From Irritating to Illuminating on the 'Your Truth' Scale

Once upon a time, in an ordinary town, in an ordinary house, a person lived what appeared to be an ordinary life.

The person was friendly and kind, in good health, educated, had a well-kept home, a job, paid all their bills, and donated money to humanitarian causes.

Occasionally the person had a nagging feeling that although their outward life, which closely matched the lives of others in the community and in which the person contributed great effort, did not offer a sense of contentment.

Inward Not Matching Outward Actions

The person didn't know how to be rid of this nagging feeling.

The person tried ignoring it and continuing with their daily activities.

When the feeling didn’t leave by doing this, the person hoped maybe working longer hours, re-modeling their home, and exercising more often would make the feeling go away.

The person did not become any happier from any of these outward changes.

In fact the person’s frustration, insecurity, and sense of being lost, increased from not being able to identify what to change in their life in order to feel at ease with themselves.

As a result of this discomfort, the person started questioning their basic values, the timeline of how these became established, and how relevant they were currently to the person’s life.

Increasingly the person questioned what had been accepted as immoveable premises about their life.

Great fear emerged as the sense of the person’s basic foundation, shattering, persisted.

Outward Life vs Inner Truth

For many months, the person realized that although outwardly they were living as friendly, reliable, and healthy as ever, inwardly and simultaneously, the person had withdrawn themselves from these very same interactions.

Unknowingly, the person learned to distinguish outward life from inner truth.

One day the person noticed feeling a little more grounded and relaxed.

What had changed was the person’s awareness and acceptance of their unique personal truth.

Though nothing outward had changed, unique personal truth — by creating inner feelings of severe disruption — had succeeded in reaching the person’s conscious attention.

As, the person tentatively, then with greater faith, started cooperating and not fearing their unique personal truth, contentment started flowing in and replacing uneasiness.

Your unique personal truth similarly looks for cooperation that only you are in a position to give.

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