(Transcript) Wisdom Teachings - Season 19, Episode 2: Death of Mars and Maldek

David Wilcock discusses the aftermath of the great war which destroyed two ancient civilizations and led to the rebirth of intelligent life within our solar system. No matter how heinous the deeds, from destruction always comes renewal. But for new life to succeed, a karmic alleviation is necessary to bring forth healing and restore souls upon their journey of ascension. This presentation was originally presented December 14, 2015. Read the full episode transcript here!

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DAVID WILCOCK: All right. This is David Wilcock. Welcome to my cosmic clubhouse. I'm here, you're here, and that means it's a party. This is "Wisdom Teachings," and in this episode, we're continuing our tour de force of solid data that is proving many of the things that Corey has been sharing with us in the "Cosmic Disclosure" show, which is electrified the audience on this network, to say the least, the most popular that that's ever happened here.

So now we're dovetailing the two together. If you haven't already seen this, get ready because this is really wild stuff. We've been discussing a super Earth that in the ancient history of our solar system apparently existed. It had water, it had oceans, it was much larger than the Earth is now and Mars was in tidal lock with it as a moon that also was a habitable world with oceans. Corey has told us that this actually happens quite often, that you have moons that are actually oceanic worlds in their own right.

So when we see something like this, where there's two worlds side by side, providing that independent civilizations of humans evolved on them, which is what our theory is, based on what the Law of One tells us, civilizations that are side by side may go to war. And that appears to be exactly what happened. The data that the space program has concluded is that this disaster took place 500,000 years ago and that's where this super Earth actually was destroyed and turned into the asteroid belt.

The oceans immediately froze and turned in the comets and the work of Dr. Tom Van Flandern shows how all of those different things can be dialed back in. In later episodes we're going to have a lot more on his exploded planet hypothesis that he began working on all the way back in 1978. In this episode, we're going to start out by talking about the Law of One perspective on the survivors of these catastrophes. Because the idea here is no one is ever lost, no one ever gets abandoned.

The Law of One is actually going to tell us that the people of these two worlds had to go through a karmic balance process after their worlds were destroyed where they healed from the trauma and then had to reincarnate again in the third density reality. The people of Mars did this first, showing up here 75,000 years ago. And the people of Maldek actually showed up here later on. And we're going to get into the specifics of what the Law of One had to say about this in this episode. It is a very fascinating story. I just scratched the surface of it in the previous episode. We're going to go a lot deeper this time.

But first I want to share something else with you that's really quite fascinating, and this came up over lunch. We were talking about this catastrophe that has been backdated to 500,000 years ago, a catastrophe that simultaneously wiped out the super Earth and Mars. And we're going to get a lot more into that evidence and we're going to talk about Mars in this episode. I believe I should have plenty of time to do that.

And I was looking at these moons and just sort of said it is if I knew all along, it's kind of like an instant download, well, yea, the ring around these moons at the equator is like a CERN type of ring particle accelerator. And think about CERN, think about if you're one of those tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists and you're really enjoying reading all this weird stuff online. CERN is this ring over in Europe that they're always doing particle accelerator experiments with, and everybody seems to think that they're trying to create a portal or they're trying to bring negative ETs in somehow or that they're trying to blow up the planet.

All kinds of paranoid conspiracy theories have been worked around CERN. It is one of the most prevalent things that people obsess on. But it does apparently have great destructive power and potential, and that is something that Corey has talked about. It's a pretty big ring, but we're not talking anywhere near the size of an entire moon that's got a ring around the equator. So when you see Iapetus, as I showed you in previous episodes, it's got this geometric surface with flat planes and here it's got this 2000-kilometer-long or more equatorial ring that can be up to 20 kilometers tall.

That is a particle accelerator. That is what the weapon does-- it shoots these particles around that equatorial region and then where the beam comes out is the disc that we see where it is on the Death Star. So again, George Lucas appears to have been given very accurate information. So here we're looking at the Death Star, we're looking at Iapetus with its particle accelerator ring, and then we're looking at the Klerksdorp spheres to go all the way back to South Africa 2.8 billion years ago.

And the figure in the Law of One, again, for when Ra accelerated out of third density from Venus was 2.6 billion years ago. So that's when I had the big a-ha was the spheres were the religious symbols of their protective mechanism that they used to defend themselves and the secret to the technology is that the ring at the middle is a particle accelerator. And they could create a very massive beam with it that then shoots out through the little dish. And I showed you Saturn's moon Mimas, Saturn's moon Tethys, they all have this.

