Sanskrit Virya-Spiritual Power

Virya is Spiritual Power

Virya is spiritual power.  Power yoga is commonly thought to be force and power in the physical body. This is a wonderful beginning, but as you advance as a yogi, you will discover that deeper, more versatile power comes from a subtler, more spiritual root. Virya is this inner fortitude, the source of all your other powers. Virya is the life and breath in you and is not only the strength in your body, but also the delight and potential magnificence in you that reaches out and manifests in the world as beauty, freedom and love.

Yogis know that real power comes from the subtler, invisible realm of life and spirit. The more you are connected with your own spirit, the more true and gracious power you live with each moment. 

Meditation Practice by Padma

Each morning, with gently closed eyes, meditate on pure inner space. Without making any effort, you'll feel how this naturally and automatically refreshes your mind and renews your energy from deep within. Connect with the real you inside. You'll feel like you are settling back home in yourself, where you are full and at ease and connected with love. After ten minutes, open up your eyes and you'll be completely relaxed and energized, full of enthusiasm to do whatever you choose to.


About Padma
Padma is one of Canada's most respected teachers of meditation and yoga. She hosts three national television series on meditation and yoga-  "Living Yoga with Padma", "Padma Yoga: the Elemental Series" and "Modern Meditations". For a decade, Padma studied and meditated in the western Himalayas of India. She mastered original Sanskrit texts on meditation, philosophy and yoga and is authorized to teach Advanced Studies and Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India.  Visit Padma at her site Padma Meditation.

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