September 2015 Horoscopes

Hello Everyone,

September pushes the importance of living in the moment. There are potent unseen forces flowing to all, and with this month’s Autumnal equinox, solar/lunar moon eclipses, and cleansing energy there is no doubt that we must find ourselves.

This power has caused unexpected changes within every person. However it has manifested in your life, know that it is for the highest good. Anxiety for many has increased these past few weeks, and uncertainty about what lies ahead plagues many beautiful souls. Replaying the same things over and over and looking for different answers will not help because it is creating a stagnant atmosphere for the solution.

The universe loves things to flow, and when it doesn’t it creates havoc until it can freely flow again. We are in human form, and that means that you will experience whatever you have predestined for your path. Life doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, though. What will get you through indecisive times will be your spiritual knowledge.

An important step to take when growing spiritually is to be in a relationship yourself. Take time to get to know who you are. Introduce yourself to yourself and find out your likes, your dislikes, and all of the different qualities about yourself that no one else can answer. There is no right or wrong way to find who you are; just let the intention of wanting more out of life create a comfortable space for this blessing.

Miraculously, you will see how spirit will guide you to things that will help you on your path. Dedication and hard work toward this will be needed but will be worth it. With the help of the Sun I send you all potent rays of healing. May you have the clarity you need to make calculated decisions and may your heart feel light and warmed with acceptance. Smile and let peace radiate from your being; plus, someone you least expect admires you!

Earthly Magical Fairies, Shirley


March 21 – April 19

September shows Aries having a very busy schedule. The need to balance all areas in your life will start after the last quarter moon on the 5th. Those employed will have extra responsibilities. Most of them you can handle but you will need to have patience so that it doesn’t consume you emotionally.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th will bring changes with romance. Single Aries long for someone who is compatible. The stars align themselves to bring some great prospects, but just remember to not rush into anything. Aries in relationship(s) make some interesting choices. Communicate your need for intimacy since there will be a great desire to spice things up. Don’t be surprised if your lover(s) takes your confidence the wrong way; they will just need time to adjust.

The first quarter moon on the 21st with the Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd brings insight into the future. Now is the time to dream about the things you want and need in your life. Clear your mind with exercise, mediation, writing, etc. Confide in close friends especially if they are Taurus, Cancer or Virgos for some guidance.

Your affirmation for this month, "My beautiful being defeats all troublesome times."


April 20 – May 20

You’ve undergone a great transformation and unfortunately many whom you thought would understand don’t; therefore, keep moving forward with the newfound confidence that September will bring to you, Taurus.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th brings news when least expected. The good side to this is that it is a blessing in disguise and will lead you to clearly make decisions regarding where you see yourself for the next couple of months. The first quarter moon on the 21st sparks up your creativity. Look for different ways to express that passionate fire you have inside of you. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th stimulates education. If you are unsure about something it will be very important for you to look into it and/or take a class. Diving into a new venture without knowing the risks can put you into a financial rut.

Venus, one of your ruling planets, transits through your romance sector to create a more abundant atmosphere. Single Taurus will spend most of their time meeting others online while those in relationship(s) learn to accept that they have the power to empower their partner(s). Speak from your heart and let those you love know it with words and action.

Your affirmation for this month, "The language of love includes the unspoken."


May 21 – June 20

The last quarter moon on the 5th brings some good news for your finances, Gemini. Your income has gone through some uncomfortable changes but September promises to set some stability. With that part of life looking better you will be able to focus on long-term plans for you and your family.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th brings those you love together. Your perspective on what family is and what it should be creates a very loving atmosphere especially within your own soul. If there is anything you want to get off your chest then don’t delay and communicate with your estranged siblings, children, neighbors and loved ones and let them know how you truly feel about them so that they will always know how important they are to you.

The first quarter moon on the 21st shows single Geminis keeping a low profile. Keep it like that and watch how past lovers contact you for some one-on-one action. Those in relationship(s) should get ready to celebrate. Spark romance with spending time together and talking about how you first met and all of the positive things you’ve gone through. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th increases social life. Live your life to the fullest and have no regrets.

Your affirmation for this month, "I make wise decisions and look for guidance within my soul."


June 21 – July 22

Thoughts about what life is truly about can plague your mind, Cancer. You don’t always have to know every single detail on why things happen, but know September brings comfort in knowing that you are a beautiful soul that has great purpose. Your planet the moon brings great energy to all sectors of your life all month long starting on the last quarter moon on the 5th. Your emotional side will have an opportunity to heal, and this in turn creates a clear outlook.