So what I think happened, based on what Corey has now shared with us-- this mind blowing information-- is that long after the ancient builder race left our solar system, new ETs came in, settling in from the outside, working their way in, and eventually a civilization arose on the planet that they've called Maldek. Some call it Electra, some call it Tiamat. And when they discovered this particle accelerator technology in the moons, they decided that they were going to build a much larger one and that was a transparent aluminum material ring that they are building around Saturn, which is vastly, vastly larger than its moons.

So this is where-- according to Hoagland's insider, Bruce-- we now have a particle accelerator that can actually kill any planet in the galaxy, thus potentially giving these people the ability to create a galactic empire and take over or destroy any worlds. And everybody would bend over in fealty to them and be terrified of making them angry because of the weapon that they were in the process of building. So they got 2/3 of the way done and the weapon was destroyed by their enemies. All the glass, if you want to call it that, was shattered and it spread out to make what we now see as Saturn's rings with the key part of it being along the edge of the B ring.

That's where the original ring was located, so we were told, and you see this clumpy texture, as I was saying, which apparently are the fragments of destroyed particle accelerator that would have been extremely, extremely powerful and dangerous. So you can actually still see the shadows cast by that leftover material. And when they've flown their ships up to this, they actually see rooms for 70-foot-tall humans tumbling end over end in space and there's apparently still working technology in there, too.

So when they were attacked and when their ring was destroyed around Saturn, their planet was also destroyed. It totally blew up the planet Maldek and the explosive force ripped apart Mars and destroyed its atmosphere. This required mass reincarnation because, remember, the Law of One is written by beings whose job-- and this is how Ra define themselves-- their job is the management and transfer of planetary populations. That is such a mind expanding concept just to think about.

How is that even possible? Well, the Law of One explains what happens with the death and rebirth of Maldek. And I started to go through this before. So you've seen this. This is the quote that said that Maldek had gotten extremely technologically advanced. That's how they were able to go throughout our galaxy and start trying to conquer other worlds and use this technology they were building, which would have given them unprecedented full spectrum dominance. And they were negatively polarized, meaning they were making war. They were not nice people, they were out there are really kicking butt and taking names.

Now, they believed they were doing the right thing. That's what this next quote says, as I was talking about last time. It's this typical idea of, oh, well, we're liberating the people that we attack, we're saving them from their own government, which doesn't really hold up under cross examination very well like the idea that I was just following orders didn't work too well at the Nuremberg Trials. And it clearly says that war resulted in the destruction of their planet and the date was given as 500,000 years ago, which we're about to get into.

The escalation went to the furthest extent of the technology they had available at the time, which may even mean that their enemies used one of these moons with the particle accelerator in it, I theorize, against them. They may have been able to hack into the moon and turn it against their own planet. So they used their own weapons against them, which is a great war tactic if that's what you're trying to do is win a war. OK. These enemies were so traumatized by the occurrence that they ended up in a social complex knot or tangle of fear.

This means that all the souls actually got scrambled. Now, they talked about this with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They explained in the Law of One that they had to pull people out of their bodies before the nukes went off because if you die in a nuclear explosion and they don't pull your soul out first, it threatens the disintegration of your soul. You can actually lose touch with your own soul because a nuclear explosion is a multi-dimensional explosion.

So this apparently is what happened here. There was a nuclear disaster and these people got so scrambled that they spent eons of time and nobody could reach them, none of these higher beings could get through. These people were locked up in a silent scream. It's a very sad and horrible tragedy. And they have assured us in the Law of One and through my own contacts that they are being extremely careful to make sure that this will never happen to the Earth because it's happened here in our solar system before. So now they're being much more careful because they understand that things could occur in a split second that could lead to something like this happening. So they're being much more careful now in terms of monitoring our solar system to make sure this doesn't happen again.

So now this is where we get the quote that, as I said, was redacted from the Law of One-- session 21, question five. And we only found it when Toby Wheelock completed his Law of One relistening project at lawofone.info, bringing back information that for some reason LML Research withheld from the Law of One series. So 21, 5 he says, I'd like to go back before the transfer from Mars occurred 75,000 years ago and look one more time at the transfer of people from Maldek to clear this up. I'd like to check the time you gave us because we had some distortions in time measurements back in the early part and I'm afraid it might have happened here. And he was right.

