The Tower & the Chaos: Disclosure Is in Full Swing

To deny that our world is going through an awakening would be remiss. I can scarcely go anywhere without overhearing conversations of a deeply spiritual nature. No longer are churches or therapists’ offices privy to only soulful inquiry, but on a massive scale, people are beginning to recognize the evolution of our world.

2012 and the Fallout of Status Quo

In 2012, our world was altered, though not in ways we expected. Despite the cries about the end of the world, prophecies of the ages didn't come to pass. For those of us entrenched in the metaphysical and alternate realities, we were left a little bereft at the normalcy that transpired.

An astrologer noted that for me personally, 2012 was the direct hit, the effects of which would not be seen or understood until 2015. I see this to be true for many of us, with 2012 firmly in our rear view, that we now recognize how drastically reality is changing.

What did occur was an acute upgrade in the energetic reality of our world. The sages will call this a shift to the Fifth Dimension. It hasn't meant much on a day-to-day basis, but as it gains momentum we are able to witness the effects more clearly. What we do know is that a transfer from masculine to feminine power, an expansion of our human capacities as Living Masters, and a renegotiation of galactic laws were all happening behind the scenes. It is only now that we are discovering what the end of that era has brought us.

Soul-Expansion Is Working Harder Than Ever

The quiet passage of December 2012 left some scratching their heads, others defending what the nonchalance meant, and still others shaken to the core at not experiencing what they expected. This gentle transference was immensely destructive to some of the most enlightened beings on the planet, for not only must we confront being wrong in our assumptions, but our very beliefs had to be re-examined, as well.

I'll steer clear from far-reaching predictions and commentary about our world and will instead focus my gaze on where I witness the changes the most: in the day-to-day experiences of the soul.

Being an aware soul is both a tricky proposition and a radiant blessing. In our process of enlightenment, we have to embrace the pieces of ourselves we'd rather not face. This is self-help at its juiciest, but also a challenging measure.

Becoming the living embodiment of the light is the only task on the spiritual path. Can you become all you are capable of?

The possibility is enticing, but actually walking the path proves to be laborious.

Recently, not a day goes by where tarot’s Tower card doesn't appear for clients. While it may look startling, there is wisdom to be gained in its teaching: a lesson that assists us in waking to this post-2012 reality.

Watching the Tower Collapse

We understand tarot to represent archetypes, and it’s an illuminary tool to help grasp the world around us. Hence the Death card isn't physical death, but rather a transformation. The Devil card isn't to be feared; rather, he shows us where we have given away our power.

In the tarot, there are two cards of finality and closure: the World, a gentle and celebratory passage, and the Tower, a doom-and-gloom ending of great destruction.

The Tower card in the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck depicts a tower being struck by lightning, a man and woman, tumbling from the top and falling to their demise. I read this as the False Queen and King, those at the top who have used power and force as a way to govern, but are not the true and heroic leaders.

For the rulers—the powers that were—the Tower will bring ultimate destruction to all they have seized, built and sought to control. However, the crumbling of the structure for those at the base of the Tower—the servants or middle class—represents freedom from the oppression of the powers above.

When we encounter this card, we are being given a great gift of rebirth. The powers holding us back have fallen and we are free to rebuild a life, a future, a destiny of our own choosing. The Tower’s massive significance illustrates that the rules have indeed changed: we are no longer limited and subjugated by the false forces of authority!

The Fall of the Illuminati

If we go even further into the history of the tarot, we are reminded it was a tool of the Egyptian mystery schools intended to quietly teach esoteric concepts to initiates. The original card for the Tower shows a pyramid with the capstone being struck by lightning, while the pharaoh and the priest fall. The apex of the pyramid, as the All-Seeing Eye, is a common symbol used by secret societies.

We are living in an era where we are witnessing the fall of the ruling class. Both the pharaoh — today’s governing forces — and the priest — today’s religious figures — are being dethroned. Though this demise is only beginning to occur, we can expect the increased questioning of authority as the Fifth Dimension shift anchors deeper.

The continuous appearance of this card is a daily reminder that society is beginning to expel the power of the forces that were. It is in this process where we regain the freedom to pursue our soul's true path.

The All-Seeing Eye’s Demise

In every orthodox image of the Tower, a bolt from the heavens strikes the structure down. This is an image of literal galactic proportions: whether the lightning comes from the Gods of Thunder or the Federations of Light, we are indeed going through a thunderous shift on our planet.

We are increasingly aware that we are not alone, and in fact, benevolent forces are here to help us navigate our way into a new reality.

The Tower card is also number 16 in the major Arcana of the Tarot. Marie White in her comprehensive Mary-El Tarot teaches that the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Ayin, or the eye of God. When the eye of God—or in this instance, the All-Seeing Eye—is eradicated, we are blinded by the true light of spirit; a radiance so bright it is blinding.