The solar eclipse on the 13th brings a busy schedule. Explain to those you love that you do love them but you have responsibilities that need to be met before having downtime with them. They will understand as long as you communicate. The Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd applauds you for the great changes you’ve been making in health matters. Continue to consume healthy meals and/or drinks and tend to your physical side.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th shows romance for all Cancers. Single Cancers receive uplifting words from admirers while those in relationship(s) clear any misunderstandings and are able to solidify their bond. The first quarter moon on the 21st shows income increasing, so if possible catch up on old debt.

Your affirmation for this month, "I let time increase my healing so that once again I can live without limits."


July 23 – August 22

Leo, you can’t help but to feel blessed with all of the recent changes you’ve experienced as of late. Now is the time to take charge in your life and to expand your being so that you can become the person you are meant to be. The last quarter moon on the 5th holds keys to portals that you can enter. These gateways are set to support you with life in general. Your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors await patiently for you to see just how special you are. The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th has much to say about your finances. You have a jolt of increase and it will be just a matter of knowing how to handle it best. Make sure not to overspend and to save for a rainy day.

This new moon also shows importance with communication and education. If you are thinking about taking adult classes or joining a group then now would be the time to venture into that. The last quarter moon on the 21st highlights health matters. Any joint discomfort and/or nerve inflammation should be tended to. Put your health first so that you can always function in proper ways. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th has passion. Single Leos are noticed and will have no problems finding romance. Those in relationship(s) should not let others give opinions about what they should and shouldn’t do. Make healthy boundaries.

Your affirmation for this month, "I choose my words wisely for I know what goes around comes around."


August 23 – September 22

Others won’t help but notice that there is something different about you, Virgo. September greets you with positive changes, and this will reflect well with your aura. Many will wonder what the cause of your smile is and this will make your heart sing. The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th shows that those with children will have brief complications but only because the way you used to communicate has changed. Plan a gathering in which you all can just enjoy each other’s company. This will be a great reminder to all and show just how important you are to each other.

The Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd heralds minor changes for those who are employed. If you’re thinking about taking on something extra, then go for it. Those looking for employment will find something a bit far from home but well worth it. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th brings revelation to Virgos. Earth energy is strong and somehow this combined with your newly found intuition will create lovely insight for fall season. Write things down so that you won’t forget any messages from the beyond.

The last week of September shows single Virgos wanting some romance. If going out is out of the question then use online sites to meet new suitors. Those in relationship(s) will want to travel but will have to wait until later on this year.

Your affirmation for this month, "I celebrate life by showing with love my creative talents."


September 23 – October 22

September puts you up to date with all of your personal issues, Libra. The last quarter moon on the 5th creates mental stimulation. Your mind can wonder in all directions with thoughts about the past, present, and future. When this happens just stop and breathe. You may not have all of the answers now but know that soon enough the storm shall pass and you will be able to once again proceed without caution.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th creates an abundant atmosphere for single Libras. If you are currently dating someone, then continue to get to know them while keeping your options open. Those in relationship(s) find it hard to connect with their lover(s) so instead place your focus elsewhere instead of pushing yourself upon them. This dry spell will pass.

The first quarter moon on the 21st combined with the Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd motivates a time for beauty. Let Archangel Jofiel help you change your image. You will be lead to wear more color, change your bedroom, clip your nails or just simply buy new underwear, Libra, and any of these things will promise a new sense of self. You must fall in love with yourself so that you can continue to change where the path of life is leading you. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th shows the need to read and/or write. Get creative!

Your affirmation for this month, "I look back at my life and admire how far I’ve come. I’ve changed for the better."


October 23 – November 21

You miraculously find solutions to what you thought were problems, Scorpio. September will definitely be your month to take your power back. The last quarter moon on the 5th for Scorpios has Lady Luck energy and this will be good for those who gamble. This doesn’t mean to go out and splurge; quite on the contrary, use this windfall for something productive that will bring you long-term bliss.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th brings attention to family matters. If someone you love is ill, let them know how much you love them and also send them healing energy. Set your intention with love and let spirit guide you. You love your family dearly and must remember that they too need your presence and communication. If you’ve had an argument and/or are disconnected due to distance, then now would be a good time to reach out.

The first quarter moon on the 21st creates an imaginative time for those in relationship(s). If you are serious and/or thinking about taking the next step then talk about the pros and cons and come to an agreement in which all will benefit. Single Scorpios have lovers and admirers but don’t settle until you have more information. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th shows annoyances for those employed. Continue to keep to yourself and let others deal with their own drama.

