June 2016 Horoscopes

I recently looked at my own archives and saw that a few years back I wrote that the divine feminine shines her embers within us all so that we can heal anything and everything and that the Goddess, the divine feminine, continues to rise blissfully and always resides in our hearts. Such beautiful words captivated my thoughts and I now know that what I knew then progressively grew into what I am continuing to learn now. It is no coincidence that we are all here at this time. Pay attention to the smaller things in life for within them are many of the secrets we as a nation so desperately need. Our ancestors have journeyed far to get us to a place in which we must all connect with our ancient ways without further delay. The earth needs our connection to it now more than ever. I invite you to take a moment to think about nature and what it means to you. Then think about what it means to your loved ones, and lastly, what it means to the future. You may not know the answers but just the intention of thinking creates wonders! As I currently connect with the spiritual realm I am reminded to let you know how special each and every one of you are and that they readily await your connection. You, me, and we are definitely the light of the world!

Much Fairy Love,


March 21 – April 19

Patience is what is called for this month Aries. Things have not played out how you would have liked them to and you must remember that all will come in divine timing. The new moon on the 5th shows single Aries increasing their sexuality. Steer free from those that have drama and consider dating someone who is either much younger or much older. Those in relationships continue to show others a side of them that is not true. Don’t fake happiness for the fear of what others may think. If your heart is not in the relationship anymore then see how you can go about getting out of that situation. After the 13th expect social life to pick up. Most of this is due to your ability to have fun despite of being in a negative situation. Your smile attracts opportunities and people love you. The full moon on the 20th is packed with summer solstice energy and this will do wonders for your clarity. You will hear, see and ultimately know what should be your next step in life.

Your affirmation for this month, “I am now equipped to listen with my heart.”


April 20 – May 20

Over time, the way you communicate your thoughts have either pushed people away from you or have drawn them closer to you. If you are within the ones that have had people pushed away then by now you should know that it was indeed a blessing. The new moon on the 5th helps you change your perspective as to what was and wasn’t. You will now have the knowledge you need to make long term decisions. The last quarter moon on the 12th shows single Taurus’s going back to old habits. Time will show if this is a good or not so good thing. Those in relationships question love at times but overall can’t help to feel blessed with the opportunity for affection. After the 17th look into increasing your social life. You do like to have fun and can find it if you are willing to contact those from your past. Share with others funny stories and laugh to your hearts content. The full moon combined with the first day of summer on the 20th shows connection with children. You have the ability to connect with new generations. Create and share with them family traditions.

Your affirmation for this month, “I raise my vibration in positive ways.”


May 21 – June 20

Just when you feel like the world is against you a miracle appears! Many times we may feel that life is in contradiction to us but Gemini, always have faith that you are never alone and will always be guided to where you have to be in life. The new moon on the 5th greets you with opportunity. It may not come in the form you thought it would but nonetheless it is your perspective about it that will make or break what’s to come. This moon also brings single Gemini’s company. Your sentimental nature has always attracted romance so why not make the most of it. Those in relationships will have temporary downtime but this dissipates by the end of the month. After the 20th, summer season illuminates your financial sector. Money comes unexpectedly and with it comes the need to reduce debt so plan accordingly. The last quarter moon on the 27th shows changes in health. Pay attention to yourself and also give attention when a loved one tells you they feel discomfort. Program yourself to the knowledge that it is wise to always put health matters first Gemini.

Your affirmation for this month, “I let love guide me.”


June 21 – July 22

The whirlwind of change is just about done making its round in your life and June promises to paint a brighter picture for what’s to come, Cancer. The new moon on the 5th officially kicks off an interesting month. Health matters change your perspective on what is and isn’t important. If you are thinking about changing your image, updating your wardrobe, getting tattoo work and/or exercises that adjust your lifestyle, go for it! The first quarter moon on the 12th shows finances picking up. Income will finally get in order. This moon also shows getting money from an old debt. Could be from something you overpaid, a past due rebate, repayment of a loan or something just karmically owed to you. Whatever it is don’t forget to stash some away. The full moon along with summer solstice on the 20th packs much energy into your romance sector. Single Cancers find interesting prospects and should keep their options open. Those in relationships rekindle the flame of love; your togetherness and communication increases. The last quarter moon on the 27th shows family and travel. Social life picks up.

