Three Hot Yogic Ways to Fan the Flame of Intimacy

It is easy to open up into juicy intimacy while in the throes of a relationship’s "Honeymoon Phase" – whether that lasts for weeks, months, or even years.  But what do we do when past burning flames of intimacy have fizzled into almost lifeless present embers? How can we reawaken our passionate desire and adoration for one another in the realm of sacred sensuality and sexuality?

Not just for the holiday devoted to the saint of love, but for a chance to consistently transform what has become mediocre into something extraordinary, I offer three hot yoga tips to fan the flame of relationship intimacy. The first step, before even beginning to practice these beautiful techniques of opening up with your partner, is to set aside at least 30 undistracted minutes in an environment that honors your special love bond.

1. See Eye-to-Eye

We can look at each other a thousand times a day, and never actually see one another. Bound by projections, frustrations, and/or disappointed expectations, we often fail to see the beauty in the one we fell in love with.  This need not be.

Sit facing one another in a comfortable, cross-legged position so that your body language already says: "I am open to you."  For about five minutes, breathe naturally and easily as you look into each other’s eyes. I mean, really look. You will most likely have many thoughts race through your crowded mind, and your emotions will shift and transform moment by moment. Ideally, within those five minutes, you will both receive a glimpse of your partner’s true and shining essence. Love will ignite in your heart for this precious being sitting before you. Savor this practice of really and truly seeing one another.

2. Relax into the Cradle of Breath

Now that you have seen through the window of the soul, it is time to find home in each other’s life force, or breath. Cradle your body into your partner, with the back of your body etched into the front of your lover. You can either enter into spoon position lying down or with one person sitting up, supporting the other. Allow the warmth of the body cradling you to relax your breathing. Now, synchronize your prana together and allow your inhalations and exhalations to be as one. Every breath you take together will be full, long, and liberating. Witness the changes within you as you allow your partner to hold you lovingly as the kundalini snake energy normally sleeping at the sacrum begins to uncoil and rise up the spine. Deeply sense the awakening of all energy plexuses from your rich root to your regal crown. Melt into this nourishing cradle for at least five minutes each. As you practice this delicious exercise, enjoy the sensation of literally breathing one another.

3. Apply the Touch of Bliss

Finally, lie down on a comfortable, soft surface and close your eyes. For about five minutes, your partner is now going to very gently, very subtly use both hands to tenderly caress your body in all of its erotic zones (which can be pretty much everywhere using this technique of touch!). They will hold off for now on the more erogenous zones - plenty of time for that once this intentional exercise is complete. For these sacred moments, every sweet part of your body is being touched as if with the lightest of feathers. As you receive this blissful touch, feel all the sensuality in your cells and tissues waking up with a soft smile, soothing away any remaining tensions or stresses which may have been held in the physical body. Receive with succulent relief the blissful touch along the curve of your cheekbones, in the soft places inside the elbows and knees, over the mound of the hip and into the fleshy valleys, circling around the ankles and extending into even each tender morsel of your toes. After your time of luscious receiving, return the juicy favor as you delight in truly feeling each other.

As you consciously engage in these three hot yogic exercises, I can almost certainly guarantee you’ll be more in a fiery mood to fully be with your partner in a heightened, ecstatic way. What a gift it is to see and breathe and feel and love each other as fully as possible in the present moment while life remains unpredictable and incredibly precious. I wish you all a Happy Love Day!


Lori Myles-Carullo is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master with a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and almost two decades of experience practicing Integrative Healing Arts. Lori is the author of Beauty’s Way: Inspiration on the Path of Awakening, and she lives part of the year in Costa Rica where she shares her gifts at Mystica Lodge.


Website: Lori Myles-Carullo

Twitter: @mylescarullo

Youtube: Beauty’s Way by Lori Myles-Carullo 

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