Our Galactic Allies: Removing Fear and Embracing Love

Throughout every civilization in the history of our planet, it’s been well known that we’re not alone. Only in this modern era of science and propaganda does humanity consider itself unique and solitary in the universe. But guess what? Being alone is lonely! Humanity is experiencing a disconnection from a vital life force of magic and mysticism, which gave us purpose and sustained us in our human experience for eons.

Look at it this way: you are made of billions of cells floating on a blue orb the size of a speck of sand, drifting in the infinite expanse of space. In other words, you are a freaking miracle!

To imagine that we are the only conscious mass of cells in the galaxies is growing less and less plausible to any truth seeker.

NASA has even quietly admitted we’re not alone and has allowed us to draw our own conclusions.

So let’s put the brakes on our fear and ease away from our shock. Get ready for a heart-to-heart on how we can begin to incorporate this changing worldview.

Changing Your Language

First, let’s shift the fear-based energy of the language itself. "Alien" is a trigger word for me, as is "ET". It's rude and completely nondescript, implying a sense of foreign otherness. I prefer Space Family, Galactic Allies, or Celestial Helpers. Take your pick and allow it to be a phrase that resonates with love and truth for you.

I won't blast you with the God-is-an-alien concept — that’s a mighty steep on-ramp for those just getting comfortable with this idea. Instead, let's play — engage your curious mind and childlike heart — and let’s see if we can embrace the possibility that these aliens could be our besties.

Sky Gods

Shamanic cultures worked with their galactic ancestors — their Star Nations — treating them as teachers from whom they gained a potent understanding of the universe. For example, the Dogons of Africa knew they hailed from the planet Sirius and could point to it in the sky long before astronomers were able locate it. The lessons from the Sky Gods advanced civilizations and propelled humanity in evolutionary leaps and bounds. Even angels are believed by some to be "alien" in origin.

In every society, beings have descended from the skies with gifts for humanity. This is not scary but comforting! We have long been loved and protected by a divine source, whose mission is to ensure that we blossom into the infinite potential we are destined to become.

Fear as a Control Mechanism

Fear was injected into this love-fest to keep us isolated, to make us powerless, and to ensure the spiritual amnesia was complete. If we are all alone, we must trust the ones who offer to protect us. In most cases, government bodies or the church acted as the "ultimate protector," whose best intentions were to serve the people. This thought modality made galactic allies (or "aliens" as the fear mongers would like us to call them) "bad" and the ultimate protector "good." The aim is obvious enough here, right?

But what if that’s all a red herring?

What if the Celestial Helpers were there cheering us on all along? And what if they could bypass the dubious intent of the "ultimate protector" to help us harness something even grander than we imagine for ourselves?

David Wilcock documented such a serotonin intervention in the October Surprise blog. Celestial Helpers are still there and will ensure nothing cataclysmic happens to us. What we do here on Earth is celebrated throughout the galaxies, and our success is paramount to the universe.

Mind. Blown.

Off-Planet Allies

If we can embrace the concept of these off-planet allies, these beings committed to our joy and conscious expansion, we must inevitably explore the opposing concept of the Agenda Keepers (the "Powers that Were," the Cabal, or any other term you choose), who are equally committed to our suppression.

Plainly, there was an agenda in place to ensure our isolation and the Agenda Keepers’ domination. (I try to be gentle here, too, as it’s not up to me to call them out, but simply to see through their illusion. I lift the veil and say, "I don’t care who you are. This must end because I see you and we are stronger." Period.)

However, others spend time creating vast websites to identify and endlessly document their misdeeds; it's all there if you choose to dive down the rabbit hole. Such negativity makes me feel heavy, so I choose instead to spread awareness through lifting veils and acknowledging the vastness of our light and power.

When I first peeled back the layers, I spent three months vomiting. (Yep. Yuck.) But the purging was clearing away the programming and the facade, allowing me to make room for truth.

So take it easy, love! Too much disclosure can wreak havoc on the body. This on-ramp to truth is gentle for a reason. Step back when you need to integrate. Get out in nature to connect to the very real and loving universe around you. Before you make friends with the stars, find allies in the consciousness of this planet first. Befriend the trees, sing to the oceans, and give gratitude to the animals.

Your on-boarding is now complete! And you weren't even scared for a second, because everything in you knows this to be true, safe, and stemming from a place of love.

When fear disappears, empowerment occurs.

We’re witnessing a collective embrace of Celestial Helpers, a gentle questioning of our own beliefs, and the possibility of allowing their benevolence back into our society. The implications of these shifts are massive.

As with all spiritual development, I encourage you to cultivate personal and meaningful relationships with your spirit guides, ancestors, and planet allies. If the old fear tries to re-emerge, ask yourself if the feeling lifts or diminishes you, and seek unconditional love. That which fills us with love is always true.

Want to dive deeper into some of the concepts presented here? Check out Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure with David Wilcock — original programming you can’t find anywhere else. The shift begins when you press play.

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