The entities from Maldek were transferred how many years ago? And this is where they again reiterate what they said in session 10 that I was just sharing with you. The entities of which you speak underwent several transitions. The first occurred 500,000 of your years-- and that's a very interesting point. They don't measure time the way that we do so they have to calculate for us because it almost doesn't even make any difference to them. The length of Earth's year has changed over time.

There were twice as many days in the year back a couple of billion years ago, when all we had was stromatolites, which was the basic early forms of fossil life on Earth. So the days on Earth have gotten shorter. They went from about 700 down to 365. And in that time, the whole way that we measure time now has changed so they have to do some pretty heavy calculations. It's not like they can easily just say, oh, yea, yeah, that was 500,000 years ago. It's tricky for them and they're making that point right here.

So I want to reiterate that it might make them seem ridiculous that they would get a date wrong, but apparently it's very difficult for them to calculate time measurements and they do say that several times throughout the series. At this time 500,000 years ago the entities were transformed into a knot. And they said this was the tangle of fear that none could escape from. Then it goes on and says, this continued for what you would call eons of your time. So this did not just go away, it was 100 of thousands of years.

And those aiding them were repeatedly unable to reach them. Now we go on from here and this is where, as I was saying, according to Corey's sources, when Maldek and Mars were destroyed that whole defense grid that apparently was built into these moons I've been showing you was taken down. And this allowed nasty ETs to come in who called themselves the genetic farmers or now are known as the Super Federation. There's a variety of different types and they're running 22 long-term genetic programs on humanity. They've been experimenting with us, tinkering with us because this very wonderful protective barrier that had been here for hundreds of millions of years was knocked down when this huge cataclysm happened in our solar system. And that's what allowed them to get in.

It also allowed the Draco to get in approximately 365,000 years ago. According to Corey smart glass pads, that's when they arrived. And that's when the problems really started because this is the most aggressive, bad ass, Reptilian Confederation race that's out there. Everybody else out there, even the bad guys, are afraid of the Draco. They cause a lot of trouble and they came in here and infiltrated. And as Corey has also said, it's very interesting now that an outer barrier was created around our solar system in December 2014 and it effectively was a honey trap that trapped the Draco royalty who had now set up shop on Earth in our solar system so they can't escape.

And it appears it they will be subject to trial and that they are in really serious trouble because of the fact that they can't leave our solar system. So now we're going to get back into the Law of One and we're going to go into what happened to these people of Maldek after their planet destroyed. How did they end up getting transferred to the Earth? When did it happen and what did they do? The answer is very strange.

I remember when I first read the Law of One I was quite blown away by this because they became the Neanderthals. And another interesting thing, getting back to my series on the inner Earth, is that most of these people actually incarnated inside habitable cities within the Earth itself. So let's check this out. At a period approximately 200,000 of your years in the past, a Confederation entity was finally able to begin to relax the knot from which no one had escaped when their planet was annihilated.

These entities then were transformed again into the inner or time/space dimensions and underwent a lengthy process of healing. And this starts to take place in what they call the inner plains of the Earth. Let's read some more. When this was accomplished, these entities were then able to determine the appropriate movement, shall we say, in order to set up conditions for alleviation of the consequences of their actions. At a time of 46,000 of your years in your past as you measure time, this being approximate, these entities chose incarnation within the planetary sphere.

That's a very, very interesting point. What happened? Let's read a little more. This was for karmic alleviation, as it's called, and it goes back to session 10 now. Their group decision was to place upon themselves a type of what you may call karmic alleviation. For this purpose, they came into incarnation within your planetary sphere in what were not acceptable human forms. Well, what do they mean by that exactly? You're about to see.

If you have a third density consciousness but you have a body that will not allow you to speak properly, that will not allow you to use tools properly, that is karmic alleviation. It's much in the sense of coming in disabled. And if you read what it says in the Edgar Cayce readings, there are many references to people who have done things that were cruel or murderous to others who then come back in bodies that have various types of disabilities. And this is used to work off the karma. If you inflict suffering on someone else, you then have to take it on in subsequent incarnations.

And it also says in here that when an entire planet is destroyed, no difference is made between the victim and the aggressor-- everyone is karmically liable for what happens to their planet because they all were the knuckle dragging sheeple who didn't do enough. They were just sitting there watching the boob tube when they weren't paying attention to their negative elite lying to them, stealing their money, going out there and making war, building advanced technology. If you don't stand up to this and you just let them do what they're going to do and then your planet gets destroyed, apparently you're just as liable as they are because everybody co-created the problem.

