Mrityunjai-Freedom from Fear

Mrityunjai means freedom from fear of life's changes. Mrit means death and jai is victorious. Death is in the change of any situation, expectation or idea. Whenever the world changes there is an end of the previous situation. Whenever a relationship changes it is an end of the previous relationship. Even when our expectations are unfulfilled or an idea we hold is challenged, it is a kind of death of what we have known. If we have been particularly attached to a situation or idea, these changes unsettle our mind's sense of stability and can cause fear.

Jai is the freedom from this fear. Not by trying to suppress or stop changes from happening, but by expanding our awareness that changes will always happen and are inevitable: The world is in change, people are in change. The victorious state is an understanding and acknowledgement of this universal and timeless change.

Meditation allows you to remember the unchanging essence of your life. Remembering this essence makes acceptance of changes so much easier.

About Padma
Padma is one of Canada's most respected teachers of meditation and yoga.  She hosts three national television series on meditation and yoga -  "Living Yoga with Padma", "Padma Yoga: the Elemental Series"  and "Modern Meditations".  For a decade, Padma studied and meditated in the western Himalayas of India.  She mastered original Sanskrit texts on meditation, philosophy and yoga and is authorized to teach Advanced Studies and Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India.  
Visit Padma at her site Padma Meditation.

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vmidhun, posted on June 26, 2013

Mrityunjai- The meaning is Victory over Death/Conquering Death (Jayam over Mrithyu)

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