Sanskrit Anand-Bliss

Anand means bliss and is the blessed evenness you have experienced inside your own heart. Maybe when relaxing by yourself in the shade on a summer's day, or smiling with delight in the company of great friends, the irrepressible bliss of life is revealed. Bliss may be outward smiling and laughter, but is also a quiet sense of ca lm and gentleness inside. Bliss is the quality of the foundation of your life'sessence. Like waves arise from the fluidity of the ocean, our thoughts and feelings arise from bliss.

And just like waves in the ocean rise and fall, so do waves in our mind and body.

To meditate is to recognize and connect with this depth of bliss within us. Then to live daily life remembering this anand, is wisdom.

About Padma
Padma is one of Canada's most respected teachers of meditation and yoga.  She hosts three national television series on meditation and yoga -  "Living Yoga with Padma", "Padma Yoga: the Elemental Series"  and "Modern Meditations".  For a decade, Padma studied and meditated in the western Himalayas of India.  She mastered original Sanskrit texts on meditation, philosophy and yoga and is authorized to teach Advanced Studies and Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India.  
Visit Padma at her site Padma Meditation.

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