Well, that's not going to happen here, but it has happened in the past. So what did they do? They incarnated in Neanderthal bodies. And that's apparently how they worked this off. The bodies were already here, but then they projected their own consciousness into it. So let's read a little more. They went in the not acceptable human forms. This then they have been experiencing until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted version of service to others.

Now, people always ask this-- why in the heck are they so obsessed with the word distortion? OK, let's get clear on this. The word distortion refers to the fact that the universe originated from nothing but pure white light, which is a loving consciousness. Anything that's not that oneness is a distortion of the light and the love of the universe. So distortion is a word that can be used very positively, even though that's not how we would normally think of it. So there are certain distortions that will distort you back towards the light and the oneness and there are other distortions that will pull you away from oneness. And so the word can flip flop in either way, so just bear that in mind so you don't trip over this language.

OK, let's go back and read it now again. They have been experiencing this karmic alleviation until their destructiveness is replaced by a desire towards wanting to help other people, and that came through being in these Neanderthal bodies. Let's read a little more. This is from session 6, question 13. The ones who were harvested to your sphere from the sphere known before its dissolution as other names, but to your peoples as Maldek, incarnated, many within your Earth's surface rather than upon it.

So there again we have the inner Earth. The population of your planet contains many various groups harvested from other second-dimension and cycled a third-dimension spheres. Isn't that interesting? We are a quite conglomerate race of people here. And we're going to have some more quotes for you now about the mixture that occurred and the actual numbers we're given. They say, you are not all one race or background of beginning. The experience you share is unique to this time/space continuum.

They explain in this question, which is session 59, question 5, just to clarify, could you tell me approximately how many total people-- that's what mind-body spirit complex is-- were transferred Earth at the beginning of this last 75,000-year-period? The transfer, as you call it, has been gradual. And again, the original 75,000 years ago it was Mars, even though it says Maldek up there. They start by explaining what happened with Maldek, as you're about to see.

Over two billion souls are those of Maldek, which have successfully made the transition and they have 1.9 billion souls from many portions of the creation who have entered into Earth's incarnation at various times. The remainder, which if you do the numbers is about 100 million-- because there was estimated to be four billion people on Earth when this was done, let's continue reading-- the remainder, about 100 million, are those who have experienced the first two cycles upon the Earth or who came in at some point as wanderers-- those are ET souls-- some wanderers having been in your sphere incarnating for many thousands of your years, others coming in far more recently.

Now, as we go on from here, the Draco, of course, they're going to come in and try to do their thing. And they tried to mess with these people that were transferred here into the inner cavities of the Earth, in the honeycombed Earth, 46,000 years ago. And this is in session 16, question 13. And what happens here is it validates the rewritten timeline that Ra gives us in session 21. Because they tell us in session 21 that those people arrived 46,000 years ago, which is different than what they said in section 10, when that was apparently an erroneously date.

So now let's go back to 16 and we'll see where this picks up. The Confederation established its quarantine, I understand, 75,000 years ago. Has the Orion group-- i.e. the Draco, because they have a big outpost in Orion-- have they been attempting to contact any part of this planet prior to 75,000 years ago? How long have they been attempting to contact our planet? And look at this. Approximately 45,000 years ago, the Draco made an attempt and it was not successful.

So who were they going after? They were going after the people of Maldek that had now incarnated in the Neanderthal bodies living inside the Earth. This is really, really interesting. And again, you may say, oh, this Law of One stuff, I don't know. But there's so many ways in which it correlates with provable data that to start cherry picking and be like, yeah, well, OK, all that stuff is true but this doesn't work. This is what our history is and I believe that all these things come together very beautifully and I'm just laying it out for you here.

So let's go on and read a little bit more of these really, really interesting Law of One quotes that we have to share. The people from Maldek worked off their karma. It's not fun to be in a Neanderthal body. So they were able to leave town. So let's read this quote now. Have any of these entities moved on now, made a, shall we say, graduation at the end of a 75-year cycle and gotten out of the second-density body into third-density type of bodies? And he means 75,000-year cycle. The word thousand is just missing there.

So did they make it back out of their Neanderthal forms into regular bodies like what we have now? And here's the answer. Many of these entities were able to remove the accumulation of what you call karma, thus being able to accept a third-density cycle within a third-density body. Most of those beings so succeeding have been incarnated elsewhere in the creation for the succeeding cycle in third-density. Now, think about it.

