The Link Between Yoga and Desire

A woman’s desire for intimacy is linked to how she feels in her own skin. It doesn’t matter how her partner sees her, but rather how she sees herself. If a woman doesn’t feel good about her body, chances are she’s not going to want to bare all.

A regular yoga practice can provide many benefits in the bedroom, both physically and emotionally. It will improve stamina, flexibility, and core muscle strength, all of which enhance sexual performance. Perhaps most importantly, a regular yoga practice will teach awareness of one’s body. It can strengthen the spiritual connection between an individual and the collective universe. This is key to establishing a deeper level of intimacy with your partner that goes beyond the physical connection.

Be mindful of the following when practicing yoga:

1. Your breathing. If you are new to yoga, start with simple poses (such as Tree Pose) or sun salutations. Steadily breathe in and out, trying to maintain the same cadence throughout your session. As a more experienced yogi, the principle remains the same even though your poses are more demanding.

2. Your core. Make sure you are engaging your abdominal and pelvic muscles in each pose. The Pilates concept of the core can enhance your yoga practice by strengthening and toning those muscles. This provides you with stamina and the ability to do progressively more challenging poses. As the level of difficulty in your practice grows, so too will your self-confidence. You will realize just how powerful you truly are.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your exercise routine as well. Regular exercise will help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and give you an almost endless supply of energy. In turn, you will feel more confident than ever. Try belly dancing, Bollywood dancing, ballet Pilates, or pole dancing. All of these are fun ways to shed pounds and explore your femininity at the same time. You may even learn some new moves for the bedroom!

Lindsey Little is a health coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She is the founder of Have Less Be More, a nutrition and wellness coaching firm that helps people set and achieve their health goals. You can learn more about Lindsey here. 


Website: Have Less Be More Facebook: Have Less Be More  Twitter: @havelessbemore

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havelessbemore, posted on February 2, 2013

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ErinWatson, posted on February 2, 2013

that first paragraph was powerful! thanks.

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