Reframe Your Anxiety As A Friend

How is it possible to convert the overwhelming flood of worry, sense of physical and mental constriction, dread, and difficulty focusing on anything besides your anxiety, into something you’d welcome?

Anxiety points to your most potent insecurities in being yourself. It therefore offers equally potent access of distinguishing these fears from your Self.

Your fears, which are felt as anxiety, block you from feeling grounded and steady in who you are.

Who you are despite and obscured by your fears, is a purposeful and steady Being who has meaning, value, and a willingness to offer and accept your unique qualities among all the other Beings on the Earth.

Your Being is an evolving entity who exists on this Earth as a person.

People sometimes develop anxiety around significant life circumstances at some point during their lifespan, demanding more than they know how to handle.

For example, in the life of some children, parents are mean, humiliating, frightening, expect the child to be the family authority, or somehow are emotionally unavailable to nurture the person of the child.

When such life circumstances exceed what the child person is able to manage, this particular child may grow into an anxious person.

The child's awareness of not being accepted by others and expecting to please others in the daily environment discourages the willingness to be one’s self.

Anxiety alerts us that we're burdened by what's expected from others amidst our environment, and to the fact that our Being is hidden by these fears.

Now, let’s slice the moment of anxiety in our person example.

What if, instead of anticipating that others are similarly unkind and threatening as were the childhood parents, the person expressed his or her Being?

What if the person felt strongly aware enough of his or her Being to start (or begin again) to trust the rightness of all Beings to live on this earth and express who they are as people?

Then, gradually and with practice connecting and expressing Being, this would become natural. And, the conditioned response of anxiety, which developed due to extremely harsh circumstances, would lose its place in the person’s life.

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