The 'Un-Cure' for Cancer

The wait for the cure for cancer seems to be endless for many. It is a testament to human hopefulness that monies are continually contributed to cancer cure-seeking funds, given the lack of significant breakthroughs. There has also been the rise of holistic and alternative approaches aimed at combating cancer. Whether conventional, natural or integrative methods are used to battle cancer, the primary presupposition is that cancer cell growth is a malfunction of the body.

What if that presupposition is incorrect? What if the growth of cancer cells is entirely functional? What if the cancer response actually serves a biological purpose?

For a moment, the reader is asked to recall a time in history when the earth was believed to be flat. Those who maintained contrarily that the earth was round were not only ridiculed but were often deemed heretics. There is a parallel occurring today. Those persons or organizations that put forth notions contrary to the conventional world of medicine are often deemed charlatans and quacks. At the same time, the embracing of "evidenced-based medicine" seems perfectly logical on many levels.

It doesn’t seem logical, however, to ignore evidence. For example, since chemotherapy was proved to have a less than 3% success rate as demonstrated in Volume 16 of the Journal of Clinical Oncology (2004), and spontaneous remission has a higher success rate, why is chemotherapy still a predominant cancer treatment?

Moreover, if there were well-documented evidence that has never been disproven, that explains precisely why we have the cancer response, why wouldn’t that new science have taken hold in the standard treatment of cancer?

First, in order for a new science to gain traction, this "new medicine" would need to be introduced and taught in medical school and continuing medical education trainings. Currently there is very little incentive for conventional medical professionals and hospitals to change approaches.

Furthermore, it is difficult to overcome one’s initial cognitive dissonance when confronted with information that flies in the face of all that has been understood heretofore. The other major factor that cannot be ignored is the gatekeeping that has been done by those with financial power.

Indeed, the pharmaceutical and cancer industries as we know them would be greatly impacted by the shift which this "new medicine" would create. However, such change cannot be avoided if we collectively choose to acknowledge a "new medicine" for the good of the whole.

This "new medicine" shall be revealed in a subsequent article entitled The "Un-Cure" for Cancer Revealed.

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carmen2, posted on May 4, 2015

I just lost my sister to the battle with cancer - or shall I say the battle to the effects of the chemo. I would love to see more research as to the ability of our bodies to charge our energetic batteries, the flow of QI, the life force, the communication between the cells and our DNA. If a stem cell is a cell that according to the information it receives it goes and grow to where the body needs it (providing the meridians whose blockage caused the lack of communication in the first place, are open) why not put enphasis in learning how this energy/information is entangled with the cell? Cancer and any other disease is the expression of our body that something has gone out of balance. Why burn the effect instead of finding the cause? We know that through epigenetics the information/reaction of our environment is what determines the health of the cells, why not study the environments that affect our bodies, specifically the subjectic environment, the one where we hold the traumas that we have been exposed to? Energy is information. A quanta is a pocket of information. The subconscious is the repository of the information where shifts happen and expontaneows remissions happen as well. Nobody gets overdosed on energetic medicine, because the sub-conscious knows what is compatible with the body and what is not, but when we try to cure through allopathic drugs, we don't even have in consideration what are the results of the potentionalization that happens when people are in 3, 4, or more medications at the same time. It is not the doctors the ones that are determining the protocols of the medications but the Pharmaceutical companies. We need to wake up.

MariaT@GTV, posted on May 5, 2015

Hello @CARMEN2. I am sorry for your loss. Your comment about the doctors not determining medication protocols but rather the pharmaceutical companies reminded me of this film, Doctored, which investigates the monopolization of the medical system. It's an eye-opening film.

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