Humanity’s Secret History in Space Revealed on Gaia

It’s time for a disclosure of cosmic proportions.

Eons ago, celestial bodies began roaming the cosmos. Over 70 years ago, humans entered the cosmos as well. Now, we’re coming to understand humanity’s involvement and just how far down the wormhole it goes. With factual information backed by NASA (e.g., climate change, increased storms on Mars, evidence of water on Jupiter and Saturn), the evidence is growing for a cosmic shift in what we believe to be true.

Our solar system is changing. Can humanity prepare in time for this shift in consciousness?

Our Hidden History in Space

Corey Goode is revealing to interviewer David Wilcock first-hand accounts of his 20 years on the inside of the secret space program (SSP). A courageous whistleblower, Goode recounts specific details of the five secret space programs, at least 22 genetic experiments that extraterrestrials are performing with humans, the spiritual component of ETs, and – most important of all – the critical message they are trying to send humankind.

Join Gaiam TV beginning July 21 for Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. In this exclusive series, you’ll be privy to the extraordinary changes already occurring as Earth makes its way through the galaxy.

Our Solar System is Changing

There is evidence for the existence of humanity’s celestial presence and its coexistence with extraterrestrials. Goode explains many of them. In Cosmic Disclosure, Goode shares his own accounts of:

  • Civilization on the Moon
  • Intruder Intercept & Interrogation Program
  • The Five factions in the SSP
  • Earth Alliance vs Space Alliance
  • Blue Avians & consciousness
  • Breakaway civilizations throughout the galaxy
  • Project Solar Warden’s existence & purpose

The Spiritual Solution

An open-minded and fascinating account of life beyond earth, Goode also will explain the spiritual component of ascension as told to him by Sphere Beings. We as a species can’t get full access to the shift the SSP and Blue Avians are trying to share with us. Collectively, we’re just not ready. But, there are tools at our disposal to prepare us.

It’s time to break the wheel of karma and raise our vibration. Could this be the evolved version of the "Golden Age?"

Is the Secret Space Program Really True?

In Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock you’ll meet the man whose accounts of the secret space programs deserve to be told. This is the story of Corey Goode, offered to you here on Gaiam TV.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll be on the edge of your seat no matter what.

Check out his claims for yourself. Caution: May cause a shift in how you see your very existence!

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m5gogo, posted on November 3, 2015

This is all great stuff, so glad I found Gaiam!
Please keep these wonderful people and information flowing for us. Their knowledge is priceless, and so so much appreciated.

lbaillie0, posted on August 25, 2015

Yes, we truly are, indeed, "Love's expression."

peacekeeper, posted on August 21, 2015

i appreciate the views presented by the author(s) of this post. It is well-intending as it encourages broader perspective to be contemplated. And in this spirit of breaking our 3-D mold, i wish to address a couple of points made in this fine article.

"Our solar system is changing. Can humanity prepare in time for this shift in consciousness?"

There is this traditional, largely unseen motif (long) flowing through spiritual corridors which infers as a given: that humanity must "prepare" "in time"- which unwittingly introduces Fear and anxiety into this expansive and joyous likelihood. As i said, this is unintentional because it has been rooted in the status quo of our spiritual indoctrination (religious tomes) which has programed mass-consciousness in believing that love must be earned and/or prepared for. This motif is in contrast to the likely fact that we are and have always been... Love's expression. No earning or preparation required, and no timetables of fear with their "can we do it" or "maybe's, " etc.
How do we come to experience God's preciseness in every minute detail of our challenging adventure if we are mired in separatist timetables?

Religion and those masquerading as philosophy saw to it that unworthiness and self-hatred through sin, karma, etc, would flow through humanity's generations leading to self-enslavement; something which has kept our collective 'always striving' for something we have always been.

No disrespect to the Gaiam team, for the article is loving and positive- and yet, we must all assist in uncovering our programmed, indoctrinated amnesia. Many Blessings.

ascs8690, posted on July 23, 2015

David, I watch your disclosure shows weekly and look forward to. Corey said he was taken into the space program at age 6, and was in for 20 years. Was he taken from his family or what happened. now that he has been out of the space program, did he return as the same person. he said he is married with 2 kids, do they know he leaves to meet with others in the secret space program?

MariaT@GTV, posted on July 24, 2015

Hi @ASCS8690. Start watching Corey Goode on Gaiam TV now to find out from him personally. You can stream here: Cosmic Disclosure.

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