Start Your Day Right-Healthy Breakfast Tips

To skip breakfast or to not skip breakfast, that is the question!

  • Most people believe that a steaming coffee in the morning is a good energy booster, only without a good breakfast, it can be followed by an energy nose-dive.
  • It is important to have a variety of fruits, vegetable juices, hearty whole grains, which are full of vitamins and minerals, in order to carry you through until lunchtime.
  • Eating breakfast in the morning can improve your memory and concentration and make you calmer.

Squeeze a lemon

Start your day with a glass of warm water with the juice of one lemon to help take a load off your lymphatic system, help cleanse your system and detoxify your liver cells.

Lemon juice is also full of vitamin C and is antibacterial and antiviral so it can help you ward off colds. The fresh zingy lemon scent may boost your energy levels too!

When choosing a cereal

  • Read the packaging and choose one with the least sugar and fat and the most fiber.
  • Try and choose a cereal with a lower glycemic index
  • Choose the least processed cereal and avoid sensitivities, especially first thing in the morning! No one wants to start his or her day inflamed. Examples to try: puffed brown rice, amaranth, millet.
  • Try different whole grains, i.e. spelt, kamut, quinoa.
  • Make your own muesli mix
  • Add dried fruit or nuts and seeds to add flavour, nutrition, and variety to your cereal

Try different kinds of 'mylk'

  • There are many different mylks available at the grocery store these days. With your cereal or porridge you can try hemp, almond, or rice mylk to add variety to your morning routine.

Try whole fruit spreads and nut butters

  • Try variety of fruit spreads on sprouted wholegrain bread, toast, flat bread including ezekial, spelt, kamut, rice, millet, and rye. One of my favourite things to do is mash up fresh berries and spread them on freshly toasted bread.
  • Switch up your regular peanut butter routine for something different like almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower seed butter. All of which are great sources of nutrients and protein and will provide you with some new morning flavours.

For extra energy

  • Include a good amount of protein in your breakfast
  • The nut butters are a good source of protein and it is easy to add protein powder to variety of breakfast foods i.e. hot or cold cereals. Great protein powders are brown rice, hemp, or soy.
  • Revitalize with fresh greens. Add a handful of kale to your smoothie or use collard greens to make a breakfast wrap.
  • Have a shot! Of wheatgrass that is….

Think about flavourful liquids

You can make smoothies or shakes easily in the mornings. In your blender combine one banana, some berries, a sprinkle of spirulina and water. Done and done!

Dust off your juicer and make tasty morning elixir by combining carrots with the green tops and apples.

Running late?

Heat up your healthy leftovers from last night. Who said breakfast has to be cereal and toast?

Stock your freezer or fridge with homemade energy bars. These will definitely come in handy on the mornings you can’t stop hitting the snooze button.

Last but not least

Please don’t forget to allow enough time in the morning for a few deeps breaths and a yoga pose or two. This will bring a sense of calmness to your day and start things out on the right foot.

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rvchoirlady, posted on February 10, 2015

Love the idea of mashing up fruit on my toast. Avocado is great on toast too.

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