The Seventh Key to Ascension: All Horizons Fade

What does ascension mean? It is the mysterious pinnacle of many ancient spiritual practices, but it seems to not have never been well defined or described. Certainly, various groups have described what ascension means for them. But we rarely find descriptions of ascension that are completely agreed upon by all traditions.

If we were to cull many different sources that describe what ascension is, we may find some things in common. Some beliefs say that an ascended individual can display supernatural powers like levitation, manipulation of solid matter and willful transformation into a light being. Others say it is the ability to visit the heavens and return to earth again. But there is no over-arching consensus.

Maybe we can discover what ascension is by finding an ascended person. How can you tell if you meet a truly ascended person? We can learn what ascension might look like by examining the works of Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Akhenaton, and other ascended masters. But even that route proves inconclusive. All of this questionable research may be frustrating for the neophyte looking for indicators that progress is being made in the right way. Perhaps the best answer is that there are no indications of progress, other than progress itself.

A New Dawn

One very strong consensus is that the ascension process can be derailed when one assumes that ascension has a completion. There is no finality with ascension. The journey of the seeker never ends. The journey only progresses into new levels of understanding and awareness. The moment the seeker has definitive answers is the moment the seeker has strayed from the path. To regain his footing, the seeker must again question any answers he has gained.

Ascension is a continuous process. It is like awakening to a new dawn at every moment. This means that there really is no such thing as an ascended being, there are only ascending beings. This is true for beings in the flesh and for those who have transcended physical existence. Just because one has left the body does not mean that learning and evolving comes to an end.

Questioning Ascension

Perhaps the true sign of an ascending being is not someone who has answers, but rather someone with compelling questions. It could be someone who can find a question to every answer posed or someone who never tires of becoming more than they are, no matter who or what they are.

All in all, it is important to note that once you begin the process of ascension, you have embarked upon a never ending journey. Every step will lead on to another step. Every horizon will fade into a new landscape that offers new vistas and new horizons to transcend.

Perhaps, someday, all horizons will fade. If so, can we ever know the truth of it until we reach that point? Until then, it is important to simply acknowledge that you ARE an ascending being and that you are taking your place in a diverse lineage of masters who themselves are still ascending.

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