March 2016 Horoscopes

March is a month that reflects much growth. How you adjust to this depends on where we are in your life. Many times you worry about things that happen to you or your loved ones because you don’t know what the outcome will be or don’t have the answers. But this happens because you are not meant to know the “why” of things.

Sometimes you just have to walk through life solely letting the light of faith guide you. Only then will you develop or enhance your inner authority; in other words your inner God! As we continue to transition know that March brings an opportunity for all.

It is a month of growth, light, karma, blessings, destiny and ultimately fate. You are protected and will continue to be as long as your intentions are in the right. When you feel confused or betrayed submit yourself to prayer. Your spiritual guides and ancestors are always by your side helping you in this Earth realm and will continue to do so daily. Be patient and give thanks for the guidance you receive and know that you are never spiritually alone. Smile because you are loved, today, tomorrow and always.

Much Fairies Love, Shirley


March 21 – April 19

Nothing is more intimidating than walking into the unfamiliar, Aries, but fortunately you are the fire that will help light the way! March brings a sense of adventure as you walk into the unknown. The new moon on the 9th brings togetherness with people you haven’t talked to in quite a while. This verbal connection helps you look at your situation from a different point of view. After the 1st quarter moon on the 15th, work becomes annoying. Don’t make any decisions as of yet, there may be some unexpected changes that will end up working to your benefit. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd sheds light on health issues. At times you tend to overthink things and this often leads to anxiety Aries. For some reason your anxiety this time will seek the comfort of food. Watch what you consume if not your waist will grow 2 plus inches in a matter of a few days! The good news is that if this happens you are disciplined and can change it in no time. The 2nd last quarter moon on the 31st brings family time. You love your family and always want them to be together so do your best to accommodate your time for them.

Your affirmation for this month, "My inner fire comforts my path.”


April 20 – May 20

Much has changed since last month and will continue to do so in March Taurus. The first last quarter moon of the month lands on March 1st setting you on a better path. Now that you’ve become more social people actually reach out to you and want to hang out. This is a good thing especially because you’ll get to meet even more people. After the super new moon lunar eclipse on the 8-9th romance picks up. If you are single then be open to getting to know someone you usually wouldn’t be interested in. You may be surprised just how much fun they can be. Those in relationships continue to strengthen their bond. Take things day by day so that the union can last. The Spring Equinox on the 20th brings beauty. Change your image as well as your living space. The image part for men can be tricky but can also be as simple as changing eyeglasses, color of clothing and/or deodorant. You’d be surprised who notices these things. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd acknowledges your health as well as for family members. If possible get a 2nd opinion before making any permanent decisions.

Your affirmation for this month, “My communication with others are clear.”


May 21 – June 20

March can bring unexpected news about loved ones and this can have you a bit nervous but keep calm Gemini, with faith all will be resolved. The new moon on the 9th pushes you to control the need to know the outcome of every situation. Do as what the universe says and release and surrender what you can and cannot do to the divine. Recite the serenity prayer whenever you feel you are getting depressed and let life flow as it should. This moon also brings changes to home life. Once again family has become very important for you and this is a cause for you to conquer obstacles. The spring Equinox on the 20th brings a refreshing outlook on life. Breathe in a positive mindset Gemini; you are the creator of your future. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd shows single Gemini’s venturing into the dating scene. Take your time with someone new; remember the saying that all that glitters is not gold. Those in relationships get along better and should actually revisit plans of investing, traveling and/or selling what looks like merchandise or some sort of property. The last quarter moon on the 31st puts finances on check. You will have no excuses and paying down debts even if it’s little by little will be important.

Your affirmation for this month, “The universe is grand and all of my needs are met.”


June 21 – July 22

March brings Cancers a renewed sense of self. The first of the two last quarter moons falls on the 1st giving many a sense of hope. Have confidence that this will be emotionally a much better month. You’ve come a long way Cancer and will continue to do so as long as you remain strong in your faith. The new moon on the 9th creates an increase in social life. People seek out your company and this will make it hard to have personal down time. Despite this you will be in good spirits and love the newfound attention. Attraction is high for Cancers and those in relationships show that love triumphs. Finally the wheels of romance turn in your favor and this creates tranquility for your heart. Single Cancers yearn for physical as well as emotional pleasure. Get outdoors for there will be new as well as old lovers around. The Spring Equinox on the 20th sets attention to home life. Be there for your family without judgment. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd pushes Cancers to put their health back on track. Get back into making your shakes, going to the gym, preparing your lunch, all of those things you used to do for your mental, physical and emotional health. Rebuild a new you!