If you've already been through your planet blowing up and you get stuck in a social memory complex of fear for 300,000 years, screaming because your planet was destroyed, and then in order to work off the karma because you didn't stand up to the government, you have to go into a Neanderthal body, I think they're not going to want to reincarnate on Earth and in our solar system anymore because this is a pretty warlike place. So they got to have a kind of an easy way out and go to a much more peaceful planet to finish third-density. That's my take on this.

Let's go on and read a little more from this section here. As this planet reached third-density-- this is Earth now-- some few of these entities became able to join the vibration of the Earth in its third-density form. There do remain a few of them who have not yet alleviated through the mind/body/spirit coordination of distortions the previous actions taken by then. Meaning some of these people actually are still in Neanderthal or Bigfoot type bodies now. And they actual explain later on, which I don't have the quote here, that this is a type of Bigfoot that's on Earth now, people who are so negative-- probably some of the people that helped to create this problem in the first place.

But they still are stuck in these clunky caveman bodies after all this time. That's part of their karmic alleviation. All right. Now, I promised you that this was the death and rebirth of Maldek and Mars, so now we're going to start going into the discussion of Mars. So if you don't like this philosophy, I don't know about this Law of One stuff, it's boring. OK, well guess what? Now we're back into photographs of very, very interesting artifacts and a discussion of provable information. So we're going into a whole new thing here that's really going to be something that should fascinate you.

I want to start by talking about Mar's moon, Phobos. Now, this is a very, very interesting thing. The secret space program insiders tell us that Phobos, which again is orbiting too close to Mars and it's orbiting too fast for very strange reasons that NASA doesn't claim to understand, that Phobos is actually a heavily damaged spacecraft hangar, that it was hollowed out inside, that there's hollow cavities inside Phobos, and that they have a vast array of ships that they can go into in there. And they have quarters for their crew in there. Now, that's what we've been told by various insiders.

Is there any data to support that? Absolutely. When we see Phobos, we're not seeing a spherical moon. We're seeing this weird lumpy thing. And what we've been told is that it was originally spherical, but that a lot of the internal cavities have collapsed and they've kind of fallen in on themselves over hundreds of thousands of years, thus leading to it looking like what it does today. So here is a picture of Phobos, very interesting. From this depth you don't really see a whole lot, but obviously it's lumpy, it's got a strange surface.

You can see there that there's one big crater off to the left that looks kind of out of place, like it's again collapsed in on itself sort of like a soda can that you've kind of squeezed with your hand and you left some indentations on. That's pretty much exactly what I'm saying is going on here. But check out these weird streaks on the surface of the moon. What are they doing there? Well, those apparently are these geometrically positioned lines. And it's not apparent. You don't have to suppose, just look at where they are.

They're all in 90 degree angle relationships to each other. It's unbelievable. And it's aligned with the rotational axis of the planet. So look at this. You can clearly see a whole bunch of lines that are perfectly straight going all the way across the moon and then when you zoom in on this one area down here, look at that. They're all right angles to each other, as well. Now honestly, what is the likelihood of this happening by any type of natural process? Not very likely.

What apparently we're seeing is this sphere had support beams that were developed in a mesh. And so you have some of them that go in the north-south direction, which would be a longitudinal lines, and you have other support beams or cables, or however they did it, that go in the latitude direction. So they're at 90 degree angles to each other. And then as this thing is shrinking, because it is hollow on the inside and I'm going to show you proof of that from the European Space Agency, OK-- unbelievable proof-- it shrank. It's getting smaller and smaller on the inside.

So what is really going on here? What are we really seeing? We're seeing yet another example of a ruined artificial moon that may have started as a moon but they hollowed it out on the inside and built some really nice stuff in there. Now, this is really crazy because Buzz Aldrin, the former NASA astronaut-- I did talk about this in a previous episode, but it's worth bringing up again-- he goes on C-SPAN and he mentions that there is a monolith on the surface of Phobos.

>>BUZZ ALDRIN: We should go boldly where man has not gone before, fly by the comets, visit asteroids, visit the moon of Mars. There is a monolith there, a very unusual structure on this little potato-shaped object that goes around Mars once in seven hours. When people find out about that, they're going to say, who put that there? Who put that there? Well, the universe put it there. If you choose, God put it there.

>>DAVID: That's pretty astonishing. When we come back in the next episode, I'm going to show you the pictures of this monolith and I'm going to show you the astonishing data from European Space Agency proving that this moon is 30% hollow inside and I'm going to share with you intriguing testimony of people who contacted Richard C. Hoagland from the European Space Agency and said that the rooms inside were cubicles. That's coming up next time here on "Wisdom Teachings." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

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