Remember the God Within

Dear Julius,

I went through a divorce, with many hurtful things happening even before we reached that point. After being separated for a couple of years now, we still find ourselves moving toward each other despite trying to let go and move on. He is doing the work and making real, sustaining changes and has discovered a faith in God.

Now, with that Divine light and love in his life, he is changing from the inside out and is no longer the narcissistic, ego-based person he once was. I can see the change in him, and I’ve also changed and deepened my faith and beliefs in the larger workings of the Universe.

Just when I feel strong in my decision to move forward into a new life with him with a higher perspective, I find myself having to fight against others’ opinions and judgments, so then I second guess myself. I put my vulnerability out there to friends and family and then feel judged.

If God is so good, then how can this be so wrong?

::Signed, Feeling Judged

Dearest Master,

We must first begin this dialogue by addressing you, not everyone else.

For it is YOU who is creating your experience, not anyone else.

Your perspective of all that you create is what either makes you feel loved and empowered or helpless and a victim. No one does this to you—you do. The question isn't about whether your partner has changed. It isn’t about how others treat you and express their thoughts to you. It isn’t about whether an omnipotent being living outside of yourself approves of your relationship. It is about YOU!

You see master, YOU ARE GOD!

This is a very resistant theory for some, but with the knowing of this you become the empowered one of all of your experiences. Then there is no one to blame or praise but yourself in the outcome of your desire.

As long as you turn your life over to someone or something else, you will never find total fulfillment because you are always hoping that out of the good graces of that being you will be rewarded. This isn't empowerment, this is dependence.

We will tell you master, that we invite you to give up your victimhood roll, embrace your creative self and embark on ANY journey you desire. However it turns out it will be filled with magnificent expansion for you, and how can THAT be bad?

God isn't good or bad, it simply IS the all as it is known. You are all of that, despite the fact you have forgotten that. But in your continued journey to remembrance, you will find more and more joy in your life when you let go of the need to please anyone but yourself. Love of self is the answer; without it you cannot fully love and understand anyone else.

We wish you extraordinary knowing, light and love. Remember to do only what you feel like doing—that will ALWAYS bring you JOY.


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