Seeing for the First Time

A longtime client came into our office recently. Upon seeing the massive citrine tower in the lobby, she inquired if it was new. "No," my suite mate replied, "It’s been here since you've been here. Congratulations on seeing it finally! Isn't it lovely?"

As we expand beyond our limitations, we let go of the blinders that restricted us from seeing reality in its true form. This is disclosure, darlin’!

The process of illumination can seem overwhelming. It is an intensely emotional experience to finally become aware of what has been concealed from us. We recommend stepping back every once in a while for a deep breath, as seeing the full extent of manipulation can be physically and energetically damaging if it’s too much too soon.

This is where kindness and self-love are not just goals, but necessities. It will feel like we are losing grasp of reality as we walk through the process of seeing for the first time. Words can escape us, names and events gone completely from our minds. This may feel odd but it is also a symptom of the shift. Friends will change, priorities will change, and everything we thought we knew will be re-evaluated. We assure you, starry soul, this is normal and a great signifier of your inner light expanding. However, chaos is never a fun gift.

The Sweet Breath of Chaos: Teachings from Nepthys

Even though we may be experiencing a rebirth within ourselves, it is not always a gentle process. As the Tower reminds us, revelations can be disturbing. One of my guides is the Goddess Nepthys. She, as twin sister of Goddess Isis, is guardian of the un-manifest, master of the void, harbinger of all which is not yet created. I love the dark goddesses for their ability to bring magnificence from the dark. Not simply do they play in the fodder of the death realms, they shine the light into the depths so we can find what is unseen, waiting to be birthed.

Chaos is Nepthys’s tool of choice. Not for its destruction but for its utter annihilation.

In the wake of everything around us being wiped clean, we are then free to create without limitation.

"Chaos must always have a purpose, my dear." This was the lesson that transformed my reality from victimhood to self-empowered creator of my reality, all thanks to her guidance.

Our present reality is not a gentle one. Grief, sadness, confusion, and violence will permeate if that is where we focus our attention. We must remember: we are at the precipice of a new dawn of humanity. One where we will be asked to step into our purpose and passion. It might be intimidating to begin walking in the fullness of our light and truth. But my love, it is within the journey of lifetimes where we now find ourselves. Every incarnation, every lifetime of mastery, and every lesson of spiritual jubilance has built up to this present moment. And it is time to shine!

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cedguru, posted on October 23, 2015

Thank you Andye! I have noticed these changes as well. The forgetting thing troubled me a lot before I read your article. I'm 62 so you can imagine the awful thoughts I was having. But I also noticed that I wasn't forgetting relevant things, nothing to impede my day to day life at all. Just random stuff I've always "known."

Here's my 2012 story in a nutshell: I have a habit of looking out a particular window to look at the day, the birds, sky, trees, etc. I always get a feeling about the world when I look out. During the last of December 2012, as I was looking out, I was floored by an intense feeling that everything was different, especially time. I don't know how else to put it. It was so intense that I stood there for a long time trying to make sense out of the feelings. I finally had to say something to my husband (I am the wife of the beautiful man you see pictured here.) I'm sure he had to do a sort of quick diagnoses after hearing me talk/babble about everything being different. Later on he came to the same conclusion.

There is a lot going on in the world now that seems to give the impression that we should head for the hills, but you are so right about all that is going right in the world. Chaos can be scary. There is in my view nothing more chaotic than childbirth. It's painful, often loud, messy, and chaotic a lot of the time. I'm thinking of my own experiences here. But look what happens just when it seems like the chaos will never end, that you can't go on another moment. The new life arrives into the world, and your life will never be the same! Joy and love ricochet around the delivery room. I've seen this happen many times.

Focus can get us all where we need and want to be. Of course there's always the bad to look at and listen to, but why stay stuck in the bad? We have to take it all in to be aware of what needs to be done, do the next right thing, then get back quickly to noticing all the good. Focus and intention are keys that start every single thing we do, and can achieve.

talk2elise, posted on September 5, 2015

thank you Andye, this article has been beautifully written and is very insightful. I was performing ceremony in my garden for 3 months in the lead up to 2012 and the 12-12 gateway which was huge. The energy indeed transitioned us into the 5th D. I witnessed it coming through and the amazing way the new energy looked. Pity I was unable to hold that perception for more than a few weeks when the beauty faded into normal living. The animal kingdom has maintained a momentum and shows us that change is continuing. I saw the clearing of earth lines, blocked for hundreds of years, open in a dramatic way, allowing the earth to finalise the re-establishment of her grid. Yes, it is exciting times.

Andyemurphy, posted on September 16, 2015

Thank you for your efforts, your love and your contributions to the shift.

I find ceremony to be essential to the work we are doing now. Ceremony is prayer in action and all our collective efforts can anchor in the change.

Much love and grateful to be doing this work now with you!

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