing more, setting goals and reaching some imaginary, predetermined state.  This pressure, unfortunately, has the tendency to suffocate the importance of enjoying the now and loving ourselves just the way we are at this moment.

Maybe you need to learn to appreciate yourself, as awesome as you are, fully and completely instead of only appreciating your best version.  Maybe you need to love yourself unconditionally, instead of only loving you when you are doing well.  Maybe you need to accept you; your values and opinions, despite what others think is right for you.

Realize How Awesome You Really Are

Sometimes it serves us better to set a goal to love and respect ourselves instead of all those "do better” goals.  An unavoidable byproduct is that we gradually establish a habit to do what is best for us in all situations.  And what happens?  Before soon, all these "do better” goals have been reached and we become our best versions effortlessly.

Create Your Awesomeness Archive

If you haven‘t already realized how awesome you are, grab a small notebook and start your success journal.  Pay attention to all your big and small successes throughout your day.  Jot down all positive and pleasant experiences as well as all positive thoughts about yourself and your circumstances.  Record every experience, both important and seemingly insignificant, as soon as you can.


  • Lovely weather and enjoyed breathing in the fresh air
  • Heavy traffic and remained calm
  • Finished my assignment before deadline
  • Smiled to my grumpy neighbor
  • Had a wholesome and nourishing breakfast
  • I am an all-around awesome person right now

Carry your success journal around at all times and set a goal to record your successes for a week.  Transform your soon chock full success journal into your very own archive of awesomeness statements for you to use as happiness injections when needed.  Take another week of recording awesomeness statements if needed or just for fun.

Anita Sig is a professional success therapist and the author of the online Realize Success in All Areas of Life program. She takes a holistic approach to well-being and satisfaction with life and is passionate about helping others in realizing success and happiness.

Website: Anita Sig

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Twitter: @AnitaSig

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Yoga4Marie, posted on February 24, 2013

Great article and insights! Thanks Anita!

mireia1520, posted on February 19, 2013

Amazing text to encourage you to embarace all little things happening in every days life!Thanks Anita =)

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