Your affirmation for this month, “The illumination of the sun cleanses my path.”


July 23 – August 22

You have come a long way and will continue to grow in positive ways but only if you remain focused Leo. Tame your behavior. In the long run, patience will show to be one of your greatest qualities. June brings ups and downs but overall comfort. After the 7th, Jupiter, the planet if expansion, stimulates your mental sector. Research some of your thoughts. It will be as if you now have the ability to see things from a new perspective and will be able to get the knowledge you need to move forward in life. The last quarter moon on the 12th shows relocating and/or travel. Consider any delays a blessing in disguise. This moon also shows single Leo’s trying to reconnect with someone from the past. If you truly miss them then show them by trying to get their attention differently. Those in relationships get over a dry spell and will now be able to communicate better. The full moon along with summer solstice energy on the 20th brings the need to end a chapter in your life. The beginning you are looking for cannot truly begin until you’ve settled the past. The last quarter moon on the 27th shows food. Indulge in something new and don’t be afraid to make any special meal requests.

Your affirmation for this month, “The beating of my heart emits the strength I need.”


June brings visualization and the ability to create your own abundance Virgo. The month kicks off with a sense of adventure. The new moon on the 5th increases your lucky streak despite any recent setbacks. It will be as if all areas of your life have the green light. Such a blessed time requires great gratitude. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th brings news about a newcomer to the family. This may be via pregnancy, marriage and/or an unforeseen union. This moon also shows health matters. Women should keep on top of their ovaries and/or uterus while men should not dismiss any intestinal discomfort. Both sexes should also get any joint pain looked at by a professional. The full moon on the 20th has summer solstice energy and this in turn stimulates your romance sector. Those in relationships discover things that they may or may not like about their partners. Single Virgos should continue to bond with someone special. The last quarter moon on the 27th increases social life. People from the past wish to connect with you especially after seeing and/or hearing some of the changes you’ve experienced within the past few months.

Your affirmation for this month, “Many of my friendships are built to last a lifetime.”


September 23 – October 22

The changes you’ve experienced as of late have left many Libras weary about what life has in store. But June pushes you to stay strong and to never lose faith in faith! The new moon on the 5th along with much Gemini air sign energy increases your ability to think. Your mental sector can now receive the boost it needed so that you can make the proper decisions. Just remember that intuition runs high but not as high as the power you carry within. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th brings sensitivity. Having mercy for those that have done you wrong will be important. Forgive others and refuse to remain a victim to resentment. This moon also carriers a sense of love. Love from your family, neighbors, co-workers and/or animals. Give and receive love unconditionally. The full moon on the 20th along with the summer solstice brings single Libras intimate conversations. Don’t play games and decide whether it is something that interests you or not. Those in relationships are reminded just how important it is to appreciate those you love.  The last quarter moon on the 27th shows the need to resolve legal matters. Research what is the best way to approach a situation.

Your affirmation for this month, “I caringly observe my surrounding.”


October 23 – November 21

June enhances your creative side and will bring out the domestic part of you Scorpio. Organize your thoughts in regards to home life. A refreshed outlook is just what your living space needs. The new moon on the 5th gets things in order so that later on you can entertain. Look into feng-shui for it will help with the energy flow needed in your home. This moon also increases the need for color in your life. Wear unusual patterns and combinations of colors since this in turn will help attract what you currently need in life. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th pushes health matters. Changes in eyesight, taste sensations and/or hearing are all things that you should not ignore. Tend to them now so that you won’t have any regrets later. This moon also shows changes for single Scorpios. You may not be in the market for romance but the divine has different plans. Stay open to love. Those in relationship(s) strengthen their bond with a getaway. Fun one-on-one action will greatly stimulate romance. After the summer solstice on the 20th, education becomes important. Inspire your mind with conversations with like-minded people. The information you will gather is priceless.