Your affirmation for this month, "I share my struggles as well as my glee for they both have purpose and I am blessed to see this."


November 22 – December 21

You’ve always had questions about the mysteries of life, Sagittarius. Many of you have searched to find answers to while others have just remained unknown. September will be one of those months in which you will ponder about God, spirituality, religion, and anything pertaining to why you exist. The last quarter moon on the 5th won’t bring you all the answers but will begin to place certain people on your path so that you can discuss consciousness-stimulating topics. Keep an open mind with new thoughts and just see where knowledge takes you.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th places focus on romance. Single Sagittariuses find it hard to resist temptation. If intimacy is important to you, then practicing it safely should be, too. Those in relationship(s) continue to have minor communication issues. Make sure you reassure them by showing them your love with words and actions. All will fall into place by the first quarter moon on the 21st. The Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd creates purpose for many Sagittariuses.

Now is the time to dream about the future. Manifest your greatest potential with the help of the Sun. Do something productive for your future like read a book, meditate, join a gym, donate lightly used garments, etc. You heart wants a better future for yourself, but it all starts with you.

Your affirmation for this month, "I announce that turbulent times for me are over and assure myself daily that life does indeed get better."


December 22 – January 19

Many Capricorns are just tired and bored of living the same thing over and over. Unhappiness can cross your path this month of September, but only because you yourself are not willing to accept things for what they are. The last quarter moon on the 5th shows that those employed like what they are doing but wish to implement something new and/or relocate. Listen to what your gut is telling you; it may be that now is not the time to make any moves. Change is coming and it may be better to wait a little longer.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th shows health matters need your focus. You keep thinking about making some changes but not actually doing anything about it. Positive Capricorns will now make a change and have the support they need from their peers. This moon also shows the health of family members. You worry a lot about your loved ones and if they are going to be okay. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Haniel are with you and send assurance that they have never abandoned them and will see them through any transitions.

The first quarter moon on the 21st creates a sensual time for Capricorn. Those in relationship(s) love each other’s company even though at times they can annoy one another. Single Capricorns for some reason from time to time think about a past lover(s). Let it go already so that something more deserving can enter your path. Use the last week of the month to renew passports, licenses, contracts, etc.

Your affirmation for this month, "With the help of the divine I am ready to put myself as a priority for I am important."


January 20 – February 18

Life is actually looking good these days, Aquarius. For starters the last quarter moon on the 5th shows positive changes for those employed. A bit scary at first but overall will be just what your life ordered. The only down side to this is that coworkers from your previous employment may feel resented. Nonetheless keep moving forward and know that your angels are by your side.

The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th stimulates paperwork. There is something relating to contracts, renewals, or court matters that need to be tended to without delay. If something is waiting for your signature, then make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into; don’t let documents intimidate you and seek professional help if needed.

The Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd stimulates finances, which is great because you could really use the extra money. Plan your vacation and bring along your family and/or loved ones. If they are not local then see if you can do something together for Thanksgiving in November. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th shows the word double in love matters. So for single Aquarius expect to have an extra dosage of connection with an interest. If you are secretly in love with a friend, then consider revealing this to them for once and for all. Those in relationship(s) have an increasingly interesting meeting with one another. This could be mentally and/or physically and will push love to a new level.

Your affirmation for this month, "I implement prayer into my delay routine for it connects my heart center and creates peace within."


February 19 – March 20

Your roller coaster of life continues, Pisces, but September will bring you that peace your heart yearns for. Breathe a sigh of relief and let the last quarter moon on the 5th clear debris off of your path. The new moon solar eclipse on the 13th shows that those in relationship(s) are moving in the right direction. Continue to communicate in new ways and don’t be afraid to show them how you really feel. Single Pisces finally get past a negative stage and are able to go back into the dating scene. At first it can be uncomfortable, but be patient and wait for a compatible person to come along.

The first quarter moon on the 21st shows changes with your income. You money is not what it used to be and therefore you must be frugal with your spending. Friends will loving tease you about how little you are spending, but laugh it off because you are doing this for yourself. This moon also shows positive changes in health. You pay a lot of attention to your physical sector but forget to tend to your emotional, mental, and spiritual sides. Balance everything so that you can reap every benefit.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the 27th changes your thoughts about family matters. What values you project from yourself and what you expect from others will be tested. Don’t be shocked if you don’t like the results. Remain in faith and give thanks to the divine for showing you who is who in your life.

Your affirmation for this month, "I bless my past and heal any resentment that has dragged upon me for too long. Now I can be free."

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