Making Contact: 10 Rules for a Safe Connection to Galactic Allies

Chances are if you have found yourself reading this, you are a starseed. It’s not too often that people have a sincere desire to connect with galactics unless it resonates as familiar, like a quiet call home.

Knowing how to make these introductions can be slippery. While I steer clear of "good" and "bad" guys, I do want to be overly cautious when venturing outside of well-charted territory. We are cosmic infants after all, and are not yet skilled in navigating these starry spaces.

Inevitably, the idea of trying to connect — to be involved with those hanging outside of the earth realm — is fascinating. But equally important is the need for boundaries and protocols. Don’t be naive, and don’t make yourself a silly human target; instead, move forward with wisdom and awareness as you venture into the galaxies.

Prior to 2012, there were designated galactic rules and laws firmly set in place eons ago. Since the 2012 opening, galactic laws have shifted, granting humanity more access to our cosmic allies. This is a boon to be sure, but one we must walk with care.

Just as all people are not in 100% integrity, so too can you encounter some unsavory behaviors when you go gallivanting through the galaxies.

Corey Goode and others received intricate training. Yet admittedly, this was not a path that was sprinkled with stardust and magic.

Those of us rogue Federation members had to learn the hard way or find the esoteric teachers and teachings that jogged our long-forgotten memories. We have heard the call home, and either in conscious exploration or in dream space, we have begun forging relationships with our star families.

Having a plan of connection is essential before you embark on your own, beloved soul traveler! Here are a few ground rules before cosmic takeoff:


Psychonauts explore inner and outer space through the use of mind-altering enhancements. While this is a fine path in the sacred and sanctioned shamanic realms, I do my connections without these aids. The suggestions offered below are in this vein of protection, awareness, and clarity of mind only. Do your connections clear of mind and heart...that could look like sage, candles or prayers...but not in a way that leaves you or your judgment compromised.


In all sincere spiritual practices, I find a clear intention aligns us with the divine. Who is it that you want to connect with? What is it that you want to learn? Write down your intentions to ground and focus your explorations.

No cosmic journeys should be purely selfish or for play; doing so will only attract meddling energies. Instead, be a leader for our race! There are only a few of us up there currently, with many, many more to follow.

Be an exemplary representation of what humanity can be.

Whatever you learn, whatever you are shown, use it to better our planet and to lessen the illusion of suffering. While directly sharing it with others may not be your style, allow these interactions to positively impact your experience of reality. We are a pure vibration of love; radiate this well in all your realms and travels.


Listening to the sounds of the planets or meditations to galactic-inspired music as you drift off with your intention firmly set can bring you to places of deep calm, allowing you to explore outer spaces.

Dr. Steven Greer — the granddaddy of disclosure — offers both an app (yes, for real!) and a guided meditation to assist in making contact. I myself prefer galactic sounds which simply allow me to explore with my Star Guides.

I strongly encourage the use of music, as it sets a time limit. Come back when the music stops so you don’t find you have drifted too far off.


In earth shamanism, a power animal is a constant protector set in place to look out for our well-being and help us navigate invisible spaces. Meeting with your Galactic Ally should be the first of any journeys.

When meeting a new teacher or power animal, it is protocol to ask whether they are the best teacher for you now. A simple question of them is sufficient: "Are you the being who can assist me in my highest good at this moment?" If they answer in the affirmative, onward, starry one! If no, ask them to direct you to the one who is, and ask the same of the next one until you get a clear yes!

I have found this simple query will not only protect you, but will also establish your authority. It implies you are not naive, but rather a skilled traveler in inner spaces, and should be treated with respect.

Sometimes E.T. allies will appear, other times human gods/goddesses who are guardians to the stars will be the best suited. Inanna, Nut, Sheshat, Metatron and even the Cosmic Christ are all wonderful allies as you begin your explorations. Likely others will come onboard as you progress.


Trust is the biggest teaching in any conscious explorations. Know yourself, know your team and know your truth.

When beings appear, make sure you can trust them as well as your own team. I don’t work with any guides or teachers unless someone I trust can vouch for them.

I once had a being say he had teachings of great importance to share. I always request three of my existing guides to approve him. Sekhmet (a fierce goddess guardian) stood before him blocking his path to me and our connection. ‘Nuff said. I commanded this being leave without asking why.


While exploration is sometimes the point, you will be told if you have ventured off-limits. Boundaries exist in the galaxies for a reason, and usually there are gatekeepers there to turn away any wayward wanderers. If you encounter a being who says not to go further, respect that this is in place for your protection.

I’ve worked with clients who have pushed this and encountered repercussions for their lack of regard. Don’t be naive and don’t be cocky. Appreciate there are guardians ensuring your well-being and thank them for their service.


You’ve maybe heard that humans are the miracle of all the galaxies.

We are the most valued blessing, for our ability to create, feel, and love is unlike that of any other race. Embody this!

Know you are a being of great import and that you carry infinite potential in your DNA. Though you may not know as much as you’d like yet, your unique brilliance is respected. Hold your ground, express your truth, and use all that you are to advance your capacity for love.


Close all doors and retrace all your steps before returning to your waking state. Be in gratitude for what you’ve been granted access. Take time to come all the way back to your body. Sometimes the star realms can be cold, so don’t be concerned if you find your temperature has dropped.


Before you leave any exploration, ask if you have permission to return. In most cases, you will be granted access to them in the future but sometimes a one-time pass is all that is required.


While I choose to do my work in a waking state, others are called to service through dreams. The extent of what occurs in your dreams is very real as well, and this may be the highest place for you to be of service.

If so, some ground rules (I always state these aloud so my intention reverberates on every dimension): "I only choose to engage in work which is in highest integrity with my conscious self. I will wake rested and sleep soundly. If I request access to any night-time work, I will be given immediate access to where I was and what I was doing. If any of these commands cannot be met, I do not agree to assist tonight."

Only on a couple of occasions have I been uncomfortable in my encounters. I offer this as a way of connection and hope it will offer a safe way to begin your journey home.

I have learned from my earthly shamanic experiences to walk with caution and authority. To carry and receive love and to be a beacon for humankind is my role and prayer. When we move about with humility in our power, and clarity in our heart, we attract Allies who respect our role as cosmic pioneers.

I am constantly in awe by not only their magnitude (how many thousands of races and beings exist) but also their willingness to help us, their readiness to love and foster us in our learning. They want us to advance and are our silent champions throughout the galaxies. Our success in our present cycle benefits all. It has been a long return for us to the stars and one that is grandly celebrated.

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olysback, posted on October 28, 2015

Hi Andye!
Nice article!
Can you give the names of the music that you were referring to in the article please. I have found some things that work well, but It's always nice to add to the arsenal.
Thank You!!!

andyerrs, posted on November 23, 2015

Hey Oliver~

Glad to offer what I can. My stand by is The Sound from Universe (The Amazing Real Planets Frequencies) by Planet Specialist and Celestial Chronicles
by Alpha Wave Movement both at Amazon.

Would love to hear what you like,


karen878, posted on October 13, 2015

Thank you for sharing your story, and the meditation, a beautiful gift.
With boundless love and light,

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