Your affirmation for this month, “I am grateful for the love I feel from others.”


July 23 – August 22

Remain in the present Leo for your rewards are in the “now” of the moments. The month of March brings fortitude. Let your struggles be a thing of the past. Don’t let your past mistakes define and haunt you. Control the urge to fall back on old habits and watch how life will reward you with your heart's yearnings. The first of two last quarter moons this month falls on the 1st and this starts you off on the right foot. Your finances pick up after the 3rd and by the super new moon solar eclipse on the 8-9th you should have your mind and/or life in order. If you don’t then it’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. After the 1st quarter moon on the 15th plan a get together with friends and loved ones. It doesn’t have to be something crazy expensive, something as simple as toast and tea would suffice. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd promotes romance. Single Leos have opportunities to find suitors but should hold back until they are able to get their own lives organized. Leos in relationships should plan something special. The 2nd last quarter moon of the month is on the 31st and this closes out a chapter in your personal life. If you feel lost then lean on your faith to help with healing. Overall know that you are never alone and that you are loved.

Your affirmation for this month, “The spirit of the lion is with me and helps by giving me the strength I need to move forward”.


August 23 – September 22

Hang tight Virgo because the roller coaster of life continues into March. Your schedule has changed but in a good way. By now you’ve noticed that you don’t have time to tend to things that are useless. Your energy should be dedicated to yourself and towards your family that loves you very much. The new moon on the 9th brings laughter. This will make your heart light despite of what is going on around you. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th shows those in relationships talking about friends or family members. This discussion will show how trustworthy you feel with each other. Single Virgos have some dates but nothing too serious for now. Romance will look better after the Spring Equinox on the 20th. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd creates planning. This moon will help with writing finances down as well as planning a party or getting group events in order. You have lots to plan for and busy months ahead so start getting things in order as of now. After the 27th Venus brings clarity regarding health matters. Check family history for some answers.

Your affirmation for this month, “Feeling appreciated brings my heart joy.”


September 23 – October 22

Many Libras find satisfaction in helping others and that is why March sends you rewards for past deeds, whether this is a good or not so good thing would depend on what type of Libra and/or person you are. The first of the two last quarter moons this month is on the 1st and this shows a calling for greater education. If physically going to a school is not possible then consider reading books, looking at informative youtube videos or teaching yourself a new hobby. This will all work wonders for your mind which needs much stimulation. The super new moon solar eclipse on the 8- 9th brings conversations of interest with others. Secrets can be revealed or given at this time. This eclipse also shows an addition to the family either by pregnancy and/or pet. Celebrate growth with the people you love. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th shows single Libras meeting someone new. Those in relationships should spice things up by surprising their lover. Just remember to keep it simple yet classy. The 2nd last quarter moon of the month is on the 31st and this brings insight. It will be important to pay attention to dreams, conversations, music, animals etc.

Your affirmation for this month, “I consciously balance my wants and needs with prayer.”


October 23 – November 21

Your plans for springtime are fast approaching and there is just a need to tie up some loose ends Scorpio. The super new moon solar eclipse on the 8-9th presents you with an opportunity to solidify a union. This can be either physical or spiritual but doesn’t matter because it will be the initiation you need to move forward in life. Those in relationships can find themselves a little bored with romance. This passes once you take the initiative to make the changes necessary you need for yourself and for your partner. Single Scorpios have fun online with random suitors. Let passion guide you responsibly and live life without regrets. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th shows health concerns. Pay attention to thinning hair, nails, joint pain, sexual organ discomfort and/or any unusual symptom. Steer clear from trying to self-diagnose and make an appointment to see a healthcare professional. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd brings family time. This includes deceased siblings, parents and children. Buy some flowers or make a nice meal as a symbol of the love you have for one another. After the 29th finances pick up. Treat yourself to something nice.