Your affirmation for this month, “I gracefully access unlimited wisdom.”


November 22 – December 21

The month of June is a great time in which you can start making moves that will last a lifetime Sagittarius. The new moon on the 5th promotes you to a new level of understanding: you will have the clarity you need and will magically know how to how best approach past mistakes. Mending the past can be hard but if your heart is in the right place all will work out for the better. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th shows single Sagittarius’s searching for love online and/or messenger services. Those in relationships pick up fierce romance after a long desert period. This is a blessed time to solidify the union. The full moon on the 20th falls on the same day as summer solstice and this brings a beginning to what you thought had ended. This moon also shows increased health. If you or a loved one has had trouble getting health issues in order then it will turn around for the better by the end of the month. Despite this news keep any appointments and steer away from alcohol, smoking and/or sugary drinks. The last quarter moon on the 27th stimulates your mental sector. You have question upon question and conversations with wise random people who will help you understand some of your thoughts. The rest can remain a mystery.

Your affirmation for this month, “I find strength in knowing that all good things come to those that wait.”


December 22 – January 19

Take a break from all that disturbs you Capricorn. June brings a new sense of peace that will greatly benefit your soul. Mercury pushes movement to your life after the 3rd and this could mean movement via travel and/or changes within your job. Those employed venture into new territory and this can be risky in the beginning but somehow will work itself out. The new moon on the 5th shows single Capricorns waiting in silence for a special someone to sweep them off of their feet. If you are not vocal about your needs then you will be waiting for a long time. Those in relationships find happiness with separation. Not necessarily breakup separation but more so just a few hours or even days away from each other. This will refresh the romance. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th brings you back to reality. Connect with nature to ground your thoughts. This moon also brings education and/or the need to acquire new skills. If you wish to advance financially then you must remember to not always act like you know everything because that is the very mindset that pushes opportunity away from you. After the 21st the Sun illuminates your health sector. Those experiencing discomfort in their toes, ankles or finger joints will now find a solution. Pay attention to what others recommend.

Your affirmation for this month, “I am willing to accept rebirth in all areas of my life.”


January 20 – February 18

Social life increases your productivity Aquarius. June welcomes your ability to transform others even if it’s with your presence. People will reach out and will want to catch up even if it is for only a few minutes. Choose wisely with whom you decide to share info with particularly since you’ve been betrayed by those that have once posed as friends. The new moon on the 5th has much air sign Gemini energy and this element will help push your mind into new heights especially if you are a positive Aquarius. After the 13th finances pick up. And of course with extra money comes an increase of expenses so be mindful as of now with what is a priority. This moon also shows single Aquarius’s tending to their heart with solitude. Those in relationships feel stable but should remember to spice up the romance from time to time. The full moon on the 20th creates laughter. This is only suitable since you’ll be connecting with friends from the past. If possible walk down memory lane and feel proud of all that you’ve accomplished overtime. Give thanks for what was and what wasn’t. Take this month to cleanse deeply those things that still haunt you from time to time.

Your affirmation for this month, “I release myself from toxic situations.”


February 19 – March 20

June will be a combination of revelation and cleansing. It may start off slow but by the end of the month you should rebirth into a refreshed original you. The new moon on the 5th applauds your ability for making a conscious decision that your way of thinking needs to change. You are at a time in your life where you want to grow, have stability and should not accept anything less. The 1st quarter moon on the 12th transits through your financial sector giving you the opportunity to catch up on old bills. Budget wisely Pisces. This moon also shows single Pisces looking deep within themselves for the purpose of healing any past love affairs. You will move forward with a greater love but only if you are willing to let past wounds go. Those in relationships have lots of planning to do. There is a great need to work together to meet goals. After the full moon on the 20th information comes to those that have children and/or close siblings. Don’t be too surprised since deep down you knew it was coming. Overtime your family circle has changed and will continue to do so because it is the love you have for each other that binds you.

Your affirmation for this month, “My thoughts, words and actions reflect my inner light.”

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