Meditation on Swaroop-True Self

Swaroop translates as your own true self. Swa means 'self' and roop means 'form.' While it might seem that this term points to your own physical form as an individual body, on a subtler level, it means your true essence as a being. The form of your essential self is more subtle and vast than your individual body. Your existence extends far beyond the limits of your skin. Your physical body is one with the elements of the whole earth. Your personal experience of your body is a connection to the experience of all humans all over the world. 

Through the experience of our form, we can know the sensation of living of all humanity. None of us are having simply isolated experiences; we all share the knowledge, the pains and joys, of living.  We all share the experience of breathing. We share the wonders of thinking and believing. And most essentially, we share the spark of life that awakens  our  awareness and moves our hearts. 

Practice of the Month

Sit for a moment and breathe with awareness. Remember that every person is breathing. Let your mind think and know that every person is thinking. Rather than expect your meditation to be motionless, just allow yourself to sit in comfort and let these natural movements of life remind you that you are a part of a whole humanity. Every movement  and every thought can be a reminder to you that you and every other person is able to perceive life like this. Remember that we all share this wonderful power of awareness. This power of awareness is our most essential being.


About Padma
Padma is one of Canada's most respected teachers of meditation and yoga. She hosts three national television series on meditation and yoga-  "Living Yoga with Padma", "Padma Yoga: the Elemental Series" and "Modern Meditations". For a decade, Padma studied and meditated in the western Himalayas of India. She mastered original Sanskrit texts on meditation, philosophy and yoga and is authorized to teach Advanced Studies and Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India.  Visit Padma at her site Padma Meditation.

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