The Maverick Mandala Maker: Sacred Geometry

GaiamTV recently learned about Mark Golding, a.k.a. the Maverick Mandala Maker. Mark produces works of art using unique representations of Sacred Geometry, but that’s not all. He’s also a presenter at various Mind, Body & Spirit Conventions (and famous tattoo conventions), is a yoga and meditation teacher, and gifted healer.

In the area of mandala making Mark describes his work as, "Psychoactive Art and Healing Mandalas that will engage the viewer on a powerful subliminal level, activate dormant powers, create tendencies of inner peace, and initiate profound growth." He goes on to say, "Life is a flow, a journey of multi-sensory experiences, that I have chosen to record, using the visual medium."

Perhaps best known for his User Guide to the Sacred Geometry of Yoga, Mark created 12 powerful mandalas for Yoga teachers and practitioners to help develop their Spiritual Path. Mark says the guide stemmed from an experience he had while living off-grid in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, England. He said,

"I received a transmission of the inner journey of the Yogi, and developed a series of mandalas as guides for Yoga practitioners, to enter and complete the Spiritual Path.

Mark Golding’s many talents are akin to a modern Panacea for just about any situation one might find themselves in. Whether you need astrological direction, Reiki healing energy, personal mandalas, or alchemical combination of oils and elixirs, Mark's mission in life is to help people heal and grow on their path.

You can find Mark’s User Guide along with his latest work at his personal website, Facebook page or via Instagram.We hope you are as inspired by Mark's art as we at Gaiam TV were!

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