Your affirmation for this month, “I am surrounded with opportunities to grow.”


November 22 – December 21

Many times Sagittarius’s are able to pick themselves up even when life throws the hardest of blows and for this reason March helps with putting you on a better path. The super new moon solar eclipse on the 8-9th brings some of the answers you’ve been waiting for. Don’t share with others your thoughts unless you’re sure about whether you trust them or not. This eclipse also shows happiness with love matters. Those in relationships reignite passion. Your love is true so stick with your mate completely. Single Sagittarius’s should not let anyone from the past back in. Instead of messing with old lovers why not put your focus on what the future has for you romantically. You may be surprised to see that you do have admirers in your circle. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th brings a different perspective about life in general. Do a self-life review, revisit your past briefly and let go of guilt. Make sure to acknowledge just how far you’ve come. Congratulate yourself on your triumphs and know that there will be more to come. Health improves during and after the Spring Equinox on the 20th. This period also shows progression with income. You can have a big expense coming up but thankfully you will have the finances to support it.

Your affirmation for this month, “I am ready to forgive myself and others.”


December 22 – January 19

March will push your confidence Capricorn. Part of the reason for this is that this is the only way to get that boost you need to make tough decisions. Change can be a scary thing but if you hold on tight to your faith then you’ll see that all will turn out well. The first of two last quarter moons of March falls on the 1st and this basically shows that you pretty much should mind your own business especially for those currently employed. There are a couple of changes pending in the workplace therefore just wait for them to happen. If you become impatient then polish up the resume and look for something better suiting. The super new moon on the 9th shows expenses. Most of them can be minor expenses like a new car battery or an update to your bedding. No major purchases during this time especially since now you are determined to getting out of debt. Keep that mindset and get financial help from a professional if you need it. The 2nd last quarter moon on the 31st shows single Capricorns giving love another chance. Go for it without regrets. Those in relationships show travel. Spend time together as much as you can to rekindle the flame of love.

Your affirmation for this month, “I cleanse my mind, body and spirit from toxic judgements.”


January 20 – February 18

The month of March can play a vital role with how you perceive yourself and others Aquarius. Something about your outlook in life has distorted your perception about how things should and shouldn’t be. It’s easy to play the blame game especially when you’ve been emotionally hurt. The super new moon solar eclipse on the 8-9th creates some much needed conversations. These verbal exchanges help your thinking so listen without judgment. Your mind wishes to assimilate new information so that you can move forward with some of your plans. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th show health concerns. Females should check reproductive organs and lower/upper neck area while males should tend to their legs, ankles, spinal discs and feet. Keep on top of your health Aquarius because without it you will experience undue hardships. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd stirs up emotions. Those in relationships can have lovely surprises with romance. You are loved and others will show you. Single Aquarius’s have fun with romance but many are not looking for anything serious. This is okay as long as the other party is clear about your intentions. After the 26th business looks good. Make or return phone calls.

Your affirmation for this month, “I place importance on my feelings for they will guide me to a better me.”


February 19 – March 20

Lots of Phoenix energy for many Pisces this March. This mystical creature has the ability to rise from its own ashes rebirthing itself and this is exactly the transition you are in! Stay strong for this is a very positive omen for things to come. The new moon on the 9th pushes social life. The universe wants you to get out and mingle. Invitations are plentiful just make sure you accept them. The 1st quarter moon on the 15th shows those in relationships exchanging feelings. Some will be great while others not so pretty but it doesn’t matter, don’t hold back and say all you need to say. Single Pisces by now should have a one or a couple of love interests. Try to shift the focus on yourself before involving someone new. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 23rd shows a bit of havoc. Don’t let your anxiety dominate you and stay calm, before you know it will all pass. This eclipse also shows plans that will not happen now but more so for the summertime. This is a very favorable time to dream about the things you want; the universe is working endlessly never has or will abandon your needs. After the 26th verbal and legal communication becomes favorable. Things are clear and you will be able to finalize life chapters.

Your affirmation for this month, “My sensitive nature is protected by the